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Accessibility and screen reader bug day

March 12 2013, 8am to 6pm Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-7

We will be focusing on screen reader bugs for this bugmaster day. We're inviting screen reader users, people with any sort of web accessibility need, and developers who work on a11y issues. Some of the Mozilla Accessibility team may join us in filing new bugs for Firefox (and Thunderbird), triaging, and trying to reproduce existing bugs. Since Bugzilla itself, and this wiki, may present problems for screen reader users, we can use the IRC channel to coordinate information and action.


What to do

  • Introduce yourself in the IRC channel
  • Make an account at https://bugzilla.mozilla.org
  • Chat with us about filing new bugs
  • File bugs!
  • Check existing bugs from the list below, and try to reproduce them
  • Add new information to existing bugs.

Filing new bugs

If you would like to file bugs you will need to have a bugzilla.mozilla.org account. If you aren't sure how to best describe the bug, join us in the irc channel to chat about it.

  • Make a bugzilla account.
  • Follow through with the account email.
  • Log in to bugzilla.mozilla.org.
  • Check that your bug isn't already in bugzilla. You may also want to check the support forums.
  • Enter a new bug for Firefox, Firefox for Android, or Thunderbird.
  • For other Mozilla product bugs, use the main enter bug page or ask on IRC for a direct link.

Improving bugs to make them more useful

To create a good bug report, or improve an existing one, please include as much detail as you can about the issue. Here are some possible details to include.

  • First, read the bug and try to understand it.
  • Detailed steps to reproduce the bug.
  • Hardware and software you're using
  • Urls that are affected.
  • Does the bug happen in other browsers?
  • Can you attach error logs or crash report id information from about:crash? ** More info: (How to use Mozilla Crash Reporter)
  • Can you attach a stack trace?

Sampling of known screen reader bugs

If you can contribute any information about these bugs, please comment in Bugzilla or let us know in IRC.

  • Bug 843657: Verify that the Plugin Hang UI is working with screen readers
  • Bug 836746: Click To Play HTML bit not recognized by all screen readers
  • Bug 812187: Screen readers say "blank" on first word of line when navigating by word
  • Bug 809854: Announce the open file in focus action to screen readers
  • Bug 757730: Screen reader reads only setting Label, not checkbox status
  • Bug 654908: Improve keyboard and screen reader accessibility of tbpl
  • Bug 583087: Bugzilla should use headings for different sections for screen readers
  • Bug 552964: Changing focus to the new tabs toolbar results in very verbose speech output with screen readers.
  • Bug 411198: Message navigation keys conflict with screen reader "quick navigation" keys
  • Bug 342440: Left/right arrows behave asymmetrically, confusing users and screen readers
  • Bug 305206: Make Error Console work better with screen readers
  • Bug 304801: static text content in alert dialog can't be read by screen reader
  • Bug 775536: If focus is set to a textarea by JS, NVDA often doesn't get the text interface correctly.
  • Bug 764757: NVDA announces incorrect number of items when display:inline-block; is used
  • Bug 502190: About Dialog credits view isn't read by NVDA
  • Bug 570995: Loading testcase from bug 522847 has terrible performance with NVDA running

AccessFu mobile bug list

AccessFu is the Javascript, in-browser assistive technology that provides accessibility on Firefox Mobile, and in the future on Boot To Gecko.

  • AccessFu bugs (bugzilla search) There may be bugs in this list that can use triaging and may be obsolete, like for renaming stuff that doesn't exist. A good start would be to enable talkback on an android device, play with firefox, and see what accessfu is all about (eeejay)

Meta bugs

Bugs that collect many bug reports into one discussion. Read through a meta bug in an area of interest to you!

Here is one easy way to contribute. Do some searches in Bugzilla for bugs that are in the category of a particular meta bug. Then add those bugs as "Depends on" to the meta-bug, or add a comment to the meta bug with a list of bugs to be added.

Bugs we poked

  • 319431 Improvements for keyboard navigation for entering addresses. (Added to the tracking bug for Thunderbird accessibility.)
  • 306444 Can't move into folders in Bookmarks Toolbar with keyboard. Confirmed bug, added screenshot.
  • 330009 Adjusting pane boundaries by keyboard (Moved from UNCONFIRMED to NEW) (This might be a good student project)
  • 350115 Timeout for <select> incremental search is confusing / bad for accessibility. User-adjustable keypress preference sounds like a good possibility. Moved to NEW.
  • 405346 When viewing a web page, the HOME and END keys should behave as they do in editing apps (Suggested this as a good candidate for an extension; tagged it as such)
  • 603043 SVG can't access padding CSS property if element in defs, works in Firefox 3.6 (Added to SVG a11y meta-bug.)
  • 668946 Crash [@ nsDocAccessible::UpdateTree] with SVG, iframe (Added to SVG a11y meta-bug)
  • 764118 svg element role is diagram (Added to SVG a11y meta-bug.)
  • 841920 SVG inside of a Blob cannot access its own defs element. (Added to SVG a11y meta-bug)
  • 569313 Redundant "Toolbar" in name of "Navigation Toolbar" (This may be a good first bug)
  • 427444 Firefox interacts strangely with OS X "Zoom follows the keyboard focus" (Works for me; need-info set for bug reporter. Candidate for closing soon.)
  • 834658 Large cursors obscure tooltips on clickable page elements. Changed title for clarity, added links to related bugs 296191 and 113009. Could combine these with more description in comments and dupe the 2 older bugs.
  • 509945 Jaws doesn't update elements with overflow:hidden-style (Changed from UNCONFIRMED to NEW, added to meta bug)
  • 850385 When working in conjuction with Jaws, the Focus 14 Blue braille display switches to computer braille mode when entering text in a Firefox text box. (NEW)
  • 712872 JAWS 11.0.1476 fails to properly read pages/UI when Hardware Acceleration is on with nvidia geforce gt240
  • 790094 Firefox crashes/freezes with JAWS 13.0
  • 833288 problems in replying to a message with jaws 13
  • 833289 jaws doesn't recognize/read error dialog (Asked reporter for further info)
  • 607950 Issues with Jaws 12: Elements not being read out correctly, jaws not switching to forms mode. (Asked reporter for updated info, added to jaws meta-bug)


  • Liz Henry IRC:lizzard Email: lizzard@mozilla.com
  • Len Burns len@gatamundo.com
  • Darragh Ó Héiligh

To Do

Thoughts on this bug day.

  • Plenty to learn here about this wiki's accessibility and Bugzilla accessibility.
  • Some of these issues may need cooperation between screen reader authors and Mozilla.


This is for notes on the bug day and reports on what we accomplished.