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  • Update from most recent discovery and patch to reduce leas by peterv.
  • Update from graydon on landing bug 368869.
  • Update from jst on CC timing code.
  • Update from dbaron on debugging tools.
  • Discuss next steps.

Leak Numbers

peterv: Patch (bug 374096 ) was landed today. Leaks dropped from 700k to 6k. Catches most of it, but there's some tuning to due.

jst: Has a patch for CC timing. Will create a bug and attach patch for review. No update on the XPConnect stuff yet.

dbaron: Nothing of interest. Going to do some lower level leak tests. Seeing the usual mess of font config junk.

Status of Pending CC Code in Bugzilla

Next Steps

  • Performance: Boris has filed two bugs (bug 373693 (addref) and bug 373694 (release) ) because of address/release. Need to look at these items. David has been doing some analysis of collection of why he's seeing slow down.
  • Collectively look for performance enhancements.
  • The tinderbox doesn't show major leaks, but maybe we should go through all the leaks tests.
  • Peterv will look at both of the bugs above for next week.
  • jst will land the CC timing code (bug 374239).

Audio of This Meeting

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