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Firefox NMX (Focus) Mobile Team - OKR Progress Report

Last Updated: Sept 22nd, 2017
Next Update: Sept 29th, 2017

Objective Key Result Confidence Notes
Aug 18 Sept 29 Score
1. Continuously improve Focus to allow users to interact with the web in ways a traditional mobile browser doesn’t. 1.1 Establish consistent release schedule for iOS and Android, to keep momentum and increase engagement with our new products 100% 100% 100% 8/18 - A release plan, following a bi-weekly cadence, offset across platforms, has been established and teams are working to this plan. Please see schedules here for iOS and Android.

9/22 - we continued to adjust milestones, and decided to sync schedules across platforms.

1.2 Ship regular minor and major updates to Focus on iOS and Android, to learn about the new market and iterate for success 75% 85% 85% 8/18 - Teams are working and shipping to the plan established in 1.1. Scoring a bit lower to account for the fact that further improvements are still to come around long term planning for Major releases.

'9/22 - our release schedule has enabled to ship quickly and respond to user feedback in a timely manner, proving out our theory around benefits of rapid release. We've improved use of labels to clarify the workflow, implemented a cadence of UX-focused/user-facing vs general maintenance releases to allow UX to focus more on larger pieces of work, and made some changes to higher-level scheduled.

1.3 Achieve 300K DAUs and 3M new installs on Focus for Android and iOS 75% 99.9% 8/18 - Focus total: ~200K DAUs, Focus for Android (UT): Gained ~20K DAUs to a total of ~165K, ER grew from 0.15 to 0.19 from latest update. Next couple of releases will be featured on Google Play store, expecting a over-indexed growth in DAU to hit 200-250K Android DAUs total. 1.4M installs. Focus for iOS (Adjust): 40K DAUs, expecting slower growth +10K to a total of 50K

'9/22 - According to Adjust yesterday we were at 295K+ DAUs and 3.38 installs!! This does not include all Klar numbers due to opt-in settings. We do have a week left in the quarter, and anticipate that the DAUs will surpass target. We plan to be even more aggressive with our targets for next quarter.