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Do all this on the ubuntu instance of the machine...

Set up Hardware

When you install the black magic card and the HDMI cable daughter attachment...

  1. Lay machine on its side
  2. Put the daughter card into the slot above the firewire card
  3. Put the blackmagic card in the slot at the very bottom (your far left, assuming the box is on its side with the front of the box facing you).
  4. Connect the HDMI cables from the daughter attachment to the black magic card in the same order -- i.e. the one on "top" (from your current perspective) goes to the "top" connector on the black magic and the "bottom" one goes in the "bottom" one. This means that the HDMI input will be HDMI slot on the daughter board closest to the side of the box that doesn't open. (The right side of the box once it is facing you and standing up properly).

Install Software on Machine

  1. Start with clean install of Ubuntu 12.04
  2. Set up ntp in daemon mode (ntpd) per
  3. Install ssh
  4. Enable desktop sharing (go to desktop sharing app, check "Allow other users to view your desktop", "control your desktop", uncheck "confirm access" and check "require password" with our standard password (see ctalbert if you need it)
  5. Enable the restricted Nvidia drivers (TODO: list version)
  6. Undo lock screen
  7. Turn off power management (don't suspend machine)
  8. Download Black Magic Drivers from (currently using verison 9.5 of linux drivers for the HD Extreme 3D)
  9. Install both the desktop video and the mediaexpress deb packages
  10. Go to the "Ubuntu" menu, and run media express, put it in the launcher.
  11. Go to the "Ubuntu" menu, and run Blackmagic control panel, and put it in the launcher too
  12. In Black magic control panel, set Input to HDMI & HDMI
  13. In the media express app, Edit->Preferences and set the "project video format" to the proper setting for the phone.
  14. Then choose the capture tab, and if you plugged everything in (phone HDMI out to card HDMI In) then you will see the phone's screen.
  15. Install jdk1.7 u3 from oracle (64bit version) - download, extract, copy to /opt/jdk1.7.0_03; ln -s -T /opt/jdk1.7.0_03/bin/java /usr/local/bin/java
  16. Install ia32-libs (needed to run Android tools like adb)
 sudo apt-get install -y ia32-libs
  1. Install the android sdk.
 mkdir -p $HOME/tools
 cd $HOME/tools
 tar -xzf android-sdk_r13-linux_x86.tgz
 ./android-sdk-linux_x86/tools/android update sdk --no-ui
 ./android-sdk-linux_x86/tools/android update adb
  • LG G2X output is 1080p 60
  • Galaxy Nexus output is 720p 60 (but you must connect the dongle to the USB "power" that you'd normally plug into the phone or else it won't transmit anything over HDMI).

Install Software on Phones

  1. Root each phone required for eideticker
  2. Then install the watcher.apk and sutagent.apk (can be obtained from an android build testing package (in the bin directory) on the phone.
  3. For Galaxy Nexus phones (and possibly others), we want to disable the Android upgrade nag prompts (as they can interfere with eideticker captures). Easiest way to do this is to move the file `/etc/` to `/etc/otacerts.bak`.