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This page provides information about our efforts in 2020 to improve the platform parts of printing and fragmentation in Firefox. Given how closely linked the frondend and platform parts of printing are, this will inevitably involve some frontend work too.


Support for printing in Firefox has historically been poorly maintained, and is currently in a dismal state compared to other browsers. There are two main areas for improvement:

  • Printing UX: Firefox’s printing UI/UX lacks consistency and is complicated and confusing compared to the competition. Print settings are displayed differently across operating systems, different methods of accessing printing lead to different dialogs, and print preview is not displayed by default on macOS.
  • Printing output: There is a significantly-sized backlog of user-reported bugs related to print output (for both printing devices and PDF export). Some of these bugs include cases where printing fails completely, several pages are missing, or the printed layout is just incorrect.

Managing bug lists

The tables of bugs below are managed automatically using the `whiteboard` field in bugzilla.

  • Add "[print2020]" to add a bug to the printing backlog
  • Add "[frag2020]" to add a bug to the fragmentation backlog
  • Add "[print2020_v{XX}]" to add a bug to the list of printing bugs targetted at Firefox vXX (e.g. "[print2020_v73]").
  • Add "[frag2020_v{XX}]" to add a bug to the list of fragmentation bugs targetted at Firefox vXX (e.g. "[frag2020_v73]").

Version 81

Start: 2020-07-23; freeze: 2020-08-20; merge to beta: 2020-08-24; release: 2020-09-22

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Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Status Resolution
1412687 [Layout] Prints only first page when nested aligned/floated table is longer than a page Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-8) (Away Feb 15 - Mar 2) RESOLVED FIXED

1 Total; 0 Open (0%); 1 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);


Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Status Resolution
1658718 [macOS] Destination drop down list is missing the right border REOPENED
1653334 "Print selection" is broken if the selected text is in a subdocument (iframe) Bob Owen (:bobowen) VERIFIED FIXED
1655674 Crash in [@ mozilla::PresShell::GetPageSequenceFrame] Bob Owen (:bobowen) RESOLVED FIXED
1661731 OpenPrinterW in nsPrinterWin::DefaultSettings is not working. Bob Owen (:bobowen) RESOLVED FIXED
1661975 Fix "Print Selection Only" in the system print dialog when opened from the new print UI Bob Owen (:bobowen) VERIFIED FIXED
1660686 Add some telemetry to measure how long it takes to collect printer information Bob Owen (:bobowen) RESOLVED FIXED
1660463 Print selection is available and doesn’t work properly for a pdf document Bob Owen (:bobowen) VERIFIED FIXED
1661608 Assertion failure: aViewportType != ViewportType::Visual, at layout/generic/nsIFrame.cpp:6765 Botond Ballo [:botond] RESOLVED FIXED
1660502 Give nsIWebBrowserPrint an attribute to represent the total number of pages (without discounts for pages-per-sheet/page-range) Daniel Holbert [:dholbert] RESOLVED FIXED
1652278 Create a frame class to represent a virtual sheet of paper Daniel Holbert [:dholbert] RESOLVED FIXED
1658173 Scale down print preview so that a single page fits vertically *and* horizontally Daniel Holbert [:dholbert] RESOLVED FIXED
1659005 Reflect page range settings in Print Preview Daniel Holbert [:dholbert] VERIFIED FIXED
1631465 Expose per-printer the non-writable paper areas to the frontend code Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] RESOLVED FIXED
1651117 Add information on whether color printing is supported to the nsIPrinter interface Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] RESOLVED FIXED
1657011 Retrieve Default Printer Name Using CUPS for GTK Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] RESOLVED FIXED
1658073 Add information on whether collation is supported to the nsIPrinter interface Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] RESOLVED FIXED
1658300 Implement a Promise returning nsIPrinterList.getNamedOrDefaultPrinter(lastUsedPrinterName) Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] RESOLVED FIXED
1661785 Explicitly check for COLOR and AUTO color modes with CUPS Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] RESOLVED FIXED
1660909 Crash in nsIPrinterList::GetNamedOrDefaultPrinter with non-first printer name Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] RESOLVED FIXED
1662518 Use dummy result for nsIPrinter::SupportsColor with older CUPS Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] RESOLVED FIXED
1660774 Text content is missing when printing from Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) VERIFIED FIXED
1661446 Crash in [@ nsGlobalWindowOuter::Print] Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) RESOLVED FIXED
1661388 Print preview progress dialog appears when window.print is called if print.show_print_progress is true. Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) VERIFIED FIXED
1662975 window.close is not waiting window print dialog Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) VERIFIED FIXED
1661720 Microsoft Print to PDF stuck in printing only Color outputs Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) VERIFIED FIXED
1663426 Crash in [@ nsDocumentViewer::SetDocumentInternal] Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) VERIFIED FIXED
1661867 Tab crashes before print dialogue displays Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) VERIFIED FIXED
1663140 Print preview displays blank pages for pdf documents Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) VERIFIED FIXED
1660911 Printing from PDF.js or exporting PDF using B&W mode rasterizes output at low quality Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) RESOLVED FIXED
1660739 Print Preview Redesign Experiment breaks 'tabs.printPreview' API and 'afterprint' listener Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) VERIFIED FIXED
1660773 Doorhanger: Firefox crashes when trying to print on Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) VERIFIED FIXED
1662426 PDFs sometimes contain blank pages when printing Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) VERIFIED FIXED
1660857 In black&white print mode, there's an unexpected border around the page content Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) VERIFIED FIXED
1414600 viewport units incorrect in print Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) RESOLVED FIXED
1602410 Make `window.print()` work with tab-modal printing Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) RESOLVED FIXED
1636728 Support changing print preview settings without recloning the print preview document Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) RESOLVED FIXED
1655746 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::Promise::MaybeSomething<T>] from WebProgressListenerToPromise::OnStatusChange Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) VERIFIED FIXED
1656146 Convert nsIPrinter.supportsDuplex to a Promise Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) RESOLVED FIXED
1657363 Convert nsIPrinterList.printers to a Promise so getting the printers doesn't block Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) RESOLVED FIXED
1657874 Unify printer list implementations between GTK and OSX. Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) RESOLVED FIXED
1659300 System dialog opens unexpectedly while switching between scale & orientation options Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) VERIFIED FIXED
1659432 Crash in [@ nsPrintJob::DoCommonPrint] Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) VERIFIED FIXED
1659457 Unstyled XML documents do not displayed correctly in print/print preview Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) VERIFIED FIXED
1659758 Crash in [@ nsDocShellTreeOwner::AddChromeListeners] Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) RESOLVED FIXED
1653323 Show print preview progress in content Emma Malysz RESOLVED FIXED
1653324 Update print settings based on print UI state changes and send update events Emma Malysz RESOLVED FIXED
1653386 Record some telemetry about the print UI Emma Malysz RESOLVED FIXED
1653389 Validate the page range setting Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED
1656057 Implement form validation in the print UI Emma Malysz RESOLVED FIXED
1656995 Allow user to clear printing scale input and validate input Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED
1657016 Clicking "Print using system dialog" after clicking "Print" adds a new job to the queue Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED
1657161 Enable the print.tab_modal.enabled pref. Emma Malysz RESOLVED FIXED
1658031 Don't update print preview when changing copies Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED
1658074 "sheets of paper" are not updated when user modifies number of copies Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED
1658102 Default action (print) should appear to the right of cancel in Print sheet Emma Malysz RESOLVED FIXED
1658138 print dialog cut off if the sidebar was open. Emma Malysz RESOLVED FIXED
1658409 Print button is sensitive to user input and presents an error clicking print when no printer is selected Emma Malysz RESOLVED FIXED
1658833 Disable the option to choose color printing when the selected printer does not support it Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED
1659112 The number of copies can be incremented for Microsoft Print to PDF destination Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED
1659159 Support print.always_print_silent Emma Malysz RESOLVED FIXED
1659340 “Print preview” option is displayed inside the menu bar (File) even though the print preview will always open as the default option with the new print UI Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED
1659391 [macOS] Custom scale values override Fit to page option Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED
1659624 Close the new print UI after the user clicks the "Print" button (or after "Save" for Save to PDF) Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED
1659626 Hide open system dialog button when "Save to PDF" is destination on Windows Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED
1659697 UI glitch while opening/closing print preview Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED
1659859 `Context menu -> This Frame -> Print frame...` should honor the print.tab_modal.enabled pref Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED
1659910 Delay showing error message for invalid scale and range input. Emma Malysz RESOLVED FIXED
1661374 If "save to pdf" is selected printer, populate the system dialog with settings of last accepted printer Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED
1661618 Update print toolbar item and app menu buttons depending on `print.tab_modal.enabled` value Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED
1661852 Print range isn't honored after you change printers in the UI Emma Malysz RESOLVED FIXED
1662691 Range error (for invalid custom range) is displayed for “All” range as well Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED
1662145 “All” page range is invalidated if switching between a custom invalid range to “all” range Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED
1663121 Canceling the “Save as” modal while printing to file (Save to Pdf, Microsoft Print to PDF & Microsoft XPS document destinations) locks the new UI Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED
1662389 [macOS] 200% Scale paper output does not match Print Preview Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED FIXED
1660877 Fix memory leak in nsPrinterListCUPS::SystemDefaultPrinterName() Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED FIXED
1661993 Use PWG standardized names in fallback paper list on GTK Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED FIXED
1660589 Localize paper names only on macOS, and not on Linux. Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED FIXED
1661823 nsIPrinter.CreateDefaultSettings() converts to the wrong units for unwriteableMargins Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED FIXED
1650886 Add available paper size information to nsIPrinter interface Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED FIXED
1651115 Add duplex support (print both sides) information to the nsIPrinter interface Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED FIXED
1652846 Clarify Documentation for nsIPaper Interface Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED FIXED
1654678 Unify macOS and Linux CUPS data retrieval for nsIPrinterList Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED FIXED
1655558 Use CUPS to Retrieve Printer Paper Sizes On macOS and Linux Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED FIXED
1656379 Rename nsCUPSShim function pointers Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED FIXED
1656384 Retrieve Printers Using CUPS Instead of Cocoa on macOS Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED FIXED
1656587 Retrieve Default Printer Name Using CUPS on macOS Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED FIXED
1657518 Clean up GetName() functionality for CUPS printers Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED FIXED
1658299 Implement a Promise returning nsIPrinter.createDefaultSettings() Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED FIXED
1659551 Implement caching for nsPrinterBase::CreateDefaultSettings Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED FIXED
1657515 Add nsIWebBrowserPrint.printPreviewCurrentPageNumber Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) RESOLVED FIXED
1657550 nsDocumentViewer::PrintPreviewScrollToPage is broken Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) RESOLVED FIXED
1657763 Refine the way to choose the current page Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) RESOLVED FIXED
1657911 Crash in [@ nsDeviceContext::UnregisterPageDoneCallback] Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) VERIFIED FIXED
1663134 Crash in [@ xul.dll | nss3.dll | mozglue.dll | xul.dll | mozglue.dll | xul.dll | mozglue.dll | xul.dll | mozglue.dll | xul.dll | mozglue.dll | xul.dll | nss3.dll | xul.dll | RtlAcquireSRWLockExclusive] Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) VERIFIED FIXED
1663053 Crash print previewing PDF and changing settings rapidly Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) VERIFIED FIXED
1660189 Crash in [@ nsPrintObject::InitAsRootObject] Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) VERIFIED FIXED
1660490 Crash in [@ RetainedDisplayListBuilder::MergeDisplayLists] Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) VERIFIED FIXED
1657951 "More Settings" twisty is doesn't turn white if dark mode is activated Itiel VERIFIED FIXED
1653354 Support MozBrowser.print passing nsIPrintSettings.kOutputFormatPDF on macOS Jonathan Kew [:jfkthame] RESOLVED FIXED
1656733 The Windows code for enumerating printers is not fit for purpose Jonathan Kew [:jfkthame] RESOLVED FIXED
1659527 Bad scaling and clipping of Save to PDF output [was: Erratic glyph spacing in Save As PDF output] on Windows Jonathan Kew [:jfkthame] RESOLVED FIXED
1659781 Create list of locale-specific paper sizes for Save as PDF Jonathan Kew [:jfkthame] RESOLVED FIXED
1659856 Support nsIPrintSetting.duplex on macOS and Windows Jonathan Kew [:jfkthame] RESOLVED FIXED
1660296 Number of copies is ignored when printing from the new UI Jonathan Kew [:jfkthame] VERIFIED FIXED
1662038 nsIPrintSettings::SetPrinterName is broken on macOS Jonathan Kew [:jfkthame] VERIFIED FIXED
1662820 Broken kerning with "Save to PDF" print destination, with "13px Arial" as font Jonathan Kew [:jfkthame] VERIFIED FIXED
1660218 Printed output is not properly adjusted in Landscape mode Jonathan Kew [:jfkthame] VERIFIED FIXED
1663040 Paper-size menu in the new print UI should be sorted by name Jonathan Kew [:jfkthame] VERIFIED FIXED
1660400 Sheet count should be included in modal a11y description James Teh [:Jamie] RESOLVED FIXED
1660365 A11y hierarchy for print dialog causes extraneous/strange screen reader verbosity James Teh [:Jamie] VERIFIED FIXED
1660363 Focus gets stuck in print preview when tabbing James Teh [:Jamie] VERIFIED FIXED
1660861 Make nsIPrintSettings.clone() not crash on macOS Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1660918 Fix nsIPrintSettings.clone() to copy all members Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1661339 Run the background tasks for gathering printer capabilities on the IO thread pool Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1663538 The new print preview UI telemetry probes are registered for the wrong process Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1587459 Open the print dialog from the frontend instead of the core printing code Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1652270 Convert nsFrameLoader::Print to return a Promise instead of requiring callers to pass an nsIWebProgressListener Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1652967 Crash in [@ nsPrintJob::DoPrint] Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] VERIFIED FIXED
1653319 Use the new frameLoader.printPreview() API in the frontend Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1653340 Add new FrameLoader.printPreview() API to eliminate message passing codepaths Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1657220 Create separate telemetry probes for printing with the new print preview UI enabled Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1659122 Last used printer is not saved when printing from the new tab-modal UI. Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1659489 Rename nsPrintJob's mIsDoingPrintPreview to mCreatedForPrintPreview Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1648868 Setup a tab modal overlay for print preview UI Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] RESOLVED FIXED
1649202 Display print previews in modal UI Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] RESOLVED FIXED
1653317 Use TabDialogBox for print UI Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] RESOLVED FIXED
1653392 Setup a basic test for the print UI Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] RESOLVED FIXED
1654962 Resize print modal as the browser size changes Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] VERIFIED FIXED
1656062 Implement loading interstitial state for print UI Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] RESOLVED FIXED
1656939 Match form elements with UX mocks Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] RESOLVED FIXED
1658043 Support Save to PDF in print preview Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] RESOLVED FIXED
1658067 Print Preview sheet visibly reflows when loading in "sheets of paper" Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] VERIFIED FIXED
1658664 Not all tab modal print UI form elements are accessible Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] VERIFIED FIXED
1658819 Number of sheets value incorrect in new tab modal print preview Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] VERIFIED FIXED
1659010 UX regressions from visual updates, copies errors, radio disabled Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] RESOLVED FIXED
1659099 Subsequent setting changes cause print dialog to grow Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] VERIFIED FIXED
1659395 Saving to PDF does not function correctly Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] VERIFIED FIXED
1659463 Mouse-only users can’t increase/decrease the scale value easily Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] VERIFIED FIXED
1660013 PDFs saved on the Mac don't show up as PDFs. Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] VERIFIED FIXED
1661645 Reset applying grayscale filter when the destination is set to "Save to PDF" Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] VERIFIED FIXED
1660023 Save to PDF isn't remembered as last used printer Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] VERIFIED FIXED
1660026 Move print preview handling code into print.js Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] RESOLVED FIXED
1660061 Changing print settings must not reclone from the original document Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] RESOLVED FIXED
1660064 When printing a subdocument and using 'Save to PDF', the generated filename is wrong Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] RESOLVED FIXED
1661361 Show the print dialog as early as possible Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] RESOLVED FIXED
1660162 When printing a PDF with Save to PDF it gets the .pdf extension twice Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] VERIFIED FIXED
1661020 [macOS] Copies default value is not deleted with ease if the value is not highlighted Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] VERIFIED FIXED
1662845 0 sheets of paper is shown while loading print settings Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] RESOLVED FIXED
1662136 Infinite print preview loading loop if changing to a different destination while a page range is set (and it will exceed the limit for the newly selected destination) Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] VERIFIED FIXED
1660060 Print dialog's validated fields (range, scale) should either tolerate or prevent whitespace Micah [:mtigley] (she/her) VERIFIED FIXED
1661776 Print dialog's validated fields should prevent pasting invalid input Micah [:mtigley] (she/her) VERIFIED FIXED
1661120 Modal print dialog overlaps devtools bottom-bar/sidebar in a weird way (with a thin line at devtools' edge) Micah [:mtigley] (she/her) VERIFIED FIXED
1660991 Page range validates the . (dot) before and after the numeric value Micah [:mtigley] (she/her) VERIFIED FIXED
1661215 Blank pages are displayed if fast changing between Portrait & Landscape for a pdf document VERIFIED FIXED
1660794 Browser creates empty PDF file when combinging "Save as PDF" and "Print using the system dialog" RESOLVED FIXED
1649204 Provide a button to print the selected page in modal UI RESOLVED FIXED
1653327 Send update events based on print UI changes RESOLVED FIXED
1656887 Print job can no longer be initiated via Print setup for a local page if the "preparing dialog" was closed before the "Save print output as" prompt RESOLVED FIXED
1658030 Print Preview dialog appears momentarily when doing ctrl-p VERIFIED FIXED
1658099 "Copies" stepper should appear outside of text field VERIFIED FIXED
1658196 Crash in [@ mozilla::layout::PRemotePrintJobChild::SendInitializePrint] VERIFIED FIXED
1658208 Consider moving "Print using the system dialog…" below the "Print"/"Cancel" buttons in the new printing UI RESOLVED FIXED
1658421 Print sheet font size is larger than other system dialogs VERIFIED FIXED
1658422 Checkboxes and labels are misaligned in print sheet (labels appear lower in relation to checkboxes) VERIFIED FIXED
1658439 macOS accent color is overlaid upon blue accent in "Copies" and "Scale" text boxes VERIFIED FIXED
1658444 macOS accent color is used inconsistently in print sheet VERIFIED FIXED
1659907 "N sheets of paper" badge subtly influences the layout of the whole print dialog VERIFIED FIXED
1653607 Implement more print settings Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) RESOLVED FIXED
1654073 Style and add missing initial print options Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) RESOLVED FIXED
1656069 Hook up the headers/footers checkbox to the correct settings in the print UI Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) RESOLVED FIXED
1656298 Print UI grid alignment Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) RESOLVED FIXED
1658450 Available settings, values and any defaults in UI should update to reflect the currently selected print destination (printer) Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) RESOLVED FIXED
1659415 Clickable area should be consistent for all the More settings options inside the new Print modal Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) VERIFIED FIXED
1659757 Implement paper size selection Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) VERIFIED FIXED
1660908 Update page range validation code to use rawNumPages attribute Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) VERIFIED FIXED
1660527 Convert the frontend code to nsIPrinter.createDefaultSettings Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) RESOLVED FIXED
1597477 Audit nsIDocShellTreeItem usage in ResetFocusState in layout/base/nsDocumentViewer.cpp u608768 RESOLVED FIXED
1657459 Right clicking on preview pane elements behaves unexpectedly Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me) VERIFIED FIXED
1656022 Print Edit WE no longer saves all images when saving to PDF, because requests introduced by bug 1648064 are blocked (was: tabs.saveAsPDF() API no longer saves all images) Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) RESOLVED INVALID
1660462 User should be able to open a dropdown using Enter key inside the new Print modal RESOLVED INVALID
1662844 Clicking Print/Save opens the system dialog on macOS RESOLVED INVALID
1658029 Add print-to-file implementation of the nsIPrinter interface. Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED WONTFIX
1557638 Make Document::CreateStaticClone work for OOP-iframes Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED WONTFIX
1661638 Mousing over or clicking Print Preview's "Color mode", "Destination" and "Margins" label text highlights their dropdown list RESOLVED WONTFIX
1657762 Return nsPrinterCUPS from CUPSPrinterList Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1657704 Extension print APIs always open old print/print preview Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1495237 When switching printers, reset any prepopulated settings from the previous print that are not valid for the new printer RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1659207 When switching between Landscape & Portrait mode in new Print Preview UI, the document preview area and controls are pushed off to the side by the "Preparing Preview" UI RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1659421 webpage is displayed as cut off in both print preview and actual print output RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1659571 Remove `File > Print preview...` when the new tab modal print UI is enabled RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1659622 Make clicking the "Print" button in the new print UI a no-op after the first click RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1659740 Print controls are not centered & are clipped, if you have a sidebar open RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1662392 Scaling does not work as expected and is completely different from the preview RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1660875 Text is fuzzy and unselectable, after printing to PDF with "Color mode: Black and white" RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1660784 Printing using old/system dialog rasterizes the output, resulting in very low quality RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1662360 [macOS] Print modal takes long to launch RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1662225 With "Save to PDF" selected as destination in the tab-modal UI, impossible to print via the System UI RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1660915 Choosing native dialog when "Save to PDF" is selected on macOS will save an empty file before opening native dialog RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1661060 Print dialog doesn't receive focus on tab-switch (so e.g. "esc" doesn't dismiss it, and "tab" doesn't cycle through its fields) RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1662996 Printing via window.print() from a popup window which closes itself does no longer work VERIFIED DUPLICATE
1660461 Navigation with the tab key does not limit to the print preview RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1661222 Pages are blank in print preview on first load of a PDF RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1661722 Ensure that the selected color mode when disabled matches what is shown in the print preview RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1661655 Print Preview doesn't update reflect custom page range RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1661653 "Open in Preview" does not work when using "Save to PDF" on OS X RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1663489 print preview in nightly hangs on the return form from RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1661647 context menu in the print preview content is misplaced RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1660720 Printing is blocked forever so long as the last used printer is offline/disconnected RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1661451 Crash in [@ h_ixsvzagv.dll | RtlPcToFileHeader | CxxThrowException | _com_raise_error] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1663918 Images not printing on RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1659413 Directly loaded GIF images intermittently fail to display in Preview when toggling between Portrait and Landscape RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1659497 About pages cannot be printed RESOLVED WORKSFORME

212 Total; 1 Open (0.47%); 129 Resolved (60.85%); 82 Verified (38.68%);

Version 80

Start: 2020-06-29; freeze: 2020-07-23; merge to beta: 2020-07-27; release: 2020-08-25

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Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Status Resolution
1633028 Support pushing and splitting flex items for multi-line row-oriented flex containers RESOLVED WORKSFORME

1 Total; 0 Open (0%); 1 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);


Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Status Resolution
1653418 Move the CUPS shim to be available on OS X as well as GTK Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] RESOLVED FIXED
1654707 Add CUPS Shim instance for OS X Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] RESOLVED FIXED
1631449 Platform support for adding a 'black and white' color mode option to print preview Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) RESOLVED FIXED
1648064 loading="lazy" images are not printed unless the were scrolled to Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) RESOLVED FIXED
1651947 Figure out how to scale down print preview Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) RESOLVED FIXED
1647480 Update nsIPrinterEnumerator to use the nsIPrinter interface Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED FIXED
1651532 Change systemDefaultPrinter attribute back to systemDefaultPrinterName Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED FIXED
1631460 Platform support for margin indicator lines in print preview Jonathan Kew [:jfkthame] RESOLVED FIXED
1641805 Stop calling nsIWebBrowserPrint.print() in DownloadCore.jsm Jonathan Kew [:jfkthame] RESOLVED FIXED
1636803 Stop using message passing to initiate printing Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1652318 Freeze docshell tree navigation at the same time for both print and print preview Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1652322 Stop nsPrintJob::DoCommonPrint using its arguments after it creates the static clone Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1652337 Prevent script from calling nsIWebBrowserPrint.print() Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1652342 Move the print settings handling code in nsPrintJob::DoCommonPrint to after the static cloning Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1652344 Stop creating an nsIPrintSettings in nsGlobalWindowOuter::PrintOuter Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1652368 Clean up nsDocumentViewer::Print Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1653961 Print preview -> Print/Save of multiple tabbed documents shows the name from the previously printed tab Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] VERIFIED FIXED
1652627 Setup a pref for tab modal print UI Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] RESOLVED FIXED
1652861 Create initial, minimal UI to select and adjust printer & print settings Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) RESOLVED FIXED
1648867 Make webpayments tab modal overlay reusable RESOLVED WONTFIX
1652746 [Page range] Selecting the ending content of a heading tag ignores the selection rule and the rest of the document gets printed as well RESOLVED DUPLICATE

21 Total; 0 Open (0%); 20 Resolved (95.24%); 1 Verified (4.76%);



Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Status Resolution
1648947 Broken print output from Yahoo Mail, because element with "display:table" doesn't print correctly - initial blank pages, missing content, and content that runs off the page Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-8) (Away Feb 15 - Mar 2) NEW
179135 top:auto blocks with position:absolute misplaced when printing NEW
267029 Absolutely positioned elements all print on first page, and the ones that don't fit aren't shown NEW
649802 Abspos with margin gets progressively skinnier on each printed page NEW
939897 [meta] Support shifting / splitting flex items between continuations of a fragmented flex container (flexbox content truncated when printing) NEW
1157012 position:fixed element is missing on the first page in Print Preview when styled with downloadable font NEW
1250348 Tall <iframe> elements are truncated at page boundaries (instead of being split across pages, like tall images are) NEW
1318856 when printing a tall image (or SVG graphic), it is truncated rather than split across pages NEW
1344992 Lost printing content if specify the position:absolute and transform style. NEW
1468369 abs.pos. element immediately after a forced page break does not render NEW
1520749 Fails to print all slides from Remark.js slideshow NEW
1569436 Butterick’s Practical Typography doesn't print to PDF correctly (abspos hypothetical position on non-first page not working properly) NEW
1606540 printing problem when fragmenting tables NEW
1633936 Add telemetry to determine how much content is clipped during printing NEW
1648903 Printing A4 pages with abspos precisely-measured abspos content is faulty NEW
1674682 Content overlap when fragmenting with fixed height content UNCONFIRMED
1680728 Yahoo search page background-image is shifted/clipped in Print Preview, if WebRender is enabled (with "background-attachment: fixed") NEW
1681079 Print preview should override the position of right aligned page elements on print selection NEW
1674774 Pagination/printing is quite broken for display:flex content in vertical-rl writing mode Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-8) (Away Feb 15 - Mar 2) VERIFIED FIXED
1665214 When "slicing" printing-improvement preserves overflow from a clipped line-box or grid row, shift down the line or grid row on the next page to leave space for the expected overflow Mats Palmgren (inactive) RESOLVED FIXED
1640197 Investigate implementation of fallback "slicing" fragmentation using display list Miko Mynttinen RESOLVED FIXED
1417615 [Layout] Content truncated when printing a page containing a CSS grid with large row RESOLVED FIXED
1479119 Long images cut off after first page when printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
376033 Printing a long SVG document only prints first page RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1574684 doesn't fully print RESOLVED INCOMPLETE

25 Total; 18 Open (72%); 6 Resolved (24%); 1 Verified (4%);


Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Status Resolution
1660885 Make nsIPrinterList::GetNamedOrDefaultPrinter always return a printer, if any are available Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] ASSIGNED
1660905 Add nsIPrinter::CheckConnection to determine if a printer can be reached Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] ASSIGNED
1662471 Pref `print.always_print_silent` sometimes silently does nothing Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) ASSIGNED
1663290 Consider making afterprint event fire after spinning the event loop Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) NEW
1645272 [meta] Migrate our in-tree reftest-paged reftests into wpt Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) ASSIGNED
1664415 Unexpected title for error-message dialog on a Print operation Jonathan Kew [:jfkthame] ASSIGNED
1140929 Have nsPrintJob not block on modal nested event loop for print settings Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] ASSIGNED
1621136 Write some documentation for printing Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] ASSIGNED
1663712 Explore fetching and caching printer information before users initiate printing Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] ASSIGNED
231068 new Page Header or Footer Option -- just Date (no Time) NEW
659715 Consider preserving scroll position of iframes & other scrolled regions when printing NEW
1249214 Scale canvas passed to mozPrintCallback to match printer resolution NEW
1328072 [UX] [e10s] print preview opens print preview instead of showing alert like non-e10s (if printer was't found) NEW
1444078 Printing to 300x600 dpi label printer is half width UNCONFIRMED
1521655 [meta] Support client-side printing in Google Docs and GSuite (Google Workspace) NEW
1569247 [meta] Adding new telemetry printing-related probes NEW
1615908 Consider saving only one set of print settings (instead of per-printer settings) NEW
1622017 vh & vw units are too large (and depend on DPI), in printed / print-previewed documents NEW
1631440 [meta] Platform support for the new print preview design NEW
1632275 Print to PDF should add the file to the Downloads list, otherwise these file are very hard for users to find NEW
1639844 Provide access to the native printer resolution through nsIPaper NEW
1640533 Audit whether MOZ_CAN_RUN_SCRIPT annotations for nsPrintJob functions are correct/necessary or not NEW
1650176 Printing a video should capture the current playing frame NEW
1651112 [meta] Expose printer specific information using nsIPrinterList and nsIPrinter to support the new printing UI NEW
1651654 Black pages on Print preview for page NEW
1654497 "Cannot print this document yet..." dialog no longer appears, when printing mid load. NEW
1657489 Zooming print preview in new print UI flickers, clamps at 100% NEW
1657896 Print selection from BBC articles is sometimes missing the first letter of the selection NEW
1657906 Text is displayed as cut-off in both print preview and print job's output for a specific bbc article NEW
1657973 Support generation of tagged (accessible) PDFs NEW
1658076 Add collation support to nsIPrintSettings NEW
1658285 Print preview gets closed if the tab is moved to a new window NEW
1658394 Add per-paper-size duplex information for CUPS printers NEW
1658414 Print sheet does not have a way to add a printer NEW
1658446 print preview: 'Scale' value should be shown/labeled as percentage ['%'] NEW
1658558 [ARM] Pages with various formats are not printed completely (several letters are arbitrarily missing) NEW
1660468 [RTL] When a scrollbar is present in new Print UI options sidebar, changing an option from a dropdown will cause the next clicked dropdowns to appear misaligned with their `select` NEW
1660474 Table border in Print Preview cut-off when window is narrower NEW
1660520 Setting margins to 0.1 actually sets them to 0.100000001490116 (at least on Windows) NEW
1660638 Please provide feature of Zoom-In/Out and tool button for print image in new print preview dialog NEW
1660929 Prepopulate the system print dialog with all settings selected in the tab modal print preview doorhanger NEW
1660997 Deduplicate out common code in nsPrintSettingsWin::InitWithInitializer and nsPrintSettingsWin::CopyFromNative NEW
1661121 Linked tiles at can be hovered / dragged *in print preview mode* NEW
1661294 Retrieve Native Resolution (DPI/PPI) Information For nsIPrinter NEW
1661623 Text with high contrast mode in print preview is hard to read NEW
1661691 ctrl+wheel zoom on print preview is unreliable NEW
1661719 Changes made inside the new Print modal are kept for the old UI as well NEW
1662239 Multiple redundant paper size entries returned in the paperList NEW
1662302 Assertion failure: child->IsDocument(), at src/dom/base/Document.cpp:12176 NEW
1662367 print preview shouldn't reuse previously used page format for PDFs, initially always portrait used, even for landscape PDFs NEW
1662373 Print Preview of PDF - swapping to landscape mode shows only part of a page NEW
1662534 Headers/footers don't appear when saving to PDF with margins set to None NEW
1662626 Investigate whether the platform printing code is compatible with scaling > 100% NEW
1662786 No longer have the ability to cancel or monitor print progress (Implement some sort of print queue user interface) NEW
1662934 Investigate if there is a better way to fix double-scaled printing on macOS NEW
1663005 If "save to pdf" is selected printer, try to copy over as many current settings as possible to the system dialog. NEW
1663623 Assertion failure: !chan (Why is there a document channel?), at toolkit/components/windowwatcher/nsWindowWatcher.cpp:1016 NEW
1663672 Print preview is blurry with a certain configuration NEW
1663702 Make nsFrameLoader::Print support cancellation and progress reporting NEW
1663753 Add telemetry to measure the time platform printing code takes to create/update/scroll print/preview documents NEW
1664253 Try not creating a PrintTarget for print preview. NEW
1664469 Get rid of nsPrintData NEW
1664782 Return the paper list directly from nsPrinterListBase::GetFallbackPaperList without using a Promise NEW
1664860 The footer is cut off in Landscape mode when on paper on Windows 7 (with specific printers) NEW
1665819 Assertion failure: FirstContinuationOrPartOfIBSplit(parent) == aParent || (parent->Style()->IsInheritingAnonBox() && parent->GetContent() == aParent->GetContent()), at /builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/layout/base/RestyleManager.cpp:2110 NEW
1665830 Assertion failure: false (MOZ_ASSERT_UNREACHABLE: Why is there no non-anonymous descendants in the continuation chain?), at /builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/layout/generic/nsContainerFrame.cpp:2114 NEW
1665837 Button-text on network error pages is hard to read (dark-on-dark) when printed NEW
1666937 Lazily add mDNS/Bonjour/Avahi printers to the print UI on CUPS platforms (missing printers) NEW
1667260 Document exactly what settings the nsIPrintSettings returned by nsIPrinter.createDefaultSettings has set NEW
1668043 It should not be possible to interact with the tab content (e.g. using find-in-page) while tab-modal Print UI is open NEW
1668072 opening print dialog opens it behind already open HTTP auth prompt, should be on top NEW
1668208 Save to PDF's print preview cuts off content in vertical frames test page NEW
1668400 Optimization: avoid needless reflow for page-range changes NEW
1668453 Scroll print preview on PgUp/PgDown/Home/End when they would otherwise do nothing NEW
1668769 User can interact with some links in print preview NEW
1668813 On Ubuntu, the Color Mode dropdown is not locked to Black&White for B&W printers NEW
1668855 ctrl + +/- zooms the underlying page, not print preview NEW
1669263 Sometimes, tab-modal Print Preview briefly flashes a higher-zoom version of the document, when you've made a small change to a print setting NEW
1669329 [mac] Scaling value is not reflected in native print dialog NEW
1669385 Replace nsIPrintSettings.paperWidth/paperHeight/paperSizeUnit with a single setter NEW
1669467 Print preview - tapping left-right should select between Portrait-Landscape options instead of scrolling between the options NEW
1669469 No draggable action should be allowed in print preview NEW
1669647 The background of a certain iframe is not steady in Print preview NEW
1669699 Space height inconsistency after error messages inside the new Print modal NEW
1669762 Rename some attributes in nsIWebBrowserPrint.idl with s/page/sheet/ NEW
1669904 Stop using PrintUtils.getPrintSettings in the new printing UI NEW
1669910 Firefox draws the header/footer at the extreme edge of writeable area, which can lead to clipped header/footer in some situations (e.g. if printer lies about printable region, or if user prints to PDF and then prints that PDF to a physical printer) NEW
1695647 Printing to a paused printer on macOS silently does nothing NEW
1670037 Get rid of the DeferredTask code in print.js NEW
1670110 Consider moving the "Paper size" field outside the collapsed-by-default "More settings" section NEW
1670135 Add user interface to allow users to collate their printouts when printing multiple copies NEW
1670287 Elements not supported by Cairo appear in Print Preview despite not appearing in Print output NEW
1670638 [Reader View] Borders are not displayed in print preview NEW
1695552 macOS Printer Status Icon NEW
1693989 PDF content gets clipped when printing, if it's too close to page edge (with no way to shrink to fit printable area) NEW
1670887 Print selection (context menu) images on some of the top sites are broken in print preview NEW
1670912 [macOS] Increase/Decrease buttons are different in Print Preview NEW
1691420 Consider making the preview have initial focus instead of the destination. NEW
1691381 The paginator’s “first page” and “last page” buttons extremities are transparent when shrinking the browser window NEW
1673908 Overextended Paper size dropdown at fullscreen exit for Foxit option (version <10 ) NEW
1688597 Canceling the file picker while printing an about local page locally blocks the print preview in a “Printing…” state NEW
1674365 Improve print preview for printers with very long potential pages, for example receipt printers. NEW
1685476 Print selection via context menu & via the new modal is not reflected inside the system dialog NEW
1675462 Print preview - Swapping from Scale to Fit To page and repeating with invalid scale should reset to previous valid value instead of 100 NEW
1675474 Two OS print modals can be triggered at the same time NEW
1684952 Print jobs with complex print ranges will always print the pages in ascending order, even if the user's range has them in some other order NEW
1676422 Excite's page background is offset in Print Preview (2018 regression) NEW
1676828 [macOS 11] Default printer settings are different than of the other os's NEW
1677327 Add 'Save PDF' option in modal print dialog on macOS NEW
1683317 Output copies are doubled for a specific document NEW
1678586 The Selection radio button from the system dialog panel is disabled if the system dialog was opened before the print preview finished loading NEW
1678982 Clicking in the middle of the Scale arrows increases the scale while having a caret displayed NEW
1678983 Print Preview - disable scale carets when values reach max or min values accordingly NEW
1679041 Firefox doesn't allow page layout area to be inflated with negative @page margins NEW
1679123 [mac] Print preview - focus ring shown in preview on part of page NEW
1679153 Buttons from about:sessionrestore disappear when deselecting Print Backgrounds in Print Preview NEW
1679389 Max scale values are different between new and system modal NEW
1785279 Combine mCreatedForPrintPreview, mIsDoingPrinting and mIsCreatingPrintPreview NEW
1679397 Print preview repainting at small scales looks fuzzy NEW
1681908 Print Preview - adjust sheet indicator focus ring so it doesn't falsely show as being of a bigger size than button/needed NEW
1679514 The background image has a really low quality when the "Save to PDF" option is used NEW
1679515 Low Ink/toner levels notification should be displayed on the new modal as well NEW
1681284 Some animations are played inside the Print preview NEW
1680153 Scrolling is janky with the pages per sheet option NEW
1680728 Yahoo search page background-image is shifted/clipped in Print Preview, if WebRender is enabled (with "background-attachment: fixed") NEW
1681110 Print preview displays a blank page for previews at first try NEW
1681206 @page margin:0 seems to be special and does not behave the same as margin:0.01px w.r.t. non-printable areas NEW
1681183 Tab-modal print dialog's "Margins: None" option should allow users to print with page margins actually set to 0, regardless of unwriteable area David Shin[:dshin] RESOLVED FIXED
851441 [css3-page] implement @page rule size attribute Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] VERIFIED FIXED
1663366 [Mac] Tab-modal print UI uses old dropdown menu appearance Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) VERIFIED FIXED
1664413 Printing doesn't use current session cookies when in private mode Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) RESOLVED FIXED
1676188 Cross origin iframe’s content is not displayed while using window.print() with fission enabled Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) RESOLVED FIXED
1681941 Tooltips on sheet indicator buttons are not shown for the second hover action if the sheet indicator focus is not removed Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED
1695645 "Sheets of paper" does not update when selecting "Print on both sides" Haik Aftandilian [:haik] VERIFIED FIXED
1670871 Limit the number suggested inside the margins warning message to two decimals Hanna Jones [:hjones] VERIFIED FIXED
454059 Creating PDF of web page: hyperlinks are lost. Jonathan Kew [:jfkthame] RESOLVED FIXED
1432651 Disentangle RemotePrintJobChild from nsPrintSettings, and kill off nsPrintSession Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1558588 Remove the code that opens the print progress dialog from the core printing code Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1657733 Audit tests that only run with print.tab_modal.enabled=false Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1657854 Only allow nsPrinterList objects to be created in the main process on all platforms. Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1668210 Prevent print settings being saved to unprefixed prefs on non-Android Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1669815 Remove now-useless "aInRange" outparam from nsPrintJob::PrintPage (and simplify nsPagePrintTimer::StartTimer() which consumes it?) Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1704178 Remove dead printing code that can't be executed in a tab-modal-printing world Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED FIXED
1712104 Add a preference 'print.prefer_system_dialog' to allow printing directly via the system print dialog Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] VERIFIED FIXED
1693069 When users choose "Customised" as their "Pages", automatically focus the range field Matthew N. [:MattN] RESOLVED FIXED
1670027 Print selection is disabled inside the system modal if the print preview destination was set to “Save to PDF” Matthew N. [:MattN] VERIFIED FIXED
1661663 Popular sites prevent the print preview Margins menu from working (users need a way to override @page margins) Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] RESOLVED FIXED
844090 landscape pdfs are printed portrait with pdf.js RESOLVED FIXED
1658749 Middle Click scroll is not working correctly in new Print Preview RESOLVED FIXED
1664489 Print preview telemetry for the legacy UI is broken Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED WONTFIX
1659782 Move the print preview browser into print.html RESOLVED WONTFIX
1663436 No longer able to change header/footer strings, even via "Print using system dialog..." escape hatch RESOLVED WONTFIX
1663801 Only call saveSettingsToPrefs in the frontend code when the user actually prints RESOLVED WONTFIX
1668794 [Linux] Paper size naming shows an additional “Borderless” after every option RESOLVED WONTFIX
1660111 [meta] Add automated tests for new print dialog RESOLVED INACTIVE
1282045 print pdf with both orientations RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1660921 Clone scroll positions in print documents RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1663019 Print headers and footers & Print Backgrounds options are available for pdf documents RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1666825 Online bank statement page not printing correctly (at Smile Bank UK) RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1681214 Users' print-dialog margin choices aren't respected, if the content uses "@page { margin: ... }" RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1679535 Most of the new Print modal options are inaccessible on destination change if previously a print action was made using Foxit reader with the old modal RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1722063 MacOS - New Firefox Modal Print Dialogue Does Not Support Dynamic Airprint Printers RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1679392 GIF file fails to render sometimes while changing orientation or scale settings RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1558907 Open the print progress dialog from the frontend instead of the core printing code Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1660602 Profile janky rendering of print preview documents RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1661688 Crash in [@ objc_msgSend | +[NSString stringWithString:]] (from system dialog) RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1661706 Crash in [@ initializeAndMaybeRelock] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1662135 New print preview UI very janky scrolling documents with multiple pages RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1663129 Crash in [@ mozalloc_abort | moz_xmalloc | NS_NewDOMEvent] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1663556 Crash in [@ nsFrameLoader::MaybeCreateDocShell] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1663629 Crash in [@ g_sequence_iter_get_sequence] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1663911 Crash in [@ initializeNonMetaClass] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1666677 Printing hidden frame causes tab crash in Firefox 80, and "An error occurred while printing" error in 81 & newer if you're using legacy print dialog RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1669191 Crash in [@ OOM | unknown | NS_ABORT_OOM | PLDHashTable::Add | gfxFontGroup::BuildFontList] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1679405 [Windows] System dialog opens after trying to save the file with “Save to PDF” RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1678319 Print preview displays the webpage in Portrait mode for several Destinations while the Landscape option is active and opens the old System dialog on print/save RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1683558 Scaling pages in print preview is not applied on the actual print RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1674155 [macOS] Print preview displays wrong paper size if several steps are performed RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1670645 Printing the source page is extremely slow RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1674390 printing action changed and dont work well like last. RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1689211 Print problems after auto-update to 85 on Windows 7 32-bit PC RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1673248 PDF prints boxes where there is a space on macOS with Canon printer RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1673147 Print Problem on EPSON LX-310 After Update 82.0 RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1661751 Firefox print dialog doesn't get past throbber & "Preparing Preview", starting in Firefox 80 RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1666914 Printer Paper Size Mismatch RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1669365 BUG REPORT 81.0.1 (64 BIT) Firefox does not permit printing to any installed PDF app. Will not work with NuancePDF or native PDF in Windows. RESOLVED INCOMPLETE

186 Total; 127 Open (68.28%); 52 Resolved (27.96%); 7 Verified (3.76%);


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