Balrog/Meetings/CloudOps - July 12, 2016

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bhearsum, bwong


  • Best time of day?
    • Anytime after nightlies finish writes (noon eastern). Planning to begin at 2pm ET.
  • Planning for 1h window, but writes shouldn't be broken for that long if things go well.
  • Order of operations
    • Today:
      • Update SSL cert on admin box (bwong)
      • Test admin box (bhearsum)
        • Verify cert chain by hand b/c DNS won't match cert
        • Double check netflows from some machines + VPN access
    • Tomorrow:
      • Change CloudOps admin to rw user (bwong)
      • Turn off writes in WebOps (bhearsum)
        • Disable Puppet
        • Disable Apache
        • Clear out db creds
      • Checksum tables in both (bhearsum+bwong)
      • Enable writes in CloudOps (bwong)
      • Verify that writes work in CloudOps (bhearsum)
      • Flip over DNS (bwong)
      • Verify by hand + automation (bhearsum)