All Hands/2015 Whistler/Volunteer Invites Criteria

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On top of the traditional criteria listed below, we would like to call out as new the ability to lead in our communities in the future. To be more precise:

  • ability to think strategically -- team strategy and whole of Mozilla strategy
  • ability to rally and influence others

High level of commitment is a given, and here are the other traditional criteria for invites to team work weeks. All do not have to be met, rather an appropriate subset that meets team needs.

  • Make a significant, sustained contribution to and impact on our top line goals
  • Are currently working on a core project on your team
  • Work with a community or live in a country that has strategic importance to our top line goals
  • Attend team meetings regularly, in person or online
  • Consistently demonstrate the capacity to work well with the team and within the Mozilla community.