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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: 9am PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes

  • fx, desktop and mobile
    • RC soon for desktop
    • last beta for mobile shipped, language pack story only slowly evolving
  • special projects releasing (or not) mostly on schedule
  • web pages still short on content, struggling to get fallback content to not block the release.


  • cleaned up outreach app
  • more plans on dashboard data
  • sign-off reviews
  • outreach


  • spark review
  • twitter collage review
  • webowonder CSS help
  • filed a couple of l10n bugs for the MDN demo studio, fixed already
  • join mozilla l10n ready in German (but it didn't launch)
  • http://l10n.mozilla.org/~stas/fx4special/ is up to date.
  • manifesto l10n to Polish
  • Polish fennec is green!


  • WoW ready for launch with 23 locales and 7 more in work
  • MDN Studio ready for launch with 10 locales and 9 more in work
  • Supporting Stas with other special projects
  • silme updates for Assamese 3way-merge and l20n compiler
  • L20n unit test updates and L20n Toolbox updates



  • Worked on creating a fallback firstrun page for 4.0 final since we don't have a final page to localize yet... Proposed several versions, hopefully the last one will be accepted by marketing
  • Worked on updating the beta to RC pages
  • Updated the download boxes extended class for our sites to be more l10n friendly (more space for strings in general, a plain green box version for locales that have strings to long to make them fit with the logo, better locale fallbacks and control over ancillary links, more centralized management of how the boxes feel and work)
  • fixed a regression on 3.5.17 pages (404)
  • Launched translation of snippets for google hosted and about:home pages (50 locales done so far)
  • Working on a new contributors page on mozilla-europe with Milos where the key contributors for the locale could get a short bio and a picture.
  • pushed all current fx4 RC and fallback content to production behind an on/off switch
  • Worked with Sale on looking for new volunteers for Croatian, we found a person, Zoha that is starting on Verbatim and snippets
  • Nova redesign work with Milos for mozilla.eu