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Note that Gaia/Email/Features also includes descriptions of limits on features.

  • Account Limits
    • Number of accounts: No Limit
  • Synchronization Limits
    • Attachments: See Gaia/Email/Features
    • General
      • Message Size Warning. We will show you a confirmation screen asking to make sure if you want to download the given messages because of its size. This impacts both POP3 where the size may include attachments and IMAP/ActiveSync where attachments are not factored in and instead it's a question of body size.
        • Added in v1.3: 1 MiB
    • IMAP
      • Maximum message on a given day before we start pretending we haven't heard about the extras: 2000 (TOO_MANY_MESSAGES)
      • Oldest message we will synchronize: Jan 1st, 1990 (OLDEST_SYNC_DATE)
      • Maximum number of synchronized message per folder. Note that this limit is enforced by by automated purging logic which uses these numbers as an absolute upper bound on message storage. In practice, time-based purging will cull messages before they reach this range. The current default values try and keep all messages that are from the last 30 days or have been scrolled to in the message list in the last 2 weeks. The culling only occurs as a result of user action in the folder which should be correlated with the user viewing the folder, so we should never cull all of the messages in a folder, even if it is a folder with messages that are all older than a month.
        • v1.3+: approximately 19,508 messages
        • v1.0-v1.2: approximately 2,438 messages.
    • ActiveSync
      • Maximum messages per folder: No limit, derived from the per-folder synchronization filter. This is controlled by the account-wide "Days to sync" settings. In automatic mode (the default) we attempt to pick a time-based filter for each folder that results in approximately 50 messages being synchronized. The actual granularities we must choose among are: 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, all messages. If the "Days to sync" setting is changed, it will apply to *all folders*, which may not be desirable. For example, if "All messages" is selected and there is a folder with 10,000 messages, we will try and synchronize them all and bad things will probably eventually happen.
    • POP3 (supported from v1.3)
      • There are basically no limits on the number of messages that will be received. The only thing is that when we first synchronize with an account we will only synchronize the (probably) most recent 100 messages and the user will need to keep hitting "Load more messages" to get the rest of the backlog. There is no automated cleanup of messages, so this can eventually result in disk space exhaustion if the user does not periodically delete messages and then delete them from the trash.