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Managing SUMO bugs

Thursday July 18
Thursday June 6

Does anything about support.mozilla.org bug you? Join the bugmasters and the support team to clean out and prioritize SUMO bugs. This will help the more important bugs get fixed on schedule.


July 18

  • lizzard
  • tiziana


  • lizzard
  • (Rosana, Madalina, Tyler, Kadir)
  • Swarnava
  • tiziana
  • Aleksej
  • (SUMO contributors)
  • (Bugmasters list)


  • Read and understand support.mozilla.org bugs.
  • Find and add good information to bugs, that will help developers fix them.

What we'll do

On the triage day please join us in irc. We will be chatting about what we're doing, asking and answering questions, and probably joking around as we try to clear out the older and out of date issues for support bugs.

If you can't make it on the day, but want to contribute, you can still go through the steps below and ask questions on irc any time!

  • Make an account on this wiki. Add yourself as a participant.
  • Make an account on bugzilla.mozilla.org
  • Be on the #bugmasters channel at irc.mozilla.org
  • Pick a component from the list below.
  • Add your name below the component to declare you're working on its bugs.
  • Check the search query for it. You may want to note how many bugs there are when you started triaging.
  • Go through some bugs, sorted by oldest first.
  • Try to replicate or confirm the bug. Does it still exist?
  • Check the whiteboard field of the bug. If it has tags, it may be actively under development. Ask someone in IRC.
  • Ask (with needinfo) the bug reporter if you aren't clear if it's still an issue.
  • Close old bugs that are out of date, ONLY if they are clearly not replicable.
    • It's best to double check with another triager in #bugmaster if you aren't sure.
    • We don't want to close old bugs that are still valid, and may get fixed someday.
  • Add more information about the bug, in comments, as needed.
    • URL or screenshot to replicate/confirm, or prove the issue works now, is helpful!
  • Note how many bugs are now left in the list when you stop triaging for the day.

After the bug day we'll look at how many bugs we either added information to, or were able to move along in the bug life cycle. How many bugs got new information? How many were closed?

Other helpful resources:

Bugs by component

Pick a component and sign up underneath it! This focus will help us go through a maximum amount of bugs.

Army of Awesome bugs

  • June: (35/22)--> 21
  • July: (20/17)
  • Triagers: Swarnava, Andrew (feer56)

Code Quality bugs

  • June: (57/48)-->48
  • July: (44/40)
  • Triagers: Andrew (feer56)

Forum bugs

  • June: (31/27)
  • July: (24/15)
  • Triagers: mga, Tyler, lizzard

General bugs

  • June: (106 -> 96)
  • July: (90/83)
  • Triagers: lizzard, Swarnava

Knowledge Base Software bugs

  • June: (217→209)
  • July: (172/166)
  • Triagers: Aleksej (resolved: 1 WFM), lizzard

Localization bugs

  • June: (19/18)
  • July: (14/12)
  • Triagers: Andrew (feer56)
  • Mobile, Knowledge base

Questions bugs

  • June: (71->54)
  • July: (49/49)
  • Triagers: Tyler, Andrew (feer56),tiziana

Search bugs

  • June: (34->32)
  • July: (23/21)
  • Triagers: Andrew (feer56)

Users and groups bugs

  • June: (39)--> (31)
  • July: (26/27)
  • Triagers: Andrew (feer56)

All open bugs

All open bugs for support.mozilla.org, in a chart:


2013 June: Over 70 still-open bugs had information added yesterday. We closed about 70 other bugs after investigation and testing. Feedback from developers was mostly positive, but we need to add more education for new triagers. For example, we should leave bugs alone if they are already in the sumodev team's planning process. That is apparent from the bug's whiteboard tags. SUMO devs also asked that be cautious about closing bugs that someone may work on eventually. Triagers should try to reproduce a bug and talk about it with the other triagers, before flagging a developer with needinfo.

2013 July:

All bugs that changed status to RESOLVED on July 18

We started with 462 UNCONFIRMED/NEW bugs without whiteboard tags and ended up with 435. This mostly meant clearing out older, inactive or invalid bugs.

lizzard - going through bugs not changed since 2010 or 2011.

  • 605276 closed, obsolete
  • 657824 still relevant
  • 661428 needinfo to webqa automation (resolved invalid)
  • 634572 confirmed that the bug still exists
  • 670200 bug still exists, marked it as good first bug

tiziana - going through Question component and bugs not change since 2011

  • 649196 confirmed that the bug is not present (resolved worksforme)
  • 640456 verified that the bug isn't present, now closed
  • 726914 left comment, now closed
  • 625901 bug is not valid anymore, now closed
  • 625163 bug not valid, now closed