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To whom it may concern,

This is a DMCA notice sent for the following copyrighted content:

The persona offered for download and use is my intellectual property and falls under artistic copyright as outlined in previous submissions of the same persona on AMO under my copyright as well as the availability of the persona on the (otherwise unlisted) page:

The persona as a whole is my work, and the logos displayed are my trademarks for the Pale Moon browser. No redistribution or derivative works are permitted. The submitter is claiming this persona as their own work and re-licensing it as creative commons, which is not permitted.

This copyright infringement has been reported by several people including myself over the past week with no response from AMO staff and no action taken to remove this violation from your site. The material is not authorized for this use by the copyright holder (me) and should be removed immediately.

Under penalty or perjury, I state that I am the legal copyright holder of the persona in question as well as the trademark owner of the logo displayed.

Kindly take prompt action to this notice and inform me of the actions taken.


M.C. Straver BASc, [removed]