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Design Specs

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Use Cases


  • User receives a push notification (eg: new email).
  • User receives a phone call.
  • User receives a phone call, but misses it.
  • User receives a permission request from a website (eg: for location tracking).
  • User receives a permission request from an installed app.
  • User receives a notification while the device is locked.
  • User wants to review recent notifications.


  • User receives a push notification (eg: SMS) while on a phone call.
  • User is in a browser, deciding whether to grant a location tracking permission request for a website, when she receives an incoming call notification.



  • Notifications include
    • title: text string (eg: name of app, or name of person sending incoming text message)
    • body: text string, (eg:"Did you pick up the wine?")
    • iconURL: url of image asset (eg: photo of contact)
    • callback action: (eg: open SMS app, display relevant thread, and open keyboard)
    • time stamp
  • Notifications can be prioritized (eg: incoming call notification takes precedence over all other device activities)
  • Notifications can be grouped by:
    • App
    • Time
    • Priority
  • Notifications can be displayed in one of several UI formats (listed in order of disruption):
    • Status bar
    • Passive
    • Alert
    • Full screen


  • User can configure notification methods on a per-app basis (eg: can toggle between passive or alert SMS notifications).
  • Time stamps can be relative (eg: "13 minutes ago" instead of "2:45 PM")
  • Notifications can include vibration or audio.