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Howdy friends,

We're looking forward to seeing you at the Drumbeat Local Event Organizer Training on Friday 7 May in Berlin!

Below is information you'll need to participate, please let us know of questions!

  • Location: The training will takeplace at
    • Newthinking Store GmbH
    • Tucholskystr. 48
    • 10117 Berlin
    • Telefon | +49.30.288 73 60 6
    • Map link: http://bit.ly/9ngq8w
  • Contact number: Call +####### if you're having trouble finding the venue.
  • Start time: We will start promptly at 10.00, with coffee and munchies available from 9.00. We'll be done by 16.30pm at the latest.
  • Post-event socializing: We'll have drinks and a light dinner afterwards.
  • Agenda: We'll dynamically plan the agenda as our first order of business on Friday, but things we'll be sure to collaborate on include:
    • Refining and improving the agenda for Drumbeat Berlin
    • The facilitation and agenda models we plan to use for Drumbeat Local events
    • Planning for other Drumbeat Local events in other cities
    • Web site and social media plans for local organizers
    • How to keep local momentum going
    • Talking about how to support Drumbeat Local organizers remotely and via the Drumbeat wiki
    • Anything you want to discuss!

Please let us know of anything we've left out, and we look forward to seeing you on Friday!

thanks & peace, gunner