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ARMv6 support - phase 1 +We need to support ARMv6 devices to almost double our addressable market from 41% currently to ~80% of the total Android install base.  +
Add appTab via distribution.js +Multiple partners request changing the home page from about:home to a custom, non-Mozilla-hosted URL. In many cases these URLs would be very well served by being a default app tab, but there is no current way to add a default add via pref, and the apptab information is stored with session information. Defining default apptabs is something that would serve our partners well, while still maintaining about:home as the user's primary launch point.  +
Add-on SDK in Firefox +Ship the Add-on SDK runtime and libraries inside Firefox. * Meta-bug: [https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=731779 bug 731779] * Bi-weekly meetings with the [https://wiki.mozilla.org/Jetpack/Features Jetpack Features group] Prior work, notes: * [https://etherpad.mozilla.org/jetpack-in-firefox Notes from Dec 2011 meeting] * [https://etherpad.mozilla.org/jetpack-in-firefox-estimate Package-oriented proposal from Drew] * Brian Warner currently runs a bridge that syncs the Add-on SDK Git repo with hg.m.o/projects/addon-sdk, based on https://github.com/schacon/hg-git  +
Additional distribution points +Right now, the only distribution points for Firefox Mobile are the Mozilla download servers, Google Play, and Getjar "although I'm unsure if the last one is official or not." These can't reach a large number of Android devices. For example, play won't normally work on Kindle or Nook devices. The idea behind this feature is to allow Firefox to be downloaded from additional distribution points. This is important because there are many users who use devices that don't have Getjar or Play and would prefer not to, or are unable to, get apps from a third party, and these users should be able to use Firefox. The goal distribution points are "as of 9/21/2012": Amazon Appstore, Nook App Store "although it's not feasible to support all devices on this one", and Getjar "if the current version is not official / doesn't include the tablet UX".  +
Addon Console +The Add-on Console will provide add-on authors with a console GUI for use in the add-on environment.  +
AddonSDKCryptoAPI +The Mozilla Identity project will need a very high-level, chrome-privileged API to generate keypairs, sign and verify data. Ideally, this API will also provide PublicKey encrytpion, symmetric encryption hashing and HMAC. The initial Identity-in-the-browser effort for Firefox itself will use the Addon SDK to iterate the UX and functionality. An API like this will also be useful in other ways to Addon developers. This project is the Addon SDK's integration with the DOMCrypt API: [[Privacy/Features/DOMCryptAPISpec/Latest]]  +
AndroidPasswordStorage +`  +
Anti-minimalistic redundant app button and home tab +I see add-on icons in the menu bar, the toolbar and the add-on bar. If you deprecate the menu bar, so that people will use the app button, add-on authors will have to use the add-on bar, because you lead them, so they will follow. My things are my bookmarks, my history, my downloads, my add-ons, my preferences etc. Since a link to a dialog must be in only one place, because of redundancy and minimalism, my things can be in the app button or in the home tab. If you place all my things in the home tab, I would be forced to use the Firefox Home, because links to dialogs would be there and if I change the url to somewhere else, I wouldn't be able to access my preferences again. If you give more space to the app button, that is, if you turn the app button into a page, you can place all my things in about:appbutton and even add-on authors can place all their things in about:appbutton. Finally, I see Bookmarks in home tab AND the app button, so it should be in about:appbutton only. I see lots of other things twice like History and Downloads, so they should be in about:appbutton only. This is just a complaint and not a feature, so I moved it to Draft.  +
App Vertical Tuts +We will develop a common entry point for developers seeking to create apps for any major vertical. The landing page will contain a brief introduction to the web app platform, graphically-paired calls to action for tutorials on each vertical, and detailed information on things like the marketplace and the technologies involved in creating an app.  +
App Walkthrough +https://wiki.mozilla.org/index.php?title=Apps/Ecosystem  +
Ark +Create an open directory product that allows our community of developers to catalog, rate, review, track, and broadcast developer-centric modules, libraries, frameworks, UI packs, and dev tools.  +
Arrow Panel Redesign +Redesign and streamline the Arrow Panels. Goals: * Achieve a lighter more consistent look for arrow type panels * Create a soft, smooth and streamlined appearance * Establish consistent and reusable UI element styles and dimensions for various types of panel based UI including: ** Notifications ** Downloads ** Bookmarks ** Share  +
Async Jetpack +Add asynchronous APIs to handle file I/O for Jetpack modules to use. After async APIs are added, deprecate and/or remove the sync APIs so addon devs use the async APIs.  +
Attachment Browser +This feature allows the navigation through email attachments. Presented in an additional tab, it offers previews of supported email attachments. It allows full view of the attachment by launching the appropriate registered application or can switch to the email in the email view. Filters allow to the display of attachments of a given type, individual or all folders view. Initially, pictures, PDFs, HTML docs, YouTube/DailyMotion videos should be supported. Other attachments types could be added in core or via plugin. Use [http://shane.caraveo.com/2010/05/26/now-i-can-find-that-freaking-attachment/ Shane's extension] as a starting point and figure out how to integrate it into Thunderbird.  +
Auto hide scroll bars +`  +
Awesome Bar v2 +The Awesomebar is one of the stand-out features of Firefox. We should revisit our algorithms and styling to ensure that users are getting the most from it. In addition, we should make sure that the combination of the inline auto-complete and the Awesomebar pop-up works as well as it can for our users. User surfing patterns, bookmarking habits, etc. have changed significantly over the last few years. More users are spending more time on fewer sites than ever before. Are we optimized for the user who spends most of her time on Facebook or Twitter? Does our algorithm respond to the changing structure of URLs on the web -- like the increasing usage of hash bang URLs? I know these are questions and not answers so I'll be working with folks to come up with answers that will become the functional and design specs for this feature. Here's where the current algorithm (I think the doc is current, not actually sure) is documented https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Places:Awesomebar  +
B2G App Security Model +The B2G app security model governs how applications are discovered, installed, managed, run and updated. This feature page is tracking these requirements independently of the general Mozilla Open Web Apps security model even though we expect the models to be compatible, since B2G has specific issues that need to be considered in addition to browser-hosted applications.  +
Big File Providers +Add other [[Features/Thunderbird/BigFiles|big file]] providers (e.g., SFTP, Google Docs, WebDAV ).  +
Browser translation +This feature will enable in-browser translation of content for users who come across web sites that are not in their native language/locale.<br> On Firefox desktop application, we aim to support 3 main features including: whole page translation, selected content translation, and in-context translation. <br> The feature of whole page translation is planned to be supported on Firefox mobile devices too.  +
CC perf improvements +The cycle collector can cause unpleasant pause times, especially when things get leaky. We should attempt to both reduce the length of those pauses (by improving cycle collector performance and investigating incremental approaches), and make them less annoying by being smarter about when and if we schedule the cycle collector to run. See [https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=698919 bug 698919] for more details.  +
CSS3 3D Transforms +CSS 3D Transforms extends CSS Transforms to allow elements rendered by CSS to be transformed in three-dimensional space. [http://dev.w3.org/csswg/css3-3d-transforms/#rendering-3d W3 Specification].  +
Chrome Style Editing +Add-on authors currently only have clunky methods for polish/adjustment of styles of add-ons in development. The Builder allows for quick install/uninstall test cycles, but this is still quite a pain when trying to achieve pixel-perfect styling on for an add-on's chrome UI elements. To better serve this case, we should allow, in concert with the detached chrome UI inspector variant, the ability to open the styles panel and live edit styles for chrome elements.  +
Click-to-play part II +Opt-in activation for plugins landed in Firefox 14. Bug fixes and the ability to use the blocklist to selectively make plugins click-to-play landed in Firefox 16. All that remains to make this a really strong feature is a few correctness bugs and the proper UI. This feature page tracks those improvements. We are keeping the old feature page as a record of the original feature.  +
CloudServices/Universal Account Page +https://account.services.mozilla.com/  +
Complete Send In Background +Send in Background is intended to remove the interrupt of the user between clicking on send and having a visual sudo-block to be able to continue using and processing email.  +