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While the agenda format and sessions for Local events will be shaped by local organizers and participants, the following are provides as starting points and templates to support agenda design and event planning.

We strongly encourage local event organizers to share back their agendas, and to help us enhance these materials so they can be as broadly useful as possible.

Sample Agendas

These materials are provided as a starting point for those wanting to organize Drumbeat Local events.

  • Local events are interactive and quite different from "traditional" conferences; the agenda guidelines for participants are useful for setting expectations and encouraging active participation.
  • This Sample half-day agenda provides rich details about how to run a half-day event, with both an agenda template and detailed facilitation instructions.

Recent Agendas

These are agendas from recent Drumbeat events

Session Materials

Related Resources

The following are additional resources in the event kit that are useful in fully utilizing the above materials

  • Facilitation guidelines
  • Participant guidelines