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What types of courses would you like to have offered? Are there any specific topics you'd like to learn about?

These suggestions were taken from the expression of interest form we created for the first orund of Webcraft.

TODO - tidy this up and turn it into a planning document

"- game development basics - 3D development basics - Open version of a CS degree (long-term)"

HTML5, Browser plugin development "CSS, Javascript, Web Typography, Design (web and graphic), PHP, SQL (MySQL, etc.), Creativity "

Although I have a great interest in pretty much all tech areas, I have a very shallow knowledge of everything. At the moment my biggest difficulty is prioritising. I want to know more about hardware, software, networking, electronics, web development. "html 5 interaction, video mobile?"

"I'd love to see a course that can jump-start my ability to take advantage of the incredible suite of Aviary (http://aviary.com/tools) tools.

Not sure if this is really a School of Webcraft request, as opposed to a general P2PU request, but I'm filling out the form anyway so it gets in the system.  :)"

"I would like to see courses on Drupal module / theme development.

I have contacted Lullabot to see if they would be interested in running these courses and that i could assist as as supporting educator.

Best, Paul Booker

i <3 theopenweb " Both of the topics mentioned in the blog post interest me; especially as Social + Open Web stuff goes, I'd love to get involved in any discussion there, since I'm a developer for StatusNet, which is not only a big open-web-social contender itself but is also the base for the upcoming GNU Social project -- so suffice to say I'd love to learn about the rest of the social open web as well as be a resource with regard to StatusNet. "open mobile applications open web apps html5 RDFa semantic web" I need to know more about these courses be I can comment HTML 5,PHP,MySQL

"1. building basic websites 2. building a skype like SNS network" web development SQL standard

Aspects of graphic design, valuable to graphic design professionals or aspiring designers. Beginner courses! Specifically in areas that employers would like *some* experience in for non-developer positions. I don't know exactly what that would be... but yes. Data-mining, Data interpretation, Delivering Business Intelligence "CSS3 Web Design Content Design Ajax "

I would love to learn Ruby on Rails. Also developing apps to run on heroku.

HTML5 and new developments in web technology. New developments, HTML5, Open source issues. social media networking

Any thing basic - advanced web development...involving PHP , Ajax , etc... Web designing maybe web site design for the apps/social media age "A general, in-depth explanation of programming basics, especially for the web, which won't tie us to a particular language. I think the syntax can be learned later.

Topics interested in: Habits of the self-motivated learner. Turning ideas into applications. Courses for the beginning programmer, especially those really interested in open web development, but who have taken few or no courses. Courses (or essays) to help the beginning web developer/programmer to ""stick with it"" in the beginning, and emphasize the impact individual and community efforts can have. " web designing

I'm a seasoned web developer, but have been managing and focusing on back-end development for a few years now. It would be great to brush up on modern layout techniques and get an overview of the latest hot stuff that I'm probably not paying attention to in my comfy corporate job.  :) "courses about social software development, basic webcraft skills, webcraft for h novices" "courses about social software development, basic webcraft skills, webcraft for h novices" "Saas / web apps / Ajax security / JavaScript frameworks; managing cross-server codebases; multi-lingual content management practices"

Any topic as long as it involves other peers with whom I can interact and learn. HTML5, CSS, front-end developing, webfonts & typography, user experience. Network Engineering, Network Security, Penetration testing, Web technologies, Scripting, FOSS

I would like to learn more about open-source CMS that may be out there or ways to create them. I'd also like to learn more about PHP and MySQL, going over how they interact Anything! "Web basics that moves quickly into practical applications.

I have a website up and running but there is so much to learn that I get lost and forget everything I've learned when I have to be away for a few weeks and can't get online. I am also older and actually learned to type on a typewriter!

Maybe we could call it Web Basics 4 Grannies!

Online security is also difficult to ensure when you're not a born hacker i.e. under 30! Definitely should be one of the modules!" I would like courses on HTML5 CSS3 and working with different APIs like google maps, yahoo weather, twitter, etc HTML5, CSS3 "beginners

intro to css intro to js intro to xhtml intro to php intro to web security


html5 css animations anything! " "MySQL Linux CLI OpenLaszlo PHP (for Dummies) Jitterbit Cron jobs spiders OSS Multimedia e.g. Inkscape, Audacity, Synfig, Blender LMS e.g. Moodle CMS e.g. Drupal, Wordpress mashing with Google data coworking concept mapping (Compendium) mind mapping (Freeplane) JavaScript for Dummies Chickenfoot OSS accounting open web social networking opportunities?

" Understanding what there is to understand :-). By that, I mean the taxonomy of web development skills (your map is a good start, but I'm looking to know "enough to be dangerous" and to know where and how to learn more when needed. Advanced finance and programming (AI) web 2.0.... user interaction and mass communities creating one goal......

"I would like to offer a course about creativity and the web . This would be course which combines engineering with art , programming efficiencies with color. Something to get you thinking . I work for www.justenough.com and have been doing alot of work in SQL. I have a passion for the web and would like to helpe people use what is available to be more creative and more productive.


Malcolm " I would like to choose from a list if any. Introduction to web design. Integrating back-end and front-end programming, and organizing and implementing open source tools. Handling/starting large projects (where to begin and how to organize). HTML5 I would really like to learn all that there is to know about HTML5/CSS3 and emerging web technology. I just finished a digital design foundations course at a community college. I'm looking to earn a certificate in Web Technology. I'm super interested in doing this through the P2PU School of Webcraft. I would be very enthusiastic about taking a flexible absolute beginners course on Drupal use and development for education or even more generally on effective use of online collaboration in(or as) the classroom. This courses are good enough for start.

Basic to advanced PHP Any web development classes. Design, usability, accesibility, open web technology, agile. web development 101, html, css, etc. "CSS Ruby Flash" "I'd like to see, and would be willing to help organize/run in January, one or more courses covering the back-end or application side of web development. Specifically, I'd be interested in putting together an Introduction to MVC Frameworks using something like Django and/or Kohana, to build on the ""What is PHP?"" and ""Beginning Web Services with Python"" courses.

I'd also be interested in seeing something about using APIs and mashing up data from other web services."

courses that make me a better developer of web tecehnologies

Everything, mainly though, design, development, SEO and server setup / maintenance. "Analytics Economics Sociology " "Web applications development using Linux tools My preferred platform is Ubuntu Linux" "I'm particularly interested in the activity streams ideas that Chris Messina has been talking about.

I'm also currently doing a Ph. D. about developing ""personal learning environments"" and I would be interested in teaching or co-teaching something on that topic (I have a specific test-case in mind for my Ph. D. but there are lots of other approaches :). See http://metameso.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl/Probation_Report for some up-to-the-minute details on my plans." I would like to learn more about HTML5, webM, CSS3,Java, JavaScript, JQuery

"I want to learn HTML and other online languages. Thanks."

CS technical classes are great, especially around PHP, CSS and mobile development "I would like to learn web development from the bottom up (since I have no web building skills). I've seen html before, can't write it, hope I would be a good guinea pig for this endeavor.

I will be a ""student"" if selected. Otherwise, I'm a medically retired person who sells jewelry supplies part-time at an exponentially growing popular online venue.

My immediate goal would be to garner necessary skills to build my own website. I don't know enough to be able to install shopping carts, forums, blogs, or other choices offered by hosting companies, and certainly don't know which options are the best choices.

Thanks, wishing you all the best!

Joan" social networks html5 Anything!! I'm a sophomore CS Major, so I still have so much to learn.. But I'd love to learn a bunch of languages, and then strategies for tackling (big) projects. Creating mash-ups amongst a vast array of other topics in the massive realm of web design and development.

"beginner level courses for people interested in getting into the field (I currently work in philanthropy, but want to learn more about what I am making grants for!)" HTML 5, Wiki Management HTML5, AJAX, web apps (playframework) I'm into PHP, databases, graphics, ajax, etc. etc. I'm excited to learn anything and everything! I was heavily involved in web development over 10 years ago but I didn't continue developing my skills or learning new ones after I entered the workforce. Now I've got the resources and the time and I want to become webcrafty again. But I feel a little lost in all the new great technologies and I'd love a course that would bring me back up to speed. Maybe a brief history and a review of the current technologies and what they can do. web design, economics, phsychology (organizational), statistics, short story writing, computer programming object oriented concepts in JavaScript, django

I'd be interested in introduction to HTML 5 classes or other introductory programming or web development classes. I'm a lawyer with an interest in technology law issues, have done some web design as a hobby, and am interested in expanding my programming expertise! "Distributed System Algorithm Analysis and Design" A wide range of courses about different web technologies would be nice – PHP, Javascipt, etc. "I'd like to take all of the classes. I'm a fledgling local web designer whose background is in graphic design. I'm not very hip on standards-based, and so I'm definitely interested in learning as much as I can to improve myself. " Python New Mobile apps , HTML5

I am an old Tech worker, my work as a trainer, and course developer for Manufacturing systems starting in the 1984. I was a course developer and trainer for Oracle Manufacturing, and a systems analyst for People Soft' Inventory product. I retired in 2000 and began a small consulting business building websites for women in small business. Tutoring them to build and maintain their own web presence. Besides teaching my self how to use the web, I have years of experience in how to communicate a base knowledge about online course ware and of web development. This fall my schedule is kind full by Jan of 2011 my schedule will open up and I could participate more fully. AO Black, aoblack.com "XHTML/CSS Web development for mobile devices " "Java C C++

The most popular programming languages would be best because it will increase the chances of matching with job requests.


Mostly web-related topics, like html5 and javascript (JQuery specially). "Client and server side scripting/programming (AJAX, Ruby on Rails, PHP, etc.), benefits of each, scalability, and when to use either.

Collaboration tools and quick run downs of how to use them.

Linux command line courses to teach new *nix users anywhere from basics to the advanced workings of the cli." "PHP MySQL Full JavaScript course Ajax jQuery


"I would like to see courses that cover the entire spectrum of experience a person may have with the open web and web design, from the beginner with no experience of creating web sites to the professional that is looking to further their skills in a specific area.

Although I would consider myself an intermediate in web skills, I can find the lack of patience and the discrimination against newcomers of anything to do with the web, such as cold-hearted moderators on internet forums, web learning and web communities, hugely frustrating."

"php php security advanced CSS" CSS, Do you have to write code to put up a good website? Or can you use dreamweaver? I would also like to know how to build a website in illustrator vs photoshop. I think illustrator is way easier to design elements than photoshop. CSS, Do you have to write code to put up a good website? Or can you use dreamweaver? I would also like to know how to build a website in illustrator vs photoshop. I think illustrator is way easier to design elements than photoshop. website making Hi and thanks for this opportunity, It would be great to see a beginners course on creating ones own website / not using a pre programmed template, regards , Dom C css, web 2.0, social media, jquery

Designing and implementing web pages that inspire and guide, that link and allow the user to explore, learn and get more involved-usig a number of strategies to reach a range of audiences including specific groups "Privacy on the Web Scams Corporate and/or government attempts to control the Web Using the Web more effectively" JSP or other types of coding other than HTML... Great idea. Thanks! "Hi, I want to learn more about programming languages, Java, PHP, Javascript, etc ... UML and networks, in fact I think that everything can be learned is useful.


Multi purpose programming languages (Python, Ruby) , FOSS Web Frameworks, Web standards (HTML5, CSS, Javascript), Best programming practices, FOSS Mobile application development, FOSS Databases, Embedded linux development, Security practices, Mesh networks.

Web 2.0, SOA implementation

Noob, so keen to collect whatever knowledge I can and share whatever knowledge I may have that is useful for others.

I'm looking to learn more about database languages and how to create content relevant to large data sets — intros to any of these programs would be great, or a compare and contrast as far as what can be done with each: Django, RoR, MySQL, or similar web site design, development and security

Html5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP "html5 css3 Add-ons for firefox ajax" I wish to be able to learn how to create a web page. I have had some pervious experience, but I hope I could learn more about CSS and page styling, but I would also want to learn more about creating a web page. "@ Integrating workplace applications into web apps. @ Easy to use tools for desktop media salesforce users in the workplace. @ Webapps and multimedia. @ Web tools for the musician." "How to choose a CMS. How to be an effective webmaster. " I've got an associates in computer science with cisco already so I'm always looking for some good web class to add to my resume HTML5 and CSS3

"I'm an historian who is interested in developing my technical abilities for research and graduate teaching. I'm especially interested in learning python to manipulate, but right now I'm developing a webpage for my department so I'm interested in reviewing basic Webdesign technology. I also am interested in open-source GIS; have taken courses in ESRI's proprietary software but that isn't affordable for my graduate students. john garrigus home page: http://www3.uta.edu/faculty/garrigus" PHP, HTML, C++, C#, C and other programming languages.

"Web Dev 101 and Scripting 101 looks like just my style. Will be looking forward to a class on WebGL and such exciting new 3d rendering techniques." "1) Simple web designing 2) Making widgets for mozilla and other browsers

" "PHP, ASP, Correct SEO, W3C Standards,ActionScript, Flash, and on and on Also and more importantly how to start a career through the web !!!!!!!!" All web technologies and topics on scalability, disaster recovery and the like.

web dev, especially ruby on rails or PhP ! "I'd like to participate in the course ""Interactive Games For The Open Web"" by Ari Bader-Natal and J.D. Zamfirescu, if registration is open.

I will be starting a course in computer science in a university in the Netherlands in September, and I believe that participating in this P2PU course will be a great way to supplement my experience and knowledge in these fields. I think that the P2PU philosophy of 'open' learning is fantastic and I look forward to interacting with my peers and mentors if I get the opportunity to do so." I want to read more about what you have on offer rather than having a specific request. Thanks

web development, design, software "php ajax css c++ ruby on rails " HTML5, Websockets, javascript, php, no-sql (couch/mongo), canvas, git, accessibility (esp. for the blind), css2/3 practical uses, browser extension development (chrome, mozilla etc.) "My Background is in Database Backend Development I am looking to acquire skills in web technologies such as HTTP, XML, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, as well as Web Standards" I would like to see an introductory course in php that would involve developing a useful independent project as a demonstration of mastery of the learned material. Firefox Development "HTML 5.0 CSS 3.0 Javascript Ajax Ruby Perl C++ 3D animation Computer Security Software Development Flash (or alternative) Dreamweaver (or alternative) Mobile software development Multimedia (sound/video production) Game Development (ask me)

" Drupal, web standards, PHP, Ruby, CSS, HTML5, Python, Apache, database technology

HTML5, CSS3. I could also offer a course in using WordPress.

Anything that has to do emerging open source project like html5. PHP and Wordpress/Drupal

web designing and php developent and open source like drupal, word press and joomla Web security, webpage efficiency. Basic/Intro to JavaScript & php; CSS design; anything! I'd love to see some different levels, letting students work their way up through the courses. Thanks! "Good Design HTML 5 JQuery / AJAX" JS frameworks, HTML 5 and CSS 3.0 JS frameworks, HTML 5 and CSS 3.0 "HTML,CSS,PHP,JAVASCRIPT,MYSQL Managing a community web site. "


P.S. Mozilla Rocks!" "CSS, HTML, web design to start! A quantitative research methodologies class would be good, too."

"Data/web mining. Web server security. Management of multiple web servers. Creation of cloud apps from open source web apps. Open standards for the web." Small Business Web Design and Development "PHP Javascript Web database interaction SEO Web development from the management view" "Web 200: The Anatomy of a Page Load

Reading Code - I would really really like to attend this one!" HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, Python, web standards, Javascript "# Semantic Markup

  1. Organic SEO Basics
  2. Beginning Webservices with Python
  3. Web Accessibility
  4. Designing for Education: : How to optimize the user experience.
  5. HTML5"


Created a few websites using Microsoft Frontpage years ago.

Want to create a few new websites, but do not want to lock myself in again using software that can be discontinued, leaving me stranded. Websites are for non-profit organisations, so using developers asking a fee is not an option.

Please send more information on the course, including the software, including capabilities of the software - e.g. members database on the website, members only sections, photo sharing sorted logically - e.g. per event, per author etc.


"digital media, online journalism and social networking for action documentary video/photography international human rights/human trafficking "

I would like some courses on JQuery, CSS and Python. Web development

"let me just say keywords!

Mobile site development.

webcams / facetime

ichat / aim / facebook / jabber



" JavaScript I need to learn how to talk and work with web developers. Coding and P2P online networks. Drupal, PHP, Social Web building tools...anything. "I'm interested in learning more about open source programs like drupal and processing, and how to use them in conjunction with physical computing platforms such as microcontrollers such as arduino.

I'm also trying to learn how to better read code and utilize HTML 5 to create optimal user experiences on the web.

Hope to hear from you soon. This is a great resource! THANKS!" "I'm an embedded developer with little web development experience beyond HTML and CGI scripting and PSP. I would like to know more about the open standards out there and the future of open development. And I want to build my own web server eventually... I'm not sure what all would be helpful to those ends at this point, though I have some thoughts. I'd love to take a training course to get me started in the right directions.

thanks, Scott" Web Development 101 Ruby on Rails, Introduction to programing, beginners Mac OS X development "HTML CSS PHP" HTML5, jquery, javascript, ruby, python, information architecture, design principles, UI, usability. css "HTML5 CSS JQuery"

Website design, web apps I'm just a beginner looking to get into the pool. I saw that there was a planned course on reading and understanding open-source code and that sounded really interesting.

CSS, building themes for content-management systems such as Wordpress or Drupal. I'd love to use the knowledge and experience gained to introduce the "fun parts" of web design to afterschool daycare kids, to capture their interest with something that's already working and could be played with and improved. "Hi!

I am working for a company and one of my tasks is to update their Web Site www.iqf.se. I am working in DreamWeaver but some of the pages can only be updated using HTML. this is an unfamiliar area to me that I need to learn more about.

Please tell me about suitable on-line courses.

Kind regards,

Aviaja Sweden" Basic web skills; css, javascript, html php, Web application design and security. html, css, javascript "Web-development and web-design. Possibly also a course on the basics of domain registration and domain hosting." HTML, CSS

"Web 200: The Anatomy of a Page Load

Reading Code - I'd really really like to take that course!!

Semantic Markup" Ajax,Javascript, Php, C++ I'm a beginner. I would like introductory material. I'm a beginner in web design, I took Web Design 1 in class already, and would like to start going forward with more advanced types of Web Design. I'm always eager to learn and highly motivated. web based Database I would like to have a course on SOA testing especially from the web based perspective.

"Quick and easy Flash for beautiful websites (Fast and easy enough for a hobbyist) Professional website landing pages (the web customer's ""first look"" at your company) Fonts, background images, and colors (how to communicate who you are through simple style choices)


" software development,web-designing,cloud computing" "php magento wordpress javascript" How to create a neighborhood or small town website that uses best online free, social media tools to meet together online, invent, plan, and grow volunteer enrollment in collaborative improvement projects. This class would introduce tools but also coach participants in the open and free, social change, philosophy of making a difference in their world. It would reference how to use OpenSpace and Dotmocracy meeting methods to do camp events. mostly html, css and html 5, maybe jquery "- Developing a website using CSS (vs old school tables) - When to use which types of CSS tags (ID, class, etc) - Spry content, and any inherit downsides of it" "Javascript (beginner to advanced); HTML5; Usability" "PHP Cross Browser Compatibility CSS" Beginner webcraft HTML5, C++ CGI "I'm interested in taking the course: Building Social with the Open Web.

P.S. I'm not really a developer, but that was the closest of the four choices given. I'm the web trainer/social media editor at The Palm Beach Post.

Thanks!" Web design and development. Also courses that help understand the basics of systems programming, algorithms will help students design more efficient front end lay outs. "jQuery css3 cms/framework courses (drupal, wordpress, joomla) for those who already know code splicing and dicing in fireworks (or open source version)" "I'm quite a beginner but I'd be interested in:

- Advanced HTML - Photo editing (Gimp?) - Javascript" Just an introduction to the whole business - I'm a complete novice.

"Building sites with PHP JQuery Grid based CSS frameworks" "User Experience Info Architecture Interaction Designs "

CSS, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, ActionScript CSS, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, ActionScript "Ruby Rails, Java Programming, Furthering HTML

Intro to Creating Online Programs...etc." "I know enough to realize there is much that I don't know. A break down of skills by level into easy to climb steps that lead to proficiency would make these classes attractive to me." "Hello,

I'd be highly interested in learning how to develop games that teach basic skills to children, and reinforce skills that fade over time, such as memory, logic, organization and complex problem solving.

I am very interested in learning the interactive portion of web applications, as I already have experience creating web pages.


"Security. Standards-compliance Best practice"

Building a complex website from scratch PHP, Rails, Drupal, HTML5 PHP, Website development, online DB access, CGI based APPS... PERL, APPLESCRIPT, HTML, JAVA..... Having developed sites previously, using WYSIWYG editors, and because I'm generally pretty interested in web development on the whole, I'd love to learn all the stuff talked about in Web Development 101. Cs

CSS3, User Interface design for the web, PHP "I would like to learn how to create more complex sites using html or php. Also i am very interested in flash." "a class that helped HTML developers move from the old standard to HTML 5 would be awesome. Nothing to intense, just tutorials perhaps on what the new tags for HTML 5 are for instance, how to access the new DOM, a class on PHP, Javascript and MySQL would be good too. I am familiar with HTML and whatnot so I could offer a intro course into writing a web page if you wanted. I'd like to see some advanced programming topics too: how to work with DHTML, how to use ajax and json and xml, how to use apis, how to program a bulletin board system like PHPBB ( it is reinventing the wheel, but i just would like to know how ) just as for instances. Look, I am interested in participating in this project and would like to hear back .. smoalne@hotmail.com" "HTML 5 CSS AJAX PHP Perl MySQL " Every thing about developing web applications.

"I'm more interested in design or development courses. I'm quite passionate about learning so I dive head first in just about anything. I would greatly appreciate this opportunity as it will make a huge difference for me.

Thank you, Fawad." Python, perl, unix, scripting

"HTML JAVA NETWORKING PROGRAMMING anything to begin as a novice"

database management I would like to take a class on useful object oriented design patterns for small to medium sites. Rather than a disucssion of singletons, iterators and facades, I'd like to see a few common approaches for how to put them all together to create something like a webcart or an online music sharing site. Open standards, open source etc! I would prefer mostly development courses, but I am open to just about anything. I would love to take some intro to programming classes. I am a noob, but I want to learn! Perhaps some python instruction.

"HTML 5 SEO PHP practical utilities customising Wordpress, Drupal Javascript practical utlities" Anything web-development related. I've have Basic HTML and Basic Web design next semester. I need to be prepared. Web application design, architecture, implementation. Javascript, AJAX "programming java iReports" "I love the idea behind the School of Webcraft.

The last year of my life has been one of reflection and awakening in which I have recently made the decision to become a web developer. I found myself wanting to become a master of a 'craft' and it took some time to decide on what that should be.

Being in my late 30s with 3 kids and the standard compliment of adult responsibilities, the options for formal education in my area are limited and more importantly - obsolete. As someone who has also struggled with the constraints of traditional learning in the past, I knew that a path of self training was the most likely scenario but was concerned about how to execute it well enough so I didn't miss any important facets or subjects.

Anyway, I have a long boring story leading up to this point but what's important is that I am crazy excited to participate in the program and become a student of the school. I am also in the position to offer assistance should it be required in a coordination or administration function. My background is management/administration and if there is a need I would be glad to help.


Justin Bennett

" am new to web development and need training in asp, dot net, etc.

"database related - nosql especially utilizing frameworks outside of basic tutorials (rails, django, cake) information architecture" Flash design, advanced css, security HTML 5 classes "I would like to teach/learn topics such as google apps , JAVA Hibernate , PHP frameworks ......with valuable open source certifications which will be valued in todays industry.

" HTML5, Javascript "I am looking for a step by step website making course, without learning the whole html if possible. Just a basic fancy website with slideshow and multiple frames!

" Everything and anything........I live to learn. CSS, X/HTML and vector graphic creation for the web

CSS and XHTML. Also I'm curious about Asterix and PHP.

"– front-end development – browser development (add-ons) – web apps development (with HTML5)" php, python, mysql, ajax, jsp "JavaScript HTML5 WebSockets CSS3"

Anything 101 (the most basic intro to design for the Internet)

HTML5, css, jquery, php, python, ruby, wordpress, information architecture, usability.

"I'd like to take a course in HTML5. I'd like to contribute to a course in Flash Actionscript 3." "Advanced JavaScript, like Prototype Inheritance New JavaScript API's, like Sound, Files, ... HTML5 <canvas>" Programming courses. Focused mostly on web development but also interested in mobile and desktop application development.

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Accessible websites, working with / theming Wordpress & Drupal CMS,

Web Development 101 JavaScript programming including frameworks, design patterns, and testing. HTML5/CSS3 development. I'd like to learn about HTML5 and it's interaction with Javascript. Also, I think I'm capable enough to give a course on jQuery and maybe some basic PHP. A broad range of web development courses would be excellent. I'd like to see a sampling of internet related courses, ranging from historical backgrounds to web programming.

advanced web development, building web applications on server-side and client-side, advanced web design, designing for multiple browsers

"Code - scripts javascript java" No specific topic at this time...

advanced html5/ CSS3 - mobile apps with local databases cross browser (ie sqllite & innodb) HTML5, Web Development 101, What is PHP I'm especially interested in web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and js. HTML5

I come from a visual background, working in photoshop on graphic design, UI mockups, textures, aswell as 3D content in other programs. I'd like to apply my artistic skills to the more technical side of development. I'd specifcally like to learn about php, but I'd also like to learn about other aspects which I'm not yet aware of. usability, webmarketing, graphic design, copywriting, project management. "kernel development c programming web development open source technologies " Mozilla Tech, HTML5 Tech. "css html for email " css

Web designing , open source web platforms like php ..html4/5 ,css . jscript and other new technologies used over the web

I am looking forward to taking Web Development 101.

Specifically, web dev 101.

Semantic Web technologies and gecko applications development not sure what to ask for, I'm a 51year old blue collar worker who's interested in trying new things. It seems like web design is probably beyond my ability to comprehend, but maybe not! HTML5,PHP, Open web APIs,Javascript libraries and frame works "not sure what to ask for, I'm a 51year old blue collar worker who's interested in trying new things. It seems like web design is probably beyond my ability to comprehend, but maybe not!

  Maybe something like preschool for wannabe hackers for a better world for all mankind as well as everything else on the planet and beyond."

"Type of courses i can offer : Basic & Advanced AIX SysAdm. Basic, Advanced & Expert GNU/Linux SysAdm. Type of courses i want to learn: UML for DB creation, PHP/Mysql basic course." "Mobile, Ruby, HTML5, Developing for Safari, Creating web services for Apps and Web"

I am a recent PhD in American History and material culture, and a museum curator. I have great humanities teaching/research skills but NO skills for developing the interactive, dynamic online teaching/research tools I now only can dream about. I've been trying to get funding to make these projects happen -- but that money is scarce. I feel so disabled by my lack of developer skills - total lack!!! -- and I want to learn the skills that will let me build the projects -- and understand & communicate with developers / programmers I hope to work with. I want to learn how to take my project / concept from my mind and make it real on the web for everyone to use and learn from, research with. Where do I even start? Patricia Keller I'd be interested in learning web development. I have some familiarity with CSS and HTML, but I would like the opportunity to reinforce this knowledge and put it into practice by designing some sites. I would also be interested in learning PHP and how to work with different Content Management Systems.

Very basic general programing skills. More information about resources to help teach myself how to develop webpages. "Javascript CSS HTML5 PHP MySQL"

"My degree was in computer science but it didn't cover any web programming or even javascripting. So while I can program and even look after simple websites, the internet has evolved a lot and I need to add these skills to my resume. I am most interested in html5, ajax, and javascript. I have no interest in flash nor in .net."

beginner to moderate JavaScript, advanced CSS3, advanced HTML5

Mobile Web Design with HTML5/CSS3/JS, CSS layout, jQuery, Data structures, discrete math apllications,... anything interesting. Everything on the mind map posted on the drumbeat blog

Not sure.. but very keen in knowing and learning what the gurus of web design have to offer html5, css, javascript, xul, server side languages like php, java, python and ruby.

HTML 5, Javascript

"Web Development 101 Designers Tackling The Web HTML5 What is PHP Principles of Project Management Introduction to System Administration" "HTML5 CSS3 Better Project Documentation "

"I've always been told, not to try to reinvent the wheel. I would like to incorporate minor search capabilities into a browser. Have your preferences or sites that you visit on a daily basis be updated on your browser as soon as you turn it on. 1 possible way is for the info to be buffered somehow; be it a cloud or ? . When you turn your computer on, the info from your ""daily site search"" fills in the area of your browser set aside for this function. Another feature that would be great is to be able to filter the search results from a search engine; as 90% of the results are ""filler"" and totally useless to anyone except the search engine company, that feeds you ""useless search engine babble"" just like mind numbing commercials on TV."

Intermediate > Advanced JavaScript XHTM, CSS. PHP, Javascript and Python HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Actionscript 3.0, Java "javascript php


"HTML5 web services web security web 2.0 technologies " design, information taxonomy, javascript and dynamic web sites

Web Development 101 Maybe some of the popular frameworks for php, CakePHP, Code Igniter etc.

Im very keen to have any qualification for anything web based, especially open source as it would look great next to my Bsc on my CV but unfortunately the Bsc was only touching on a lot of web technology and languages and to learn more is good, especially as I am currently working on a website design business which should be going live in the next month.

Ajax and App Developement

Some thing like storage features, IndexedDB, security features.....

"web development " "comet ajax realtime web" Web development for developing interactive web pages, especially using sound; also for providing reader/user feedback responses. "I am unaware of the tools, techniques and technologies in web development. I would like learn about these topics and also about web design and web usability issues." "If i have to express specific topic means, then its comet or push.

Like Ajax dominate the current Web then next one is PUSH. not many site has it but count gets increasing. "