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Reimagine Open: Facilitation Guide

Agenda and assets for local host

“Reimagine Open” is an initiative led by Mitchell Baker acknowledging that the historical, open architecture of the internet has been subdued by the interests of a select few—which has led to many negative experiences online. Mozilla would like to revisit the ways we practice open to imagine better futures for our digital lives. Is the term still getting us where we want to go? How do the challenges of today push our understanding of openness and what we need to build and advocate for?

Focus Group Outcomes

Landscape mapping. Understanding themes and problem spaces people are currently working on / passionate about with a view to the state of the web (professional and personal) Narrative feedback. Sense-check on exploring “openness” as a theme. Resonance of “individual opportunity, participation, and empowerment”? Does it apply to their work? Collection of comparable research data. Articulation of core values: What is the most important value to create a healthy internet ecosystem? Interest in further involvement in this project: Invite feedback on what it would need to generate additional value to other stakeholders, email updates, local host, etc.

Suggested reading

Launch of Reimagine Open.


* Setup: 1hr. Two facilitators, alternating with facilitation and notetaking/timekeeping. 7-12 participants.

* 0:00 Welcome

    • Greetings
    • Introducing Reimagine Open: Lots of negative headlines and uncertainty about what our digital futures should be. Mozilla is still unified in the benefits the open internet provides. However, we are finding the term “openness” less effective at generating good conversations / good policy solutions than we would hope. We want to revisit our beliefs if openness is still the right value and fit for purpose.
    • Conduct: Chatham House rules: Share the experience, not the person.
    • We’re recording but for our notetaking purposes only.
    • English may not be your first language. Speak slowly and clearly, and avoid jargon.
    • Brief Introductions (if needed): name and affiliation, first positive experience with the internet
    • Agenda overview

* 0:10 Landscape of participants' interests

    • Facilitator’s note: Give participants two colors of post-its, one color for challenges, one for opportunities. Set up two corresponding sections on a wall.
    • Personal motivations: In pairs, generate post-its of the issues that motivate you personally. Which challenges do you see for a healthy online experience? What are the opportunities?
    • Group reflection.
    • Anything missing? What stands out? What emerges?

* 0:30 Fishbowl conversation

    • Facilitator’s note: Setup a circle of 3 chairs in the middle and remaining chairs in an outer circle. Invite two people to the chairs in the middle. Explain the fishbowl format.
    • Discussion prompts:
      • Thinking about the future of the internet leaves you feeling…
      • Who do you think is most responsible for ensuring that the internet develops in a positive, healthy manner?
      • Which values do you think are most important for ensuring a healthy online experience?
      • Which values do you think are most threatened by current developments?
      • When you think of Mozilla’s role in contributing to a healthy online experience, you see Mozilla as…

* 0:50 Closing reflection

    • How has your thinking changed, if at all, after this discussion?
    • Next steps.
      • Complete a survey and share with friends
      • Invitation to write blog posts, send postcards, share reflections afterward.
    • Feedback on the agenda

Thank you!


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