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MOZILLA_1_8_0_BRANCH Fri Sep 8 21:01:50 EDT 2006

Testing Tier 1 Locales
en-GB default engine... FAIL
en-GB search order... FAIL

Testing Tier 2 Locales
es-AR default engine... FAIL
es-AR search order... FAIL
Empty file for pt-PT ...FAIL

Testing Tier 3 Locales
Empty file for af ...FAIL
Empty file for be ...FAIL
bg default engine... FAIL
bg search order... FAIL
mn search order... FAIL
Empty file for nso ...FAIL
ro default engine... FAIL
ro search order... FAIL
sl default engine... FAIL
sl search order... FAIL
Empty file for xh ...FAIL
Empty file for zu ...FAIL

Tier 1 Explanation

  • and are different from "Google" and "Yahoo!" for default browser and search orders —�This is expected with these rules and not a bug.

Tier 2 Explanation Argentina Argentina
  • is this acceptable?
  • no locale for pt-PT for

Tier 3 Explanation

  • no locales for af, be, nso, xh, zu
  • bg - default search engine not specified and differs from Google. This is acceptable for this locale, though I'm unsure if the missing default engine is acceptable.
  • mn - only Google specified for search order OK
  • ro - Default engine =, search order, Yahoo. OK!
  • sl - Default engine = Google (sl), Search order = Google (sl), Yahoo - OK?

--robcee 18:21, 8 September 2006 (PDT)