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Meeting Details

  • Time and location TBD
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes


    • heard Andras Timar's talk on l10n at LibreOffice. Scary.
    • chatted with Cedric, follow up to newsgroup thread on eleven betas
  • worked with beltzner on last string for fx4
  • unblocked Galician, finally. Could use some language help, maybe.
  • Bosnian has a sign-off now, go Kerim (he's actually getting and fixing feedback)
  • lots of positive fall out from mozmill a11y tests
  • Henrik got BFT mozmill tests to run on B11 on all locales, first time. Found stuff.
  • Princess Android patch landed, not yet in production (compare-locales, bug 622846)
  • Started to work on PE DTD bustage that we're not yet catching (compare-locales, bug 631248)

Talking points: prod bugs on track for gl, bs?


  • special projects: code and copy reviews for all. more planning.
  • reviewed a patch to tower to simplify strings extraction and merging done by the webdevs
  • fosdem

talking points: amo&filenames, hiring


  • L20n compilation/serialization/transformation code - almost done, excited!
  • refreshing Pontoon and helping Stas get up to speed with Pontoon/Common Pool for Gnunify


  • Productization slog continues :)
    • eBay plugins updated
    • P12n review for most locales done, will close up rest of bugs this week
    • Need to update l10n-central lsv, will do this week
  • One-on-ones
  • Personal travels


  • had to rework on snippets, +400 snippets changed in total (we had to replace the international store snippet on top of the planned ones because the store is closed)
  • beta 11, put a fallback mechanism to beta 10 content in agreement with Laura since there is not much new to promote in this beta
  • work on mozilla-europe.org redesign, finished template migration, working on the home page and press center for Barbara, hopefully we'll have a new multilingual press center for the release but not a blocker, we can still use the old one
  • fixed a link display regression on the beta page for people with javascript disabled
  • many pages updates
  • Fosdem, talked with Milos about mozilla.org, he has progressed well, his big blocker for now is the language switcher since dboswell wants it to reflect the translated pages on a page per page basis, I proposed him a couple of ideas for that.


  • The Army of Awesome Localization is starting this week
  • We are reaching out to localizer to get the top 20 Firefox4 docs localized for the release. Those top 20 cover more than 50% of all visits
  • 2 weeks before the release we'll have a Firefox 4 docs sprint, to make sure all locales are ready with the top articles

Talking points:

  • Verbatim user interface changes: Changes we talked about during the last all-hand