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Here is a list of community members in India who contribute to various respective projects at Mozilla.

This page was inspired by Balkans. Please feel free to add/edit/delete yourself from the list.

The IRC channel for Indian community is #india on

Name IRC Nick Email City/ State Role
Vineel Reddy Pindi vineel Hyderabad / Andhra Pradesh Engagement, Creative, Marketing, Support, Drumbeat, Student Reps...
Vishnu Sudhakaran vishnu_s Vellore/India Marketing, Developer, Student Rep.
Abhishek Nagar nagar Haldwani, Kashipur, Uttarakhand Marketing, Social Media, l10n
Galaxy Kadiyala Galaxy Bangalore, Karnataka Marketing, Social media, SUMO, Mozilla Rep
Faisal Aziz Faisal Aziz Pune, Maharashtra Language Coordinator (L10N)URDU and HINDI,Webmaking,NEMO,SUMO, Mozilla Rep
Ashish Namdev Ashish Namdev Bangalore, Karnataka HINDI Localization,Webmaking,SUMO, Mozilla Rep, Studetn reps , L10n , Marketing
Sara Khan Sara Khan Pune, Maharashtra Urdu Localization (L10N)URDU,Webmaking,WoMoz