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To align with the coming release of Photon Desktop, there is also UI refresh planned for Firefox on Android, including 7 parts:

  • 1. Toolbar
  • 2. Search Suggestion
  • 3. Tab Tray
  • 4. Empty Screen
  • 5. Splash Screen
  • 6. Onboarding
  • 7. Misc. UI Refresh

Plan & Status

  • On-track.
  • Pre-Beta sign-off on Sep. 19: Yellow (ok for entering Beta, team will keep fixing the minor UI issue till release)

Development Detail

Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Depends on Whiteboard
1366661 (photon) Light Weight Theme with new awesome bar UI Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1389164 [FNC][SPT57.1][MVP]
1366668 (photon) Awesome bar visual refresh for tablet Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1389051, 1378625 [FNC][SPT57.1][MVP]
1366673 (photon) Tab icon motion for adding a new tab Jing-wei Wu [:jwu]
1378032 (photon) Disable setTabsCounterPrivateMode in tablet Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1366673
1379066 (photon) Awesome bar basic visual refresh Julian Chu [:walkingice]
1379551 (photon) - Change tab indicator height Julian Chu [:walkingice]
1389457 (photon) On Android 4.4 devices, the private mode tabs counter icon is black Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] [FNC][SPT57.2][MVP]
1400164 (photon) New tabs open with the close button invisible, on tablets Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] [FNC][SPT57.3][INT]

8 Total; 8 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Search Suggestion
Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Depends on Whiteboard
1366660 (photon) Transition for Search suggestion when input keyword into URL bar Jing-wei Wu [:jwu]
1366678 (photon) Frequency search result visual refresh Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1401869
1366679 (photon) Search Suggestions Jing-wei Wu [:jwu]
1366704 (photon) follow up of search suggestion on the visual refresh of private mode Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1366679
1389092 (photon) Make site suggestions, history & bookmarks text larger Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] [FNC][SPT57.3][INT]

5 Total; 5 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Tab Tray
Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Depends on Whiteboard
1366680 (photon) Tab tray UI refresh and consistency Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT57.1][MVP]
1389468 (photon) Tabs tray back button needs update Nevin Chen [:nechen]
1403728 Additional margin at top and bottom of tabs tray in non-compact portrait mode Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT58.2][MVP]

3 Total; 3 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Empty Screen
Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Depends on Whiteboard
1366671 (photon) Update UI/Content for Empty screens and content for Android Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1382980 [FNC][SPT57.1][MVP]
1382980 (photon) Incorrect strings in private tab empty screen
1390420 (photon) follow-up of update UI for empty screens on private tabs tray page Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1366671 [FNC][SPT57.2][MVP]

3 Total; 3 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Splash Screen
Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Depends on Whiteboard
1366674 (photon) Indicator on splash screen when first time open Nevin Chen [:nechen]
1376579 Fennec shows Firefox logo when launched.
1378175 Splash screen should respect channel Nevin Chen [:nechen]
1378688 app splash screen icon makes it feel generally slow Nevin Chen [:nechen]
1380008 Splash screen added 350k in APK size
1403980 Splash screen displayed in new tab opened from the search widget Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT58.2][MVP]
1405287 Change Splash Screen image Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT58.2][INT]
1411896 The 3 dots menu in tabs tray is dark gray on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

8 Total; 8 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Depends on Whiteboard
1366664 (photon) (baseline) New onboarding experience to reflect the new look Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT57.2][MVP][SP=X, 8]
1396465 Update the resource for Photon onboarding Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT57.3][INT]
1399378 (photon) update the logo for 57 beta / release Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] [FNC][SPT58.1][INT]
1400804 (photon) First run tour - the Sync button is not visible, or squished, in landscape Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT58.1][INT]
1402882 (Onboarding) Firstrun Images for Nightly, Beta, Release Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT58.2][MVP]

5 Total; 5 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Misc. UI Refresh
Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Depends on Whiteboard
1366659 (Photon) Follow iOS private tab interaction design Jing-wei Wu [:jwu]
1366669 (photon) update icons Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1381501
1366672 (photon) Page loading indicator Julian Chu [:walkingice] 1282262, 1394404, 1394720, 1414838 [FNC][SPT57.2][MVP]
1366703 (Photon) Follow up of private tab visual refresh Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1366659
1376995 (photon) Update status bar color while switching between normal mode and private mode Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] [FNC][SPT57.1][MVP]
1378625 (photon) Tab strip visual refresh Jing-wei Wu [:jwu]
1379552 (photon) - Title URL should be faded out in tail Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] [FNC][SPT57.3][MVP]
1387349 (photon) follow up with icons update Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1366669 [FNC][SPT57.1][INT]
1388291 (photon) Replacing launcher icon Sebastian Kaspari (:sebastian) 1388679, 1399749
1389343 Missing/tiny icons for history, bookmark items Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT58.2][MVP]
1389822 (photon) Replacing launcher icon, round 2 Jan Henning [:JanH] 1388291, 1388679
1389935 (photon) Replacing launcher icon, round 3 Jan Henning [:JanH] 1389822
1393072 (photon) Small tablets: in private mode, the bookmark & share icons are not visible Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] [FNC][SPT57.3][MVP]
1393084 (photon) Page text selection handlers should be updated Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] [FNC][SPT57.3][MVP]
1393754 (photon) Status bar color does not change on all devices [FNC][SPT57.3][MVP]
1394378 (photon) Android 4 - Highlight of awesomescreen tabs is blue in private mode Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] [FNC][SPT57.3][INT]
1394404 (photon) Custom tabs - the loading indicator doesn't fully load and it has different colors [FNC][SPT57.3][INT]
1395917 (photon) The reading list folder icon is blue on Android 6 devices Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] [FNC][SPT57.3][INT]
1395920 (photon) Remove vertical dividers in tabs tray page - Android 4&5 Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] [FNC][SPT57.3][INT]
1399384 (photon) follow up of visual refinements Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] [FNC][SPT57.3][INT]
1400159 Notification area icon uses old shape Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1421859 [FNC][SPT57.3][INT]
1400858 [RTL] Tab titles not displayed for some webpages Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] [FNC][SPT58.1][INT]
1401457 (photon) logo in search activity isn't updated yet Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] [FNC][SPT58.1][INT]
1401925 (photon) Nightly icons on tabs and search widget need to be changed
1402594 Progress bar animation on loading scrolled website page is visible in wrong place Randall Barker [:rbarker]
1403132 Orange color when tapping "Get started" button Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT58.2][MVP]
1403596 Buttons misaligned between URL bar and tabs tray Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] [FNC][SPT58.2][MVP]
1405710 Find In Page does not have Photon theme Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] [FNC][SPT58.2][INT]
1405954 (photon) Color and dimension adjustment for URL bar and status bar Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] [FNC][SPT58.2][INT]
1406338 Show favicon in tabs tray page Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1407915 [FNC][SPT58.2][INT]
1406828 (photon) (RTL) Back/forward buttons aren't Photon style on 4.2 tablet when RTL is enabled Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] [FNC][SPT58.2][INT]
1406874 (photon) Show color indicator for the selected tab strip on tablet Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] [FNC][SPT58.2][INT]
1407923 (photon) Adjust light weight theme layout/color for Photon style Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] [FNC][SPT58.2][INT]

33 Total; 33 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Quality Assurance