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Hrísateigur 1 Reykjavík, Iceland Laugardalur neighborhood

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6-9 September, 2016
Plan to arrive on Monday morning (5th) and to leave on Friday evening or Saturday
arriving at AirBNB
Jeff will pick up Delphine, Pike, Matjaž from the airport in our car rental. Stas and Zibi will take the bus. Anyone arriving earlier will need the AirBNB address to find out lodging/office. From the airport, you can purchase a bus ticket into the city through AirportExpress. They'll even take you where you are staying. It's a 45 minute bus ride into Reykjavík, so buy yourself some skyr from the 10-11 in the airport while you wait (I like the pear skyr the best!). Our host mentioned that if you are coming via AirportExpress bus, ask them to drop you off at the Grand Hotel, as it's about 1-2 minute walk from there.
Name Date Time Airport Flight
Jeff 5 Sept 9:00 KEF KL6021
Zibi 5 Sept 8:55 KEF FI 213
Pike 5 Sept 15:25 KEF FI 319 (Oslo)
Matjaž 5 September 15:35 KEF Icelandair 521
Stas 5 September 8:55 PM KEF SAS 6153
Pei 4 September 4:10 AM KEF WW 162
Flod 3 September 15:10 KEF FI 501
Delphine 5 September 9am KEF AF 3682

Name Date Time Airport Flight
Jeff 11 Sept 8:30 KEF DL246
Zibi 9 Sept 5:00 KEF FL681
Pike 10 Sept 7:50 KEF FI 318
Matjaž 10 September 14:15 KEF Lufthansa 857
Stas 11 September 1:15 PM KEF SAS 6152
Pei 11 September 15:50 KEF WW 161
Flod 10 September 8:30 KEF FI 206
Delphine 10 Sept 7:40am KEF FI 500

Problem statement

Project visibility for all l10n-driver projects (non-product/web l10n projects) in one place is non-existent.



  • Arrivals
  • Dinner:

Tuesday - Map out the problem & choose a target

Start Lunch End Dinner
10:00 13:00 17:00
  • Set long-term goal & list sprint questions
  • Map out answers to sprint questions
  • How might we game
  • Decide on the sprint target
  • Lunch:
  • Breakouts
  • Dinner:

Wednesday - Sketch competing solutions

Start Lunch End Dinner
10:00 13:00 17:00
  • Remix and improve through lightning demos
  • Sketch solutions
  • Lunch:
  • Breakouts
  • Dinner:

Thursday - Decide on the best solution

Start Lunch End Dinner
10:00 13:00 17:00
  • Sticky decision process
    • Art museum - put solutions on wall
    • Heat map - look at solutions silently & place dot stickers to mark interesting ideas
    • Speed critique - quickly discuss solution highlights & capture them
    • Straw poll - Dot voting (1 dot per person)
    • Supervote - Decider makes the final decision with 3 dots
  • Storyboard
  • Lunch:
  • Breakouts
  • Dinner:

Friday - Build a realistic prototype

Start Lunch End Dinner
9:00 13:00 17:00
  • Prototype mindset mantra
    • You can prototype anything
    • Prototypes are disposable
    • Build just enough to learn, but no more
    • The prototype must appear real
  • Prototyping
    • Pick the right tools
    • Divide & conquer
    • Stitch it together
    • Do a trial run
  • Lunch:
  • Prototyping
  • Dinner:
  • Checkout by 12:00

Break Outs


  • l20n perf. gandalf, stas, pike
  • l10n project configuration for compare-locales, elmo, pontoon. pike, flod, matjaz
  • l20n next steps to Android


  • Decision/discussion bugs
    • Outcome = A concensus on how to discuss important issues in the open.
  • Mozilla India community reboot
    • Outcome = A plan for incorporating l10n into the reboot.
  • Good/Bad l10n events
    • Outcome = Criteria for what is a good (reason for an) l10n event and what is a bad (reason for an) l10n event in India.
  • Data needs for PM group
    • Outcome = A final draft of our Google doc and deliverables for Pike & Matjaz.
  • Lingoport email
    • Outcome = Send out response to Lingoport


  • Discuss with Matjaz on setting up project for MoFo Health Report project
  • Discuss with Matjaz on structuring Advocacy's Copyright campaign projects - many more to come and complete by 9/20


  • All-Hands: Because event is right around the corner: decide localizer invitation criteria/process we are basing ourselves on from now on (everyone)
  • Hackathons: next year (Delphine, Jeff, Pei, Matjaz, Axel, Flod, Stas)


  • System add-ons recap: Axel, flod, Matjaz (opt: Jeff)
  • Community and Code of Conduct follow-up: Jeff, Delphine, flod, Peiying
  • String tiers - Next steps: Jeff, Delphine, Axel




Group Activities