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The MDN community meeting takes place in the #mdn channel on at:


Since lots of people lurk in #mdn, if you're actively attending the meeting please speak up and introduce yourself.

  • Attending:

Help wanted

Please share documentation bugs that need work, or other things where you need short-term help.

Bugs Ahoy

We have added numerous new tasks there:

They are suitable for beginners. Comment in the bugs if you want to perform one of them. They have mentors assigned.

These tasks are very useful for us!

"Document all the interfaces" project

For 2016, we have a plan to have all Web API documented (the interfaces at least, not necessarily every methods and properties).

We have a list of missing interfaces:

This is an intermediate-level work, so if you are interested in helping teoli can assign you some interfaces. Please do make contact before starting to work on anything — we would like to avoid duplication of effort.

Request in the meta bug:

Learning area

NOTE: Chris can't be at this meeting due to a conflict; please go through this content, and get in touch if you want to participate or ask questions.

  • Chris Mills has taken over the mantle from Jeremie.
  • I have started reviewing current material, and making plans for what needs to be done next
  • Participation welcome! I want the community to be as part of this as much as possible. If you want to help with writing anything, or reviewing/editing, please contact Chris (chrismills on IRC, also on dev-mdc/mdn mailing lists)
  • See the Mozilla Curriculum Team plan for more information. This is part of the overarching Mozilla curriculum project; my team on this also includes Emma from participation and Steph from Mozilla science lab, allowing us to work out what content needs we have outside MDN's scope, where they can be hosted, etc.
  • Feedback also wanted, see:


Is there anything keeping you from making progress?

What are you working on?

Please share recent accomplishments, and goals you have for the next few weeks.

  • (Jean-Yves)
    • With jsx, mentoring numerous bugs on Bugs Ahoy
    • Preparing a doc plan for AWS migration
    • Preparing a doc plan for BC: but you can already start to help us migrate tables





Anything else we need to discuss synchronously?

  • Who will moderate the next meeting?



17:55 teoli: Coomunity meeting in 5 minutes. Fill the agenda:
18:00 teoli: Meeting time!
18:03 teoli: Who is here for the meeting?
18:03 fscholz: Hi
18:03 teoli: |o
18:04 jsx: sits quietly in a corner
18:04 teoli: Hi jsx.
18:04 dvincent: I'm here!
18:04 chrismills: I am sort of here but not really; I have a conflicting meeting
18:04 teoli: So: all of you! I give you 3 more minutes to add items to the agenda before we start.
18:04 teoli: Anybody attending for the first time?
18:06 echeese: This is my first time, I just thought I'd watch
18:06 teoli: echeese: no worry. We don't bite!
18:07 teoli: So let's start!
18:07 teoli: So let's do a quick round of introduction.
18:08 dvincent: Welcome, echeese!
18:08 teoli: I'm teoli, documentation project manager on MDN. Trying to slice large chunk of docs work in small bits that we can ingest.
18:08 teoli: I'm in Europe, UK.
18:08 teoli: fscholz: your turn
18:09 fscholz: I am Florian, working on getting the Open Web documented on MDN, based in Germany. hello!
18:10 lavish: I am Lavish from India
18:11 jsx: I'm Saurabh :) Hello all.
18:11 chrismills: I am Chris, working on documenting open web APIs, beginner's learning material, web games docs, and bunch of other stuff. I'm based in Manchester, UK
18:11 teoli: Hi Lavish,
18:11 lavish: teoli: Hey
18:12 teoli: echeese: where are you based?
18:12 dvincent: I'm Danielle. I'm the social media person. :)
18:12 dvincent: (I'm in California)
18:12 teoli: Next point in the agenda: Help Wanted.
18:12 echeese: I'm Canadian. I do web applications for a living but I am interested in HTML5 game development
18:13 teoli: echeese: cool!
18:13 teoli: echeese: have you already contributed to MDN or are you a novice?
18:13 Heather_ has joined (chatzilla@moz-mo7.oo5.224.96.IP)
18:13 ifilin1 has left IRC (Client exited)
18:13 echeese: I mostly read it but I am interested in updating the WebRTC docs
18:14 teoli: echeese: oh cool! Contact me after the meeting.
18:14 Heather_: o/
18:14 teoli: Hy heather
18:14 echeese: Difficult to do though with the spec constantly changing
18:14 teoli: *Hi
18:14 teoli: echeese: oh yes!
18:14 Jeremie: Hi :)
18:14 teoli: Hi Jeremie
18:14 fscholz: sheppy: ^ webrtc, your keyword
18:14 Jeremie: :P
18:15 sheppy: :)
18:15 sheppy: Yes, the WebRTC docs, especially the reference, could use some help.
18:16 sheppy: I’m wrapping up work on the big demo piece today (final touches on the last diagram are just about done), then I’m pretty much going to be off WebRTC on average for a while to get caught up on other stuff.
18:16 sheppy: So help would be appreciated. :)

Help Wanted: Bugs Ahoy

18:16 teoli: Ok let's move to help wanted.
18:16 teoli: 1. Bugs Ahoy:
18:17 teoli: We list there easy to tackle bugs. Some are very short (5-10 minutes), others can take a few hours.
18:17 teoli: Feel free to take any of these or to pass the list to others, wannabe contributors that want to help.
18:17 Heather_: what is the requirements for these bugs, skills?
18:17 Heather_: what are
18:18 teoli: Heather: some like the ones near the top, you only be able to know how to connect to MDN and use the editor.
18:18 Siilwyn has left IRC (Quit: Welp, I shutdown my PC)
18:18 teoli: Heather: for some you need basic knowledge of HTML or CSS (documenting an element, a descriptor or a propriety)
18:19 Heather_: ah okay i may be able to help when time allows
18:19 sheppy: Yeah — totally ranges from just typo/cleanup type work upward.
18:19 Jeremie: Some of the bugs are about gardening content, and therefor it only requires to be informed about how to edit the pages :)
18:19 Heather_: k good to know thanks teoli and sheppy
18:20 Heather_: sweet Jeremie
18:20 teoli: Each of these bugs have a mentor assigned (mostly jsx or me). Feel free to ask any question in them.
18:20 teoli: The mentor is there to assist you.
18:20 Heather_: okay will do like i said as time alows started a freelance writing gig
18:21 Heather_: mentors are good!
18:21 teoli: Cool! You are very welcome.
18:21 Heather_: :)

Help wanted "Document all the interfaces"

18:21 teoli: Next point:
18:22 teoli: 2. "Document all the interfaces" project
18:22 teoli: This is a project for 2016. So expect CFH each fortnight!
18:22 teoli: We want to have the interface page of all API created. That way,
18:23 teoli: developers have a basic set of information about everything on the Web Platform.
18:23 teoli: If you want to help, ping me or inside the bug. And you'll get an interface assigned.
18:24 teoli: This is a more complex task as you need to be able to basically understand a specification and you need to have a bit JS knowledge to write very basic examples.
18:24 sheppy: That’ll be a great project to get into, too. Lots of impact.
18:24 teoli: Most suited for Web developers who wants to help.
18:24 teoli: jsx is helping on XHR, for example.
18:24 jsx: I like this one, because reading new web platform features is very interesting.
18:25 Heather_: go jsx
18:25 sheppy: jsx: Yep
18:25 teoli: Yep, you learn all the gory details of an interface.
18:25 jsx: But I'll work on that only after finishing xhr which I promised, but lagging behind now
18:25 sheppy: And hopefully once the basic pages for each interface are there, others will get interested in contributing the subpages with details on individual methods and properties.
18:25 teoli: sheppy: yes, the subpages will be a next step.
18:26 Heather_: sounds like good stuff
18:26 sheppy: teoli: yep
18:26 teoli: Any other questions about it?
18:26 Heather_: none here
18:26 teoli: (Feel free to ping me in IRC, e-mail or in the bug if you have any question)

Help wanted: LA

18:26 teoli: Next point:
18:26 teoli: 3. Learning Area
18:27 teoli: chrismills: are you able to talk to us about it right now (or do you need a speaker lending his/her voice here)
18:27 teoli: ?
18:28 teoli: I will be his voice then.
18:28 jsx: teoli is poetic today
18:28 jsx: :p
18:29 Heather_: hehe
18:29 teoli: So Chris took over the LA, as Jeremie is moving to new project.
18:29 Heather_: saw that 
18:29 teoli: First thank you to all volunteers (including Jeremie who also spent volunteer time there) who brought the Learning Area where it is now.
18:30 Heather_: whoot whoot
18:30 Jeremie: :)
18:30 teoli: hears a roar of applause in the audience.
18:31 sheppy: big time!
18:31 Heather_: LA rocks
18:31 dvincent: wooooooo! Go Jeremie!!!!!
18:31 Jeremie: waves
18:31 teoli: So a new phase of improvement of LA is starting. Chris has reviewed the current material on posted a mail on dev-mdc about a proposal for the next step.
18:32 teoli: If you have not read it, look for it in the archive.
18:32 teoli: Comments welcome.
18:32 teoli: You can send the comment to the mailing list, but you can also reach out to chris on IRC or by e-mail.
18:32 Jeremie: Super plan incoming :)
18:32 Heather_: cool
18:33 teoli: Also Chris is looking for volunteers to help him to write extra documentation and to make the current docs rocks even more!
18:33 Jeremie: Feedback on this is really important, don't be shy to comment
18:33 teoli: Yes, be vocal! :-)
18:33 Heather_: I'm willing to help
18:33 teoli: \o/
18:33 Jeremie: \o/
18:34 Heather_: :)
18:34 teoli: Like with most projects, there are work of all kind.
18:34 Heather_: that's the kind i like
18:34 Heather_: variety
18:35 teoli: chrismills is also working to integrate more this work with the work of Mozilla Curiculum Team:
18:35 teoli: That means that this work will not benefit MDN but will also help other initiative around teaching. And this is great!
18:36 teoli: Any question
18:36 Heather_: that is so awesome
18:36 Jeremie: The next LA will be even more awesome than the one we built :)
18:37 teoli: jeremie++


18:36 teoli: Next point!
18:37 teoli: Next point is "Blockers"
18:38 teoli: Does any of you has any blocker were we could help you?
18:38 Heather_: can you make more free time for me lol
18:38 Heather_: :)
18:38 teoli: (Mine are break down in small units and on BugsAhoy, so I have a lot of them :-) )
18:39 teoli: Heather_: I got a few ideas to help, but I think they are all in the 'mean' category, so I'm afraid I can't help.
18:39 teoli: :-P
18:39 Heather_: haha :P

What are you working on

18:40 teoli: So the next point is what are you working on!
18:40 teoli: Jeremie: do you want to start?
18:41 Jeremie: Yes :)
18:41 Jeremie: So, as you might know I took over the Browser Compat project for MDN
18:41 Jeremie: ghlight for those who could be interrested
18:41 sheppy: \o/
18:42 Jeremie: So, if you are interresed, everything you should know is here:
18:42 Jeremie: and if it's not here, tell me, I'll make it here :P
18:43 Jeremie: I will not get into details but we are turning MDN compatibility tables into a database and there is penty of work to do
18:43 Jeremie: There are currently two hot topic that deserve you're attention
18:44 Jeremie: 1. We are discussing the project's milestone
18:44 Jeremie: If you have opinion, advice, feedback, complain, whatever, join the discussion on dev-mdc
18:44 Jeremie:!topic/
18:44 Jeremie: 2. l10n strategy
18:45 Jeremie: Same, join the discussion and comment
18:45 Jeremie:!topic/
18:45 Jeremie: Those 2 topics are hot because they will be discussed in the project meeting next week, and we gonna start making decision about it so speaking now is a good idea :)
18:46 teoli: Yep
18:46 Jeremie: So, finaly, do you have question? :)
18:46 Heather_: nope go Jeremie
18:47 teoli: So my turn.
18:47 Jeremie: Go
18:48 teoli: I'm currently working to understand what impact will have some upcoming migration of MDN will have on content.
18:49 teoli: Even if it will be transparent migration that shouldn't impact our users or the content much,
18:49 teoli: it happens that we have accumulated content cruft over the last 10 years.
18:49 teoli: Migrating this cruft to AWS is pointless, so we need to get rid of it before the migration.
18:49 robhudson: teoli: +1
18:50 teoli: That means, old attachment to pages or old samples still linked from some articles.
18:50 teoli: I'm currently preparing tasks, but expect Call For Help in the next two weeks.
18:50 dvincent: as usual, pls lmk if I can boost your signal. :0
18:50 teoli: robhudson: I will likely have a few question for you and the devs.
18:50 dvincent: :) rather
18:51 teoli: dvincent: I will!
18:51 teoli: That's all for me.
18:51 sheppy: One of the bigger things to go through is old uploaded-by-FTP samples; these need to either go away and have articles edited to not reference them, or they need to become live samples.
18:51 teoli: sheppy++
18:52 jsx: So I did restart working on the XHR docs. But it takes me time to fill in content, as I need to re-read the specs(xhr1, 2, fetch etc), MSDN docs, google and opera ones etc and then try out sample codes locally to see how things behave before I can wrap up pages. Not to mention looking all over the place trying to find out when particular features were
18:52 jsx: implemented in different browsers. I know these are all everyday normal stuff for most of the ppl here.
18:52 jsx: that's me.
18:53 teoli: jsx: cool. And no, doing this is not 'normal stuff' for most people. The ability to do it is a rare skill.
18:53 jsx: I meant most/lot of people on #mdn :)
18:53 teoli: jsx: of course if you consider the people who wrote that spec :-P
18:54 sheppy: :)
18:54 jsx: :)
18:54 teoli: jsx: that's really cool. Don't hesitate to call for reviews/comments/help if you need.
18:55 teoli: Anybody else wants to speak?
18:55 jsx: teoli: sure, thanks.. you've been much help
18:56 fscholz: I wrote some docs about OffScreenCanvas and now some docs for the Shared memory spec. Review appreciated for the former, as I finish the latter. Onto WebGL next week.
18:57 fscholz: Not much to say otherwise. Also killing some macros, we are now below 700.
18:57 sandrapersing has joined (
18:57 teoli: fscholz: I really like the simplification that having less macro is bringing.
18:58 robhudson: fscholz: is the plan still to move macros to github? what's the timeline? (just curious)
18:58 Sphinx has joined (
18:59 fscholz: robhudson: there is no timeline, but I am gradually working towards less macros. I've estimated to go to something like 300 of them. When there is time, I would like to set-up an experiment to prove the concept.
19:00 fscholz: But this is really internal refactoring and fresh docs for web devs are higher priority
19:01 teoli: Note that having a manageable set of macro is a prerequisite to go to github: we don't want to keep proof of some horrors committed (by me mostly)
19:01 fscholz: nods and drops the mic

Thank you

19:02 teoli: So Thank you all for joining!
19:02 teoli: See you soon in 2 weeks (Asia-friendly time)
19:02 dvincent: Thank you for having the meeting!
19:02 teoli: Have all a nice evening/morning/afternoon.
19:02 Heather_: bye all !
19:02 teoli: Bye.