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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: 11am PDT, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes


  • feedback on fx4 outreach from
    • pt-BR, working but not landed
    • mk, novica is on it, waiting on damjan. help offered
    • sr :-?
  • outreach mail work. putmail works better, needs more love
  • initial thinking of dashboard data restruct, gotta get some svg
  • w3c office opening.
  • dfki contacts
    • join meta net?
    • connected language tool folks with p2pu
    • port xml3d patch as possible GSoC project?
  • loads of sign-off reviews


  • GNUnify 11, just got back.
  • Some special projects help, with Gandalf taking over during the past week.


  • Silme 0.9 work (L20n compiler mostly)
  • Pontoon - interviewing a candidate
  • Common Pool - working with Jetpack team and Transifex team on fixing remaining bugs
  • Special Projects - helping stas


  • Updated bugs for p12n reviews, getting very close and in pretty good shape
  • Participated in a London Social Media Week roundtable, presenting Mozilla to a room full of interested people
  • Returned to SF
  • Held several one-on-ones with team
  • Created a plan for mobile testing, considering a new user experience around l10n builds for mobile focusing on lang packs instead of builds.

Talking points: Language pack solution for Mobile


  • mozilla-europe.org now in Croatian thanks to Edo, also updated mozilla.com/hr/firefox/ with more information about Croatian resources
  • updated 3.6 in-product pages to be potentially reused technically as a fallback for 4.0 since we don't have yet content to work on
  • Google snippets are now live, promoting upgrades to 3.0 users and beta to 3.6 users
  • lots of clean up work on mozilla.com and mozilla-europe.org (pre 4.0 cleanup)
  • fixed several bugs on mozilla.com exposed by the post nova redesign
  • seperating our footer section on mozilla.com from the en-US version so as that l10n doesnt get impacted by en-US changes
  • working on fixing pt-BR pages so as that Fernando and Andrea can reboot their work on mozilla.com
  • set up my new laptop for work (old one died last week end)