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en-GB Visual Verification Results

Overall Status: PASS

  • Tester: tracy
  • Platform: Windows XP
  • Date: 08/28/06 (updated 08/29/06)

Key findings:

  • Unapproved search engine "Chambers"
  • Suffixed search engine names for Yahoo, Amazon and eBay

General Info

This is info that normally comes out of the Litmus L10n test suite

Trademark Checklist

Search Engines

  • search engines doc: doc persent for English (UK)
  • using general requirements: Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Answers, Creative Commons, Dictionary
    • Search engines: PASS (Chambers okay for this release, pending review)
      • Google - - google handles redirect to en-GB - pass
      • - - pass
      • - - pass
      • - - pass
      • Chambers - FAIL not approved
      • Creative Commons - - pass
      • - - pass
    • Default: Google - pass
    • Set: Goggle,, Amazon,,, Chambers, Creative Commons, - BUG Chambers not approved and some suffixed.
      • see bug 348023 about Chambers. It is that way in 1.5 so ok for Beta2. Mic is investigating for a final answer for FF2 release.
  • Professional test: for all engines - pass


  • Search1: Google: yes; professional test: pass
  • Search2: yes; professional test: pass
  • Search3: no
  • Search4: Answers: yes; professional test: pass
  • Search5: Chambers no
  • Search6: Creative Commons: no
  • Search7: no


Bookmark menu (5th menu)

RSS feed readers

  • Check the RSS Requirements Doc
    • Are the locale specific specifications for this locale? No
    • Default requirement is Bloglines, My Yahoo, Google Reader
  • Check in Preferences.../RSS Feeds dialog
    • Status: Bloglines, My Yahoo, Google Reader
  • overall status: PASS

RSS feeds

  • Check the RSS Requirements Doc for locale specific requirements
  • Default requirement is that BBC is in tool bar and no other feed should be there.
  • Status: PASS