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ARMv6 support - phase 1 +We have Aurora builds that we are going to be socializing to get further community testing. To prepare for Beta, we need to test for and ensure quality experience for the set of devices below current system requirements (800 MHz; 512 MB RAM) down to 600 MHz and 256 MB RAM.  +
Add appTab via distribution.js +`  +
Add-on SDK in Firefox +Meta-bug: [https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=731779 bug 731779] * Set up Git->HG syncing infrastructure (Non-blocking: If not ready by landing time, can do weekly drops.) * Work with browser/toolkit module owners to determine code location in each component. * Land CommonJS loader in Firefox (In toolkit, have Mossop to review.) * Jetpack housecleaning required before landing ** Misc cleanup (removing window-utils, etc.) ** Packagelessness ** Separate core APIs into Browser and Toolkit sets * Land core APIs in Firefox Each of these Loader usage scenarios should be supported and documented with code samples: * Inclusion into XUL window scope * Inclusion into non-window scopes (JS XPCOM, JS Modules) * Support shared & private instances  +
Additional distribution points +`  +
Addon Console +`  +
AddonSDKCryptoAPI +Implementation plan is being worked on now (July 6 2011)  +
AndroidPasswordStorage +`  +
Anti-minimalistic redundant app button and home tab +`  +
App Vertical Tuts +`  +
App Walkthrough +`  +
Ark +`  +
Arrow Panel Redesign +`  +
Async Jetpack +`  +
Attachment Browser +`  +
Auto hide scroll bars +`  +
Awesome Bar v2 +`  +
B2G App Security Model +`  +
Big File Providers +`  +
Browser translation +`  +
CC perf improvements +`  +
CSS3 3D Transforms +`  +
Chrome Style Editing +`  +
Click-to-play part II +`  +
CloudServices/Universal Account Page +`  +
Complete Send In Background +At its heart, this feature uses the send later functionality to operate. When enabled, emails are saved in the Outbox (in Local Folders) without the "Queued" flag set on them. nsMsgSendLater then detects the presence of the email and sends it in the background, with status reporting to the activity manager. Currently the basic implementation works, but error and edge cases aren't correctly handled. For testing purposes mailnews.sendInBackground can be set to true. [https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=511079 bug 511079] is the tracking bug with dependencies showing the current issues.  +