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Bespin Reboot Project Update

  • Wednesday, November 11 - 10:00am Pacific, 1:00pm Eastern, 18:00 UTC
  • Aiming to have the call on Skype, due to superior sound quality
  • Contact BlazingThings (Kevin Dangoor) on Skype
  • #bespin for backchannel

If you have trouble with Skype, feel free to email or get in touch with kdangoor on IRC and we can use the standard phone conference bridge as well.

Meeting Notes

  • Reboot Recap
    • The purpose of the project is to move part of Bespin out of the "experiment" phase and onward to something more usable in the real world
    • Process changes: code review, docs and unit tests
    • Rebuild around plugins
    • CommonJS modules (potential server-side plugins)
    • SproutCore GUI toolkit
    • Bespin Embedded becomes a first class citizen
    • Non-goals: redoing the UI, major server-side changes
  • Reboot status
    • Lots of code shuffling in the repo!
    • New packages: bespin, bespin-supported, bespin-labs
      • supported are plugins that are, at this time, core parts of the user experience and relatively stable
      • labs are plugins that are not yet stable
    • Everything is in CommonJS modules
    • the scrollbars in the editor have been broken out into a separate SC component so that we can use the framework properly
    • the editor now supports the standard SC ScrollView interface, so you can actually swap out the scrollbars
    • New docs
    • Starting of new tests
    • Bespin Embedded preview release this week
      • will have bugs, but largely work
      • first actual downloadable tarball with docs and everything, ready to place on your site.
  • Roadmap
    • Need to bring back the rest of
    • Next week, the server will be re-attached for login
    • Plugins and command line to follow in the couple of weeks after that
    • Likely some intermediate releases of Bespin Embedded
    • Shooting for December 15th to release Bespin 0.6 on
      • Won't necessarily have all of the features of the current
      • Will have *enough* of the features, and some nice new changes (including plugins)


  • Julian: Concern about the size, with SproutCore specifically
    • Kevin: Current size is 700k, can be slimmed down a lot. Aiming for same size as old build
  • Julian: Can we use SproutCore require?
    • Kevin: We're going to manually trim packages for now
  • Julian: Can we have Bespin without SproutCore?
    • Kevin: No
  • cers (IRC): Will SproutCore fix the I18N problems?
    • Kevin: Probably not, but we will
  • robotarmy (IRC): Is SproutCore replacing Dojo?
    • Kevin/Joe: Yes
  • Julian: What happened to version 0.5?
    • Kevin: The first embedded release will be 0.5. Then the first rebooted full release will be 0.6. Then 1.0 will be fairly soon after then.