Balrog/Meetings/CloudOps - July 6, 2016

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bhearsum, ckolos, mostlygeek, fkang


  • Discussion of whether or not balrogworker can/should be deployed in the CloudOps cluster
    • Needs to be able to talk to Balrog Admin API, so putting it near it may make sense and enhance security
    • Needs outbound access to Taskcluster to poll for new Tasks
    • bwong says he doesn't see any reason why not, as long it builds a Docker image that conforms to the Dockerflow spec
  • Review of ongoing public app migration
    • Emergency restart was needed to kill wsgi processes after ~5k requests because of memory leak in something, now stable
    • 75-80% cache hit rate on nginx
    • Nearly 100% cache hit rate on db (working set of the data is relatively small - no surprise here)
    • bwong recommends setting cache control header in balrog app so we can move that logic out of the ngnix configs, bhearsum agrees
    • bwong suggested having Balrog look at the If-Modified-Since header and return a 304 if not modified, needs further investigation
    • db traffic is pretty high, almost entirely because of rules table queries. Adding some caching for that in bug 1111032