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  • Stage: Development
  • Release target:


  • UX: Larissa Co (IRC: lco)



  • Wireless & Networks - Wifi, Bluetooth, tethering/mobile hotspot, airplane mode, data usage, mobile network settings (advanced mobile setup settings, APN, Data roaming, etc)
  • Languages - List of languages
  • Wallpapers - List of pre-installed wallpapers
  • Display - Toggles for brightness, lock screen
  • Keyboard - Vibration, click sound, layout select
  • Sounds - List of ringtones
  • Phone - Vibrate or ring
  • Debug - Grid (UX dev tool), script console?
  • Timezones
    • Daylight savings


  • Centralized Settings (all settings should be in 1 spot, not within apps)
  • New Apps should have their settings moved into the Centralized Settings area
  • Settings should be categorized per priority > 1. System 2. Core Apps 3. 3rd Party Apps
    • Settings should be placed in a fixed order, so the top setting will be the same on each phone on each language. This would apply to Priority 1 & 2 Settings
    • 3rd Party App Settings will be placed in alpha order based on app name