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It may be best to get a somewhat understand of what Gaia and Boot to Gecko is about.

Test Plan

Test Plan


  • If you want to build B2G from scratch : Please see the prerequisites


Tasks that are done:

  • We update the Gaia Nightly branch Update Nightly branch
  • We run Daily Smoke Tests and then send out an email using this template.
    • If the build is busted (ie cannot get to the homescreen], file a b2g bug, inform jhford and jgriffin and email dev-gaia, dev-b2g, and qa-b2g mailing lists
  • Else see the Test plan for other areas of coverage.

Filing Bugs

Please look at this before filing an email bug.

You can file bugs here

Current QA Wish List of Bugs to be fixed

Top 20


  • Why did the chicken cross the road?
    • To get to the other side