Balrog/Meetings/CloudOps - June 29, 2016

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bhearsum, ckolos, mostlygeek


  • Public prod interfaces up at and (latter is read-only for now).
  • Debugging RDS replication issues
    • Replication was probably turned off for some amount of time shortly before London
    • To fix, Sheeri gave ckolos a magic sql query
    • Afterwards, we compared checksums between SCL3 and RDS to verify (releases_history excluded, because the query kept timing out):
checksum table migrate_version, permissions, permissions_history, releases, rules, rules_history;
    • bhearsum running comparison tests between and to verify that real queries match
  • Holidays/PTO means we won't be doing any traffic switchover until Tuesday.
    • Should compare checksums again right before beginning to move traffic.