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QA (John Hammink, Tony, Naoki, Matt, John Shih)

  • Adding more testcases on system and Gaia apps into moztrap. See our priority tracking

page to see what's done/ what's next.

  • Auditing the current QA smoketest suite to see what's missing/what can be removed
  • (Tony) will communicate with TEF on switching daily builds to the nightly gaia branch
  • Testing an early build with the OTA updater enabled. Issues found so far:
    • Bug 791829 - [OTA update] No way of resuming a stopped/partial update
    • Bug 791836 - [OTA update] Updates can just stall without uninterrupted reasons
    • Bug 791902 - [OTA update] After restart, update shows a busted homescreen with no apps
    • Working with relmgmt on the upcoming dogfood program. dogfood devices are coming in the next two weeks
      • gecko and gaia updates must work. What's the Gonk updates look like?
      • Profiles must be restored from last working version (eg. settings, bookmarks restored)


Status Updates

Firefox Browser (Ben, Dale, Larissa, Naoki)

Calendar (James, Michal, cyee)

    • Day View (Michal)
    • Week View (Michal)
    • ActiveSync Initial Sync (Donovan)
    • Recurring Events, Exceptions, Additions (A bit behind from last week very close to landing)
    • Notification Support (not started)
    • Floating Time (part of recurring upgrades)
    • Add Event (not started)
    • Remove Event (not started)
    • Ensure Timezone Support works Platform (platform/gaia integration)
  • Last Week
    • PTO part of this/last week.
    • ICAL layer exceptions, recurrence negations, recurrence additions.
    • Fixing ICAL.js bugs so we can correctly handle timezone parsing and recurring rule parsing.

Camera (Dale, Frank)

    • Fully Feature Complete, last visual dev applied
    • Video recording is blocked
    • IxD interactions between gallery and camera app discussed and clarified during SP work week with Casey. Need to follow up with Dale on feature completeness.
    • needs some integration with Gallery app, including web activity support for jumping directly to gallery edit mode.
  • Camera is pretty much complete, there are 3 blocking basecamps issues and all of them are blocked on platform, when the platform side is fixed I will need to write some gaia side support but not much. I am going to try seeing if I can give mikeh some help on the platform side
  • Last Week

Clock (Ian, Frederico, Frank Lee)

    • Keep to develop setting date & time for Setting APP.
    • Localize time picker widget.
    • Other visual and bugs fixing in detail.
    • Implement active alarm overlay(done)
    • Support to update system by NITZ(Bug 789973).
    • Peter is going to harmonize visual design of in-flow time selector w/ the modal version that TEF visual design team has created.
  • Last Week
    • Add ringtone media for Clock APP.(Issue #2328, #3140 wait UX feedback)
    • Fixed fire alarm time incorrectly.(Issue #4137, #4499)
    • Check no render issue when Clock APP run on OOP mode.

Contacts (Alberto, Etienne, Josh, Ayman's specs, Steve's visual design)

    • New edit mode
    • Unit test for FB contacts
  • Last Week
    • Sync contacts with the dialer tab
    • Bugfixing and stabilisation
    • Fix all the bugs related to the Contacts tab in the dialer and activities

Mail web activities, the call from contacts is in place but email is not opening the correct compose window. (This is actually not a blocker, but we should track it)

    • A bit of refactoring to make the code testeable
  • Contacts integrated in the dialer (thx Alberto, Etienne and Fabrice!)
  • Remove contact photo via long press
  • Carrier field added
  • Added new flow when the contacts is being show as an activity to pick numbers
  • Add an image to the contact from the gallery
  • Finish integrate Contacts and Dialer
  • Added fixed headers UI (reusable for Dialer and SMS)
  • Patch to support non-ASCII characters properly
  • Import SIM contacts working
  • Bug fixing (of course :))
  • Finish the work with webactivities, both the ones we provide plus the ussage of the gallery one and email.
  • Integrating contacts with dialer (omg!) waiting for multiple entry points being enabled with activities.(Already integrated in a local branch, copying the contacts app inside the dialer during the building process)
  • Use web activities for picking the photo from the gallery
    • Working in favorites, refactoring pull effect, adding extra fields and the search functionality
    • Minor VsD tweaks ongoing.

Dialer (Etienne, Josh, Borja, German, Fernando, Ayman's specs, Steve's visual design)

    • Multiple calls visuals landed
    • The Dialer in now OOP \o/

Incoming call in Lock screen (swipe gesture to receive the call) already implemented

    • We've managed to include the "fixed headers" functionality in the call log so users have a clear view of what day they are seeing the calls of.
    • Information about the phone type and carrier (if any) is shown in the attention screen, outgoing calls screen and the call log.

Polish polish polish :) <-- yeah Adapt call log to latest IxD still ongoing. As German has come back from Holidays he will continue with this task, adding the carrier field in this functionality and other missing things as improvements in edit mode and transitions. -> Indeed

  • This week

Working on 'country-code' issue. How to implement it to 'Attention-screen' should be discussed in order to analyze how is the best way for getting the highest performance.

    • Visuals for multiple call support (Erik is working on it, several main screens were delivered to Etienne --> landed
  • NOTES for Dialer
    • Issue 3033: Lock screen + Active call -> unblocked
      • Flagged Rafa + Ayman in email + issue CC, 8/5, for UX.
      • Flagged CLee to comment on feature importance for v1. I believe it's must-have.

Update from TEF on implementation?

    • Call waiting:
      • Ayman handling
      • Good to go? --> yep implemented
      • Sparked ongoing debate over best way to implement Carrier field. Sounds like that's been resolved? --> landed
    • Active Call UI --> visuals coming this week
      • [JC] Nudged Ayman again in 8/6 email to add to Dialer specs as per Status Bar doc.
  • Last Week
    • Performance issue fixed by platform! <- \o/
    • Multiple call POC ok, waiting for visuals
  • Call waiting:
    • [JC] Under debate by PM's for v1 inclusion (see "Call waiting" thread). Have asked Ayman + Erik to proceed with necessary UX, regardless.
  • Active Call status bar overlay
    • Josh: created "Active Call" UI as part of Status Bar doc. Awaiting vet from Ayman.

Email (Andrew (:asuth), Jim Porter (:squib), Casey (:cyee), Steve(:schung), Donovan (:fzzzy), Naoki(:nhirata), Dominic (:dkuo)

    • Steve and Dominic are in town!
  • Actively Working
    • [asuth] done: Forwarding hooked up, reply all fixed w/test, debug log updated for devicestorage
    • [asuth] now: Connection loss recovery, improved error handling.
    • [asuth] next: IMAP autoconfiguration using Thunderbird database/heuristics
    • [Dominic] Re-layout Settings page with Building Blocks applied, merged.
    • [Dominic] Account settings page done, detail settings for servers and credentials are reviewing now.
    • [Steve] Message list edit mode re-layout.
    • [Steve] Compose 'bubbles' layout and functionality implemented, reviewing now.
    • [Steve] Small UI polishing in some other parts.
    • SEE ALSO: ActiveSync below

ActiveSync (Jim Porter (:squib), Asuth)

    • (Mostly) complete protocol support for email; specifically:
      • Downloading attachments
      • HTML messages
      • Server-side search (blocked on UI)
      • Saving drafts
      • Adjust filter range
      • Push support (maybe; needs UI)
  • This week:
    • Improve password validation
    • Start supporting provisioning
    • Get attachments
    • Fix timeout handling
    • Auto-pick filter range (maybe)
  • Last week:
    • Finished improving sync logic
    • Added Gmail support
    • Added Unicode support

FM Radio (Pin)

    • Toggle feature is removed out of v1.
    • Gecko: finish implementation, clean code and submit patches to bugzilla for review. [landed][bug 779500]
    • Gaia: Finish the implementation, work with Casey & Peter to tweak the UI
  • Last Week
    • 90% Complete, just awaiting final layout tweaks with new button positioning
    • [PA] This will have to wait till post 7/20, as other components (app icons) are slipping due to the IxD churn
  • Open issues:
    • Revised IxD: tweaked this week, and it looks good. Confirm final placement of UI elements and have Peter finalize VsD. Try to have complete for Tuesday (keyscreens + assets, if possible) so devs have at least few days to implement for 7/20.
    • FM Radio API thread: appears to have concluded.
    • Steven: Got new patch from Q

Gallery (David):

    • Landed a major refactor of MediaDB to handle devicestorage change notifications so that media apps don't have to scan so often. It includes some minor API changes so can't be used as a drop-in replacment. Gallery has been converted to use it.
    • Music and Video will need conversion, too. Dale and Dominic: let me know if you want me to do this conversion
    • Gallery does still scan on start up, but no longer displays a modal dialog. Nice browser-style progress bar instead.
    • This week will be all about Activities. Gallery needs to interact with Camera, Contacts, Bluetooth and Homescreen (for wallpaper).
    • Will be writing a simple iconless Wallpaper picker app for displaying built-in wallpapers.
    • Gallery does not use fullscreen mode anymore. Do I need to bring that back? Casey?
    • Dale says that video capture is landing in the camera, so Gallery needs to be able to play videos.
    • I need someone to review Gallery and tell me what elements of visual design need to be fixed up and change. Is there a process for that?
    • Need to improve webgl performance in edit mode.
    • need UX guidance if we're going ot have more instagram-style filters
    • Bluetooth file transfer spec complete, need resourcing to implement. djf?
      • I can handle the gallery part of bluetooth. Don't have time to do all bluetooth.

Home (TEF UX, Josh, Cristian, Michal)

  • Animation polishing
  • BB Integration (i.e. search)
  • Review of bookmarking/installation cases (duplicates, etc.)
  • Last Week
    • Scrollable Dock (up to 7 items) alreday implemented and merged by Cristian
    • Transitions: Apply opacity from Landing Page to Grid background
    • Landing Page as start-up page and when clicking Home in the Grid
    • Panning code optimitation to reach 50-60 fps
    • Bug fixing
    • Open issues around Search. TF+Moz follow up happening next week.

Lock Screen [PLEASE SKIP] (Tim, Josh)

  • Nothing is currently working on in Gaia
    • cjones is investgating CSS pref issue

    • Complete final thing before v1; confirm transition, polish
    • Nothing
  • Last Week
    • Transitions:
      • Revised version from Rafa mentioned at
        • Confirm Tim has received.
      • [JC] Patryk/Steve: recommend email proposed transitions doc to dev-gaia and solicit feedback re: performance viability, particularly from Chris Jones + Andreas
    • Emergency keypad:
      • Confirmed w/ Tim that it has been implemented as per Erik's mockups.
      • in-review
  • Last Last Week

Music (Dominic, DJF, Frank)

PDF Viewer (Josh)

Settings (Kaze, Pavel, Evelyn, Josh) Task owner:

SMS & MMS (Steve Chung, Fernando Campo, Borja, Francisco Jordano) -Bug fixing - Visual changes on LiveSearch - Changes on time headers inside message thread - Trying ti implement fixed heders from contacts app -'Country-code' issue working! :D -Activities working properly (SMS&Contacts) [Blocked] Vicamo is working in this bug (B2G SMS: can't sent multipart messages in some countries): Should we modify our code? Last week: - Contry code landed - Time headers and visual changes

    • Bug fixing: prefix and threading, -->DONE
    • SMS bigger than 160 characters cannot be sent.
    • Visuals fine tuning together with UX-Team
    • Transitions--->DONE
  • This week

UI fixing in 'contact-live search' Bugs fixing

    • SMS >160 chars fail (No update).
  • Last Week
    • Known UI bugs fixing.
    • TEF QA testing for more bugs and issues.

Video (Dale, DJF, Josh)

  • This Week

Code Complete! (apart from recently found minor issues)

  • Last Week
    • Dale landed a bunch of fixes
    • We're still waiting on getting unblocked on platform issues so we can get the duration of movies and skip forward and backward. UX won't be complete until we can do that.
* BLOCKED ON landing



  • Error messages
  • Copy writing
    • Josh to connect w/ Matej next week
  • Localization
    • action: Need audit done - dietrich to file issue (8/9)
  • Web activities
  • Consumption control
    • Larissa recommended they do a security review
    • action: decision needed about what's shipping in V1 (8/9)
  • System updates
    • action: unblock josh on knowing update model for both app/system updates - see post (8/9)
    • action: enumerate what platform engineering is left (8/9)
  • Passive overlays
    • Typically used for education purposes, as tooltips, hints, etc.
    • As long as they live within apps, we can do X,Y sensitive tooltips.
    • Need to evaluate this as requirement for individual apps
    • tim confirmed can implement as transparent overlays as fullscreen images
    • action: need product call on whether we need this for v1 or not (8/9)
    • action: needs engineering ownership of framework if we decide to ship (8/9)
  • New font for v1
    • opensans for v1 - no action
  • implementation
    • Browser: open new tab
    • Apps: Window Manager spawns window within current app. The shell is defined system-wide. The contents are app specific. Does not spawn new app. Is created
      • Possible edge case: spawning multiple to open multiple sites in background
      • How do we support properties, eg:
        • Width, height, chrome, etc.
    • action: josh has spec, needs to generate wireframe (8/9)
  • Fullscreen API
    • Implicitly granted
    • Explicitly
    • action: needs ux work for permissions UI when web content requests fullscreen (8/9)
  • Haptics
    • There is an API. Easy to add.
    • Will look at tweaking when we get to dogfooding
    • action: none
  • Trustworthy UI
    • Uses navigator.pane (new API)
    • Apps cannot influence the content within.
    • Sytem opens window.
    • We use whitelist to screen
    • Spawned from where?
    • action: none
  • Wrapper
    • One relatively easy solution: Will probably use an activity to open the content into a browser and tell the browser to show certain UI.
    • Maybe do that for v1, and get fancier v2.
    • Check how iPad does this
    • action: none
  • Individual app settings
    • action: none
  • Contributor apps for v1
    • action: remove them
  • Menus + Dialogues
    • action: no action
  • Loading indicators
    • action: tim implementing
  • Transitions
    • action: patryk + steve need to talk to who? post to dev-gaia
  • Building blocks
    • any action

App Management

    • Install (Tim, Josh, Dan)
    • Permissions (Tim, Josh, Ricardo)
    • Management (Vivien, Josh, Carlo, Dan)
    • Updates (Tim, Josh, Ricardo)
    • Uninstall (Vivien, Josh, Ricardo)
    • Reinstall (?, Maria, Josh)

Bluetooth File Transfer (Kyle, Casey, Marco)

  • needs update

Building Blocks (Kaze, Pavel, Josh, Frank, Casey, Ismael)

Consumption Control (Salva and Guillermo (TEF devs), Casey, Carlo, Marco)

  • going to be standalone app
  • only platform api is network usage-per-type-of-connection

Date, Time, Time zones & Number formats (Vivien, Casey, Ricardo)

  • Larissa: Is in Personalization Settings-- Followed up, looks like there are no loose UX ends

First Run Experience (Tim, Maria, Josh, Larissa, Carlo, Ricardo)

  • This week:
    • meeting this thursday on work-to-date
    • Open issue: Passive overlays: can we use them? Ricardo indicated there was feasibility question from devs. Casey, can you figure out the issue?

Identity (Francisco, Fernando, Larissa)

  • need to figure out who owns dev here now

Keyboard & Text-Handling (Rudy, Christoph, Tim, Casey, Ricardo, Yuan, Wenbin, Salva)

  • christoph working on finishing js impl of predictive text
  • rudy fixing bugs

Localization & Internationalization (Fabien, Casey, Larissa, Staś)

  • what bugs/issues here?

Notifications (Etienne, Josh, Carlo, Rafael)

  • DONE

Security (Sicking, Lucas, Josh, Cjones)

  • is permissions UI prompts visually complete?
  • is permissions management visually complete?

Status Bar (Tim, who else?)

  • what's left here?

System Updater (Marshall)

  • what UI impl isn't done?

Fullscreen Support

  • What else here?

Screenshot capability

  • DONE: Press Home and Sleep buttons at the same time
  • saves to gallery

Visual Design

Visual Design: Graphics (Patryk, Peter, ?)

  • App Icons: done
  • Font will likely be delayed for v.2
  • Sounds being landed already - is complete?
  • Wallpapers - what's left here?
  • Form Elements
  • Dialog Elements
  • System Styling
  • Content Permissions
  • Activities (Intents)

User Documentation and Support

  • This week:
    • Alpha draft all topics, implement proposed content model
    • Review designs for mobile interactions (articles & forum)
    • Meet with TEF; get data on volumes & L1 support
    • Complete final strategy & schedule presentation
  • Last week:
    • Trip report and blog of Mozcamp, follow-ups on desktop build workshop
    • Met with TEF about strategy
    • Reviewing mobile re-designs, articulating requirements