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As a newcomer to Mozfest in 2014, I thought it might be useful to any would-be volunteers if I jotted down some observations. Please do! It's enormous fun and people are some of the most friendly and helpful bunch I have ever met. BUT...

1 Please remember that you are there to help and give at least four hours a day of your time. Of course you want to attend sessions and that can be accommodated but don't volunteer as a way of getting in for nothing.

2 There is NO hierarchy. The only guy with a hat on is the Volunteer Co-ordinator and even his is invisible most of the time. So if you are demanding an executive type job, don't try. Everyone is expected to muck in with whatever is needed, physical constraints are asked for and noted. (I was in a wheelchair and still kept very busy!)

3 You may meet the really Big Guns from Mozilla – treat them as you would anyone else, with warmth and enthusiasm. Grovelling is not expected.

4 There is plenty of free food and soft drinks available so you don't have to bring a packed lunch.

5 Be very pleasant to the security guards, they do a rotten job very cheerfully and can be a lifesaver at times.

6 Be prepared to do anything. From stuffing goodie bags to working on reception doing the registration, shifting deliveries to answering visitors questions. You don't have to be an expert, there is a help desk on each floor. Just guide your people to them.

7 Travel expenses are not paid to volunteers. Please don't ask as the Co-ordinator is a kindly soul and hates having to say no.

Give it a go and enjoy yourself. You'll be with lovely people and have a great time. I did and I know diddley squat about computers.