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It would be nice for the Open Web community to have a place to see demonstrations of the great showcases and technology usage that is out there in the wild.

The goal of the Open Web Demos site is to have a neutral ground to showcase Open Web technology.

It shares some of the ideas of Chrome Experiments (e.g. the showcase itself) but differs in a few key areas:

  • The directory should be open for others to crowd source
    • Need to work out the policing model of course
  • The focus isn't one browser, but rather all of the leading edge work
    • It is OK to have entries in the showcase that tell you which browsers are supported and work of course
  • The "DEMO" aspect of the demos is that users can riff of of the code. The goal here is that a developer can "fork" a project, inline change the code (using say, Bespin) and save that for others to play with and riff off of.
    • A la Algorithm Ink
    • NOTE: licensing issues, and this can be version 2 :)
  • Tagging: Folks can tag demos for cross pollination
    • allow voting and such too?
  • Learning: We want to go into more detail on some of the demos and "feature" them by interviewing the code authors and doing code walk-throughs. The goal is that a developer can take a look at the demo and then learn how THEY can do it

What is needed?





  • Default ("hot"): Display demos with optional admin selected demos first, followed by demos in order of user-voted hotness. Admin featured demos are not marked separately.
  • Another tab for "new", in order of newest submitted to oldest.
  • Search box down the side. Search by free text, or by selecting one of more technology tags.
  • Sort by - user selected sort
  • Give feedback (standard feedback form)
  • Submit a demo


  • Click through from main gallery to see one demo
  • Thumbnail of demo, click through to actual demo or via "Launch Demo" button
  • Badges show which browsers demo works with
  • Voting: users can click "Cool!" or "Meh", which gives a hotness score for ranking on the main page
  • Author information
  • Demo video/screencast of demo in action (if you don't have a modern browser, on a slow connection, on a slow machine) [optional]
  • Developer interview or screencast video [optional]
  • Text description of how it works or link to off site article


  • User registration may not be required to upload, but we should get people's email addresses at a minimum
    • Possible OpenID
    • Possible Wordpress integration
  • Users can upload thumbnail (/screencast?), admin has option to override/replace
  • Users upload code in a specified format (what format? zip file)

Admin interface

  • Moderate (approve/deny/edit) submissions
  • Select/deselect featured demos
  • Upload screencasts of demos and screencasts of developer interviews
  • General db admin
  • Malware scanning of uploaded material: manual for now, automate in a later version

What data do we need to collect?

  • URL
  • Author
    • name
    • email
    • twitter
    • fb
    • ff
    • url
    • location
  • Short description
  • Long description
  • Tags
  • Rating
  • Code
  • License
  • Screenshot(s)
  • Video(s) of it at work
  • Comments