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Mozilla Drumbeat Festival 2010: Learning, Freedom, and the Web Barcelona, November 3-5, 2010 Vision Document

Festival goals

  • Convene leaders making radical disruptions in learning and in web technology.
  • Foster conversations that help set cohesive agendas for disruption and innovation in online, learner-centered education and the open technologies that empower learners.
  • Provide networking opportunities that help develop partnerships, collaboration, and mutual support within the sectors and between players in allied fields.
  • Cultivate leadership and other capacities among emerging leaders in learning and the open web.
  • Energize and inspire participants with new ideas, connections, and a sense of community.
  • Grow and strengthen Drumbeat as a hub of open web innovation.


P2P University course leaders. Web tech companies. Digital learning startups. Filmmakers & Video Teachers. Hackerspaces. Creative Commoners. Online identity experts. Wikipedians. Software developers. Artists. Web standards nerds. Foundations.  Open web activists.  Web developers. Teachers. And, of course, learners of all stripes.


  • We believe everyone has a role in keeping the web open and vibrant. That's why we started Mozilla Drumbeat: a collection of practical projects and local events that gather smart, creative people around big ideas that improve the open web. The annual Drumbeat Festival is a part of this, bringing together people doing things at the intersection of the open web and other important aspects of our society. The first Festival will focus on the connection between learning, freedom and the web.
  • Drumbeat Festival will not be your typical gabfest. Imagine a mashup of Maker Faire, a teach-in at your local library, with a dash of TEDx thrown in for good measure. There will be a handful of top-notch talks, because we love theater and inspiration as much as anyone else. But we want all of the attendees to build, share, and teach things together in a festive atmosphere.

Learning, Freedom and the Web Theme

The web is changing how we learn. It surrounds us with a massive and remixable tapestry of perspectives, facts and data. It gives us the freedom to learn whatever we want at our own speed and in our own way. It lets us become our own teachers. Fundamentally: the free and open nature of the internet is revolutionizing learning.

Who among us has not fallen into a long journey across the web on a surprising topic? Or learned a new skill by making, building or creating something online? Or, for that matter, found a new mentor or apprentice in a forum or on a social network? More and more, this is how we learn.

They give us raw material to take control of our own learning. Teachers and learners around the world are experimenting, inventing, creating, exploring and building in wonderful ways with this raw material. Mozilla's 2010 Drumbeat Festival is a gathering of these people.

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