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This is the web page for the feature: 'Call length in Call log'

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877971 The call logs menu doesn't show the call time duration Gaia::Dialer VERIFIED FIXED Anthony Ricaud (:rik) 998147, 1041601, 1045499, 1047351, 1047353, 1054995, 1059336, 1060801, 1061463, 1062799 1060723, 1061120, 1061145, 1061149, 1061153, 1061184, 1068224 [tef-triage][planned-sprint][2.1-feature-qa+] --- 2.1 2.1 S3 (29aug)

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version 0.1

  • Link to spec: File:Call length in Call log.pdf
  • Q&A
    • Is this part of contacts, since the current spec looks like the contact detail.
    • Not is not, this is a dialer feature.
    • Can we get ride of the long tap and just on tap going to the contact view detail and from there make the call?
    • We don't have direct call from call log then, we will need to talk with partners to see if they agree or not. We can delay this decision and focus on the design of the call info page.
    • We cannot yet differentiate a cancelled call and a missed one
    • Ok :), we want that. bug 998147 will allow that.
    • It will be easy if we show in the call info not all the numbers from a contact, but just the number selected, as it's right now in call log.
    • So far is ok, we can merge later
    • If it's not the same view than contact details perhaps it should have less info/actions, and not make it so close to the contact detail
    • Let's remove things and leave just relevant information
    • In the call info we just display the information regarding to an entry in the call log (that could have several call grouped), not all the info from that number or contact.
    • Yes
    • Taking into account that we have already third party call apps integration, loop just now, will be in the future this information coming from different calling apps?
    • We are not going to display the call history of Loop here in the APP, it will be a little bit weird to combine them together. However, since we are thinking about "Contact centered" design for the future, I'll take this into consideration and see what we can do.
    • Will be showing items from different days, with different headers?
    • We only display the call info related to that call history. For example, if I have two call logs from Jenny and the call info on these two detail pages will be different. So we will not face the situation of having call info from different days on a same page.
    • What's the maximum number of entries that we should display?
    • We need to consider edge cases yet.