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Why Participate?

There are many benefits of participating in the Mission MozCamp program, including:

The question you should be asking yourself is, “Why not?” MozCamp is the time to meet people around the world all working on the same mission: To promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web.

Mission MozCamp is a way to make sure you get the opportunity to connect with someone else at MozCamp who is working on a similar project as you so that you can work together to achieve your goals. It’s also a way to make sure we all arrive at MozCamp with a mission in mind to make the most of our time together.

Mission MozCamp is also a way that Mozillians around the world can see what great things you’re up to and inspire them to act! Mozillians that tweet about their experiences (using tags #Mission #MozCamp), and keep their wiki’s up-to-date could win awesome prizes - including a feature in one of our upcoming Mozilla videos as well as some seriously sweet gear.

Steps to Participate

1. November 10th: Create a mission wiki page by November 10th. This is where you can think about what projects you might want to find out more, get involved in, or even start! As well as think about who you want to be sure to meet and what knowledge do you want to share. You can check out some examples here.

Once you’ve completed your wiki page, give us a tweet about how excited you are about your #Mission #MozCamp.

All wiki pages should be posted under your name in the 'My Mission' section below.

2.November 12th: We will pair you with a buddy and announce the match below. Please take a look and be sure to give your buddy a shout-out (via twitter or email) so that you can be sure to find each other at MozCamp and know a little about who your buddy is and what they hope to achieve at MozCamp.

4. November 16th: During the Friday Welcome Event, we’ll have a fun 10min surprise in which you’ll need to find your buddy. When registering on Friday evening, there the partner pairings will be posted - please write your partner's name on your page so that they can find you (and they’re your ticket to get some really cool event gear)! Other than that, take the time to chill and catch up with Mozillians.

5. November 17th: During the afternoon break, try to find your buddy and check in. See if you’ve accomplished your goal for MozCamp yet, and if not, see if there’s a way you can help each other meet the right people - or attend the right session - to achieve it! If you’ve achieved your goal, be sure to tell the world your excitement by tweeting #MozCamp #Mission

6. November 18th: During the Sunday afternoon break, gather for a few minutes with your buddy and touch-base on next steps: Did you achieve your goal for MozCamp? Do you have an action item to take with you to achieve further Mozilla awesomeness? Tweet your update, and/or tweet in real life by posting your accomplishments on our giant board to inspire other Mozillians!

7. December 2nd and December 16th: Check in with your buddy - make sure they made it home okay. See if they have all the information they need to go forth and conquer their next Mozillian goal. You can do this via email or tweet them using #Mission #MozCamp - and if it’s really cool/exciting, tweet @MozCamp so we’re sure to give them props too! (And as mentioned above, this could be the moment they’re chosen to be featured in an upcoming Mozilla video - or snag some really cool swag.)

Mission Page Template

<createbox> preload=MozCampAsia2012/Buddyprogram/template prefix=MozCampAsia2012/Buddyprogram/ default=Your name goes here… buttonlabel=Set your mission! </createbox>

The Mission page template is available here

My Mission

View all MozCamp Missions

Don’t forget - we want the world (and other Mozillians around the world!) to know what’s happening at #MozCamp - be sure to tweet!

My Mission Partner

Mission MozCamp Activities

  • Get to know one another during the Welcome Party on Friday evening
  • Touch-base on Saturday afternoon (more details coming soon!) and during the break on Sunday afternoon
  • Connect with one another 2 weeks after MozCamp and 1 month after MozCamp

Tweet your buddy or write a blog about your progress using #Mission #MozCamp