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<<locale>> - quick trademark test

  • Tester: <<name>>
  • Platform: <<platform>>
  • Date: <<date>>

Overall: <<PASS/FAIL and short description of failure>>

General Info

  • About: << Firefox -> About Firefox version string>>
  • Key URLs
    • Start page:
      • URL: << just record the URL here and check that it goes to the igh place>>
      • Powered by: <<Google/Yahoo! - double check th page says the right one>>

Trademark Checklist

Search Engines

  • Check the Search Engines Requirements Doc for locale specific requirements
    • Locale specific requirements found for this locale? <<Yes/No>>
    • Default: <<Google/Yahoo!>>
    • Set: << ls the set of search engines. Example: Google, Yahoo,,, creative commons, ebay >>
    • Meets Search engine requirements: <<PASS/FAIL>>


<< List which ones have suggest working and the status. Example: Google, yahoo - pass>>

RSS feed readers

  • Check the RSS Requirements Doc
    • Are the locale specific specifications for this locale? NO
    • Default requirement is Bloglines, Yahoo , Google.
  • Check in Preferences.../RSS Feeds dialog
    • List: <<list the readers. example: Bloglines, Yahoo , Google>>
    • overall status: <<PASS/FAIL>>

RSS feeds

  • Check the RSS Requirements Doc for locale specific requirtements
  • Default requirement is that BBC is in tool bar and no other feed should be there.
  • Status: <<PASS/FAIL>>