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See Platform/2023PlannedWork for current plans.

The remainder of this page is historical from 2011 and earlier.

Tantek ( 16:41, 29 July 2022 (UTC)


Below are four sections listing google docs containing ideas/items on what we'd like to work on for the next 3-9 months, possibly indicating when we might finish an item in a particular release. We use these to communicate what we would like to do for upcoming releases. If you are interested in what we are considering doing in platform, take a look at the published versions.

Note: This page is not a wish list or a mechanism to request a feature in Gecko. It's a place to indicate which items you are actively working on for a particular release. To request a feature, use bugzilla as usual.

Content Team Planning

See the Content Planning Spreadsheet for a list of items that we plan to work on.

Layout Team Planning

See the Layout Planning Spreadsheet for a list of planned layout items/tasks.

Javascript Team Planning

Graphics Team Planning

If you are actively working on a feature or want to work on something, just send me email: dsicore at These sheets are in no way closed and all contributors welcome.