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Recent Progress

  • Meeting last Thurs to run through Claire user scenario.
  • Sheila posted to dev planning about process for tracking/tagging bugs.
  • Next actions for people to add in bug links for dev platform items.
  • Lawrence added meta bugs/links for all the high level use cases/requirements.
  • Still not many bugs logged/nominated.
  • Need a plan to aggressively drive towards defining all the work.


  • Sheila/Lawrence to log all top level P1 meta bugs.
  • Asa to post to the list prior to Tuesday dev meeting giving people until the end of the week to add sub bugs or engage with product to clarify requirements.
  • Set a goal to have first level defined by the end of the week.
  • Triage session post dev meeting to work through noms. Define second triage session, maybe Thurs.