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Foxyeah Chandigarh was held on 28th June 2015, the last Sunday of June. Venue was

Conference Hall in Kissan Bhawan. The event started with displaying some creative

videos which depicted the Mozilla's mission. These were also some videos of various

Mozilla communities, past events and Firefox 10th anniversary video. While the introduction

of Mozilla community and Mozpacers got started, FoxYeah stickers were distributed

among the audience and they put it on their T-shirts.

After the introduction, then came the various features of Firefox browser and why and what

people should consider before adopting a browser. Many features, especially security,

were introduced to the audience. We got very curious audience and the session got very

interactive while discussing the features and add-ons. We discussed Lightbeam, AdBlock

Plus, Firefox Hello, Forget Button and some Developer Tools.

After the session, refreshment started. The members of Mozpacers met people personally

and asked about their experience and cleared their doubts. People were very happy with

the event and were discussing the in-depth details of Firefox features.

Then started the creative art session in which people were provided with the colorful

papers and sketch pens. Everyone created very beautiful arts depicting what they feel

about Firefox and Mozilla. Some created masks while other created creative posters of

what Mozilla provide them and why they choose it. Meanwhile, people from the audience

were interviewed about their experience at the event and what they feel now. People

responded with awesome answers and gave very positive responses.

The whole event was photographed and videos were made. Audience comprised of

students, professors, professionals to just normal users of the Internet, it was a very

informative event for all of them.