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Status reports


  • autophone-2 working off backlog from Yesterday.
  • Fixed bug 1389249 Autophone - handle cache properly on android
  • DEAD bug 1421092 Autophone - recycle autophone-2 nexus-6p-11
  • Fixed bug 1422322 Autophone - handle geckoview_example loads in analyze_logcat
  • Fixed bug 1422324 Autophone - Do not issue shutdown intent if the app is not running
  • Waiting bug 1422405 geckoview_example is not respecting shutdown intent
  • Noise is an issue after the cache fix. One possible issue is the shutdown intent. Another is host load which may affect the responsiveness of the hosted web server. Load avg captured this morning:
    • autophone-1 1.03 1.92 1.87 3/341 13682
    • autophone-2 2.99 1.61 1.40 4/302 22131
    • autophone-3 0.83 1.28 1.31 1/322 30381

We could point the web server to autophone-4 which is typically not under load and is being used as a spare and testing/development system.

  • Autophone future

Lack of decision on device farm is delaying replacing older failing devices as well as preventing renewal of the maintenance agreements. Host failure could lead to significant downtime. Need someone to evaluate device farms and make a decision if Autophone will be continued.

Dev team

A Team

  • Some progress on bug 1285678 - updating emulator on aws.
  • We really ought to do something about android xpcshell symbols - bug 1389805.

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