Major Update 1.5.0.x to 2.0.0.x

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Tracking page for Firefox Major Update for 1.5.0.x to 2.0.0.x


Completed (during first attempt):

  • Update message and EULA for enUS + placeholder pages for l10n: Thu. 1/18 (DONE)
  • Update messages and EULAs for l10n: Tue. 1/23 (DONE)
  • Delete any non-translated placeholder detail pages and confirm redirects to en-US are working properly: Tue. 1/23 - Wed. 1/24 (DONE)

To Do:

  • Notify mirrors/partners: 6/5 - 6/12 (justin/kev)
  • Build prep: Mon. 4/17 - 6/19 (ongoing)
  • QA cycle: Mon. 4/17 - 6/19 (ongoing)
  • MU on "beta" channel: Thursday June 7, 2007
  • MU and pave-over CJKT testing: June 18-26
  • Major Update release date: Thursday June 28, 2007


Test Results (during first attempt):

Current Test Results

Test Tracking

  • 1.5.0.x -> 2.0.0.x major update testing
    • Test all possible update paths for major update; ongoing, initial tests PASS for ->, need to retest for -> - PENDING (for enUS across major platforms) (QA team)
    • Focused testing should include:
      • Minor updates for -> COMPLETED (releasetest, 5/30)
      • Major updates for -> IN PROGRESS (releasetest, 5/31)
      • Verify that active-update.xml includes channel attribute and completed update is shown in Update History
    • Regression testing should cover:
      • Installing over a pending update state build and checking to see if the installer cleans up all pending related files/directories (and that update does not resume on restart) - this may or may not work as expected, we need to verify the behavior
  • Run test automation for update/AUS configs
    • Sign off on build verification results for update checker - (rhelmer) - COMPLETED
  • Final round of staged update testing
    • Spot check enUS and P1 locales on all platforms (including Vista) and verify the new Update messages and EULAs - (juanb/jay + QA) - IN PROGRESS
  • Partner Builds update testing (tracy/tony)
    • Verify list of all partner build update/fallback paths - (jay) - COMPLETED (5/30 with rhelmer's email)
    • Test null updates for fallback paths


  • Partner Builds Updates - IN PROGRESS 5/31 (rhelmer)
    • verify all partner build update paths
    • setup null updates for fallback
    • stage updates for QA
  • Push the button: TBD


Let's collect any feedback during the first week of MU that might help us better understand the experience our 1.5 users have had. Making notes of broken/incompatible add-ons and/or websites will help us better prepare for the next MU.