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The Mozilla Iris team was borne out of an idea to create a visual test suite for Firefox. The team oversees the development, maintenance, and deployment of the Mozilla Iris test suite.


The Mozilla Iris team mission is to provide tools to democratize test automation and positively impact the quality of Mozilla products.

The Team

The Mozilla Iris team is broken into three technical groups: Core (responsible for development of the Iris framework), Test (responsible for the creation of new testcases), and Deploy (responsible for deployment of Iris throughout the Mozilla Project).


  • Matt Wobensmith (Lead)
  • Andrei Hutusoru (QA Automation Engineer)


  • Tracy Walker (Lead)


  • Anthony Hughes (Lead)

Nightly Build Validation

  • Matt Brandt (Lead)

More Details

For code and more information on the project see

You can join us on Slack at

We can be reached via email at

Project Status Updates

Nightly Build Validation