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27-31 March, 2017
Plan to arrive on Friday (24th) for l10n community workshop and to leave on Friday evening or Saturday.
arriving at AirBNB
Name Date Time Airport Flight
Jeff March 24 9:00 BCN DA476
Pike March 24 13:30 BCN, Terminal 2 Germanwings 8526
Matjaž March 24 17:45 BCN, Terminal 1 LH 1814
Stas March 24 12:20 BCN, Terminal 1 LO 437
Pei March 24 9:00 BCN UA 120
Flod March 24 17:30 BCN T2 FR 6304
Delphine March 24 19:30 BCN AF 1248
Théo March 24 16:30 BCN BA 480

Name Date Time Airport Flight
Jeff April 1 6:20 BCN DL0476
Pike April 1 14:50 BCN, Terminal 1 Swiss 1955
Matjaž March 31 16:50 BCN, Terminal 1 LH 1135
Stas April 1 13:15 BCN, Terminal 1 LO 438
Pei April 3rd 10:50 BCN UA 121
Flod April 3rd 12:05 BCN FR 6305
Delphine April 1st 10:05 BCN AF 1149
Théo April 1st 13:30 BCN BA 2048



Start Lunch End Dinner
10:00 13:00 17:00 20:00
  • Post-mortem of community workshop
    • Review survey results,
    • compare against success criteria,
    • address any concerns from the community,
    • discuss what improvements to make,
    • pat ourselves on the back
  • Lunch:
  • Breakouts
  • Dinner:


Start Lunch End Dinner
10:00 13:00 17:00 19:30
  • Are we vision yet?
    • Accountability exercises where we evaluate how far we've come in the last year toward becoming the team described in our team's vision. Specifically focused on:
      • Embracing change
      • L10n industry integration
      • Simplicity & opportunity
      • Evangelizing L10n BP in Mozilla (Mozilla teams as l10n clients)
      • Transparency
      • Community-centrism
    • Next steps in our vision evolution
  • Lunch:


Start Lunch End Dinner
10:00 13:00 17:00 21:00
  • 2017 OKR review
    • Year timeline of KRs
    • Q1 team accountability of KRs
    • OKR adjustments needed (due to changing priorities, reorg, etc.)
  • Lunch:
  • Breakouts
    • FluentDOM // Stas, Zibi (30min)
    • Localization API // Stas, Zibi (30min)
  • Dinner: With Alba and Benny at Santaburg


Start Lunch End Dinner
10:00 13:00 17:00
  • Q2 goals based on (new) OKRs, both individual and team (open discussion)
  • Lunch:
  • Breakouts
    • Firefox Desktop + L20n (Axel/Flod/Stas/Zibi) (1h)
    • Fluent + WebExtensions (Flod/Stas/Axel/Zibi) (30min)
    • FTL Pontoon roadmap in Q2 (Matjaz/Axel/Stas/Zibi) (30min)
    • Fluent Syntax 0.3 (Axel/Stas/Zibi/Flod) (45min)
  • Dinner:
  • Drinks:
    • Fluent 0.3 Feedback round 1 review (industry experts) // Stas, Zibi, Axel, Matjaz (30min)
    • Review of the status of Front-End requests for L10n // Axel, Stas, Matjaz, Zibi (15min)


Start Lunch End Dinner
10:00 13:00 17:00
  • Breakouts:
    • Alfred planning (Staś)
  • TBD
  • Lunch:
  • Breakouts
  • Dinner:
  • Checkout by 12:00

Individual goals


  • Project Dawn - x-channel 50%
  • Pontelmo yes/no/what
    • Services instead?
  • Firefox and Windows Store - l20n
  • Pontoon Performance


  • [INPRO]Arrive at roadmap plan for Pontelmo v1 & future backlog for future Pontelmo iterations.
  • Finalize OKR-based Q2 deliverables and professional dev goals with individual team members.
  • Discuss and answer any questions about reorg or Browser Managers WW.
  • Share Rubric data and interpretations.
  • Finish documentation issues.
  • Make plans for l10n training doc.
  • Explore expanding l10n-drivers to include SUMO, MDN, and other working on l10n within Mozilla to centralize.
  • Select localizers to come to All Hands.
  • Create format (slide deck) for new weekly joint call based on OKRs focus in Q2.


  • Brainstorm with PMs on best way to share L10n Process in Brownbag format; review current presentation
  • Finish up documentation: Firefox L10n Marketing Kit and Process of Vendor onboarding to delivery
  • Vendor services: 1). Review with Theo on Enlaso's quality; 2). Sharing review results with community
  • Mozilla.org: Work with Flod on tips to spot errors in dev's handoff; Additional test instruction for dynamic pages.


  • Finish any pending documentation (l10N PM/community docs) for this quarter
  • Update mobile coverage doc


  • Get a clear path forward and schedule for String Tiers
  • Get a schedule for cross-channel, and figure out how it impacts the PM group. Also, figure out how sign-offs should work
  • Gather opinions and experience, identify a solution for our webtools hosted on the community server
  • Teach Delphine how to manage productization changes for mobile


  • Q1 post-mortem - what worked, what not, how to improve
  • Tech Team Q2 planning
  • Fluent + WebExtensions
  • Fluent 0.3 Feedback round 1 review (industry experts)
  • Fennec progress
  • Parser resilience (tests&fuzzers)
  • Firefox plan
  • FluentDOM
  • Localization API
  • Fluent/FluentDOM for Firefox vs for the Web
  • Review of the status of Front-End requests for L10n
  • FTL Pontoon roadmap in Q2
  • UX of building multilingual Firefox


  • Finish the Fluent Syntax Spec 0.3 (multiline, escaping)
  • Publish a new version of L20n using Fluent under the hood
  • Write down the requirements for the parser testing infrastructure for Fluent
  • Plan the Fluent deployment in Pontoon
  • Plan the Test Pilot migration to Fluent 0.3


  • All: Define project-centered weekly meeting format.
  • Gather PM group Pontoon wishes and requests for Q2 and beyond.
  • Get a clear path forward and schedule for X-channel.
  • Tech group: Discuss developer requirements for Fluent AST (e.g. simplified string presentation).
  • Errors in Pontoon.
  • Get a clear path forward and schedule for String Tiers (copied from Flod).
  • Notifications and messaging in Pontoon.


  • Work with the PM group on defining next steps for vendor management
  • Identify opportunities to strengthen MoCo/MoFo l10n collaboration even more
  • Brainstorm “translations for external orgs” project

Group activity options

  • Flamenco