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Product Requirements


This document covers the product requirements for the Android WebRT, code name "Soup", for the April 26th, Marketplace Beta Mileston.

WebRT Consumer Experience Categories:

  • Install, Uninstall, Re-install, Refund, invalidate / chargeback, developer-requests-switchoff
  • Launch
  • Use
  • Manage


  • Beta quality Mozilla Marketplace in Android Play
  • Tier 1 App Support - (*TODO*- put list here, pending Ron's blessing)


Open Issues/Risks

Issue/Risk Owner Status
For App Sync, what are the schedule dependencies on FF14? Jen
What developer or consumer documentation is needed? markg? Joe?
Need an engagement plan to go along with the product requirements. Jen

User Scenario

User Description

Alice has an Android phone and likes to use the most popular apps on the market.

User Stories

See Pivotal Tracker for User Stories

  • NOTE: Read access is public. If you need write access contact Jen


Prioritized Requirements

See stories for more detail

  • Install from the Marketplace
  • Install via Sync (Stretch?, will apps in the cloud be ready?)
  • Native and Soup Launch
  • device APIS:
    • file store
    • camera - dependency on platform team to complete this. Rags working on detailed requirements for this
    • geolocation
  • media play back
  • in-context permissions model
  • app sync
  • uninstall - all flavors


  1. gingerbread (2.3) (2.x are 85-90% at least of android market: 2.1 ~8%, 2.2 28%, 2.3 58%)
  2. honeycomb (3) (4% share of android market)
  3. ice cream sandwich (4) (~1% share of android market)


  1. Phones
  2. Tablets



(Todo: Need to be finished)

  • Downloads
  • Daily usage
  • Devices used

Misc (other food for thought)

  • dev tools requirements
    • error console
  • debug mode for app developers when testing