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There's no place for Spanish content outside mozilla-europe. There's an es-AR, es-MX and es-Cl versions of Firefox's pages, but nothing more global about Mozilla.

Mozilla community members in Latin America are proposing that together we create a community site to showcase and surface all relevant community activity in the region.

It has to be clear that is a community's driven site, but under Mozilla's umbrella. We could use this site to host all material's we are translating (brochure, flyers, slides, etc.). It could work like a reference site for media in our region.

Advantage of Mozilla's ownership is that nobody could have enough power to take the site on her/his domain. It will be always use in the benefit of Mozilla's goal (like


We could use WP MU or something similar, with a blog to each community and a shared zone. We could use feed like general news about Mozilla and the community's blog could write about country's specific news, or just write everything at site. Help and support for Mozilla's products will be forwarded to

This site could help us meet governments and other organizations of Latin America to create new projects.

It could be great to create some online courses about Mozilla's technology and/or Mozilla's philosophy and open web.


The Latin American community might consider using the Mozilla Community Site framework, developed by Gandalf. Links to his blog describe the MCS in great detail.

Possible Domains