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Product Requirements


This document covers the product requirements for the Android WebRT, code name "Soup", for the June, 2012 milestone.

WebRT Consumer Experience Categories:

  • Install, Uninstall, Re-install, Refund, invalidate / chargeback, developer-requests-switchoff
  • Launch
  • Use
  • Manage


  • April 26th - Marketplace April Release
  • June 21st - Marketplace June Release
  • September ? - Marketplace September Release


  • Tier 1 App Support - (*TODO*- put list here, pending Ron's blessing)
    • Support Kindle cloud reader style app - unlimited storage space
    • Support Instagram app - camera access
  • Publish "Mozilla Marketplace" in Android Market


Open Issues/Risks

Issue/Risk Owner Status
What is the schedule for Apps in the cloud? Bill/Ben?
What developer or consumer documentation is needed? markg? Joe?
What will be the engagement model with the Fennec team? Jen/Erin

User Scenario

User Description

Alice has an Android phone and likes to use the most popular apps on the market.

User Stories

See Pivotal Tracker for User Stories

  • NOTE: Read access is public. If you need write access contact Jen



See stories for more detail

  • Persona Integration
  • Install the Marketplace app from Google Play
  • Install a free and basic app on device
  • Install a paid basic app on device
  • (P2) Install a free advanced app on device
    • Permissioning Model
  • (P2) Install a paid advanced app on device
    • Permissioning Model
  • Install a first app without the marketplace app installed (Marketplace app bootstrap)
  • Install locally from Apps in the Cloud
  • UI feedback that an app is installing local resources (i.e. progress bar)
    • Technical Note: appcache support
  • Launch an app from the home screen in chromeless window
  • Switch back to an app and maintain last state
  • Log on once into an app without having to log back in at launch (persistent login)
  • An app crash does not change the state of other apps.
  • Flash apps auto-play (i.e. cut the rope, angry birds)
  • Launch an app when offline
  • Display list of all your apps in the cloud
  • Install an app natively from apps in the cloud
Error flows
  • A running app crashes
  • (P2) Graceful fail for launching an app without network connectivity (don't display 404 pages)
Misc notes


  1. gingerbread (2.3) (2.x are 85-90% at least of android market: 2.1 ~8%, 2.2 28%, 2.3 58%)
  2. honeycomb (3) (4% share of android market)
  3. ice cream sandwich (4) (~1% share of android market)


  1. Phones
  2. Tablets


  • See open issue above


(Todo: Need to be finished)

  • Downloads
  • Daily usage
  • Devices used

other food for thought

  • dev tools requirements
    • error console
  • debug mode for app developers when testing