Majda Nafissa report September 2011

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Reporter User:Majda Nafissa
Date September 2011
Recruits 0
Past Items - Officially launched the Algerian community website in both Arabic and French.

- Organized a simple contest to raise the number of fans on Facebook.

- Made an interview for a webzine talking about Mozilla Algeria launch.

- We had an article about the website and activity launch on a local paper magazine.

- Translated an article about Openness on my personal blog.

- Fixed the date (and place) of the Algerian community launch party, to 22nd October (was delayed because of swag problems with customs) and started preparing for it.

Next Items - Attend Campus Party Milenio as a rep.

- Organize the launch party.

- Plan an activity at my university.

Link: Interview about the launch

Link: Article on NTIC magazine

Link: Openness at Mozilla (translation)