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About event

The Latino Festival of Free Software Installation American - FLISoL is an international event held annually, which occurs simultaneously in several cities in Latin America. The FLISoL is a decentralized event where different communities organize and perform their festival, voluntarily, with the main objective to promote the use of free software, presenting its philosophy, scope, progress and development to the general public.

The FLISoL happens, historically, on the 4th Saturday in April. This year's event is scheduled for April 16 in Brazil, due to some holidays.

The event is free and open to the general public: curious, interested and Free Software enthusiasts. On that day volunteers proposes the Free Software installation, such as GNU / Linux distributions, BSD, and free applications for Windows in general. Some events also include lectures, workshops, tasting room and media recordings (live CD / DVD and / or USB sticks). The goal of FLISoL is to promote the use of Free Software in general, and create interactions between users and developers, promoting lectures and short courses.


  • Articles localized: 06
  • Social media impressions: 06
  • People satisfied with event: 250
  • Participants interested in a conversation / interaction during the event: 10




  • City: Valença
  • Address: Rua do Arame, s/n - Tento
  • State: Bahia
  • Country: Brasil

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Travel information

All expenses will be paid by the event.


Date and time
04/16/2016 - 09h
Mozilla Clubs: ler, escrever e participar da web
Talks about Mozilla Clubs, read, write and participate in the web. This lecture I going teach with read in the web, too with teach write in the web and participate in the web through activities with participants. Talks about important have a Mozilla Clubs in your city.
Ramilton Costa

Mozilla activities

Audience level
Install Fast Firefox
Do installation in computer of the participants of the browser Firefox
Ramilton Costa

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